United Patriots of America
The United Patriots Of America was founded December 2001 in response to 911

UPA Report 2.14.21 Globalists’ “America-last” agenda focused on crushing the middle class: Here’s how to stop it.


United Patriots of America

Founded December 2001 in response to 911.

UPA Report
Sunday February 14, 2021



Trump acquitted in historic 2nd impeachment trial.

Trump’s office released a statement just moments after he was acquitted.
“This has been yet another phase of the greatest witch hunt in the history of our country,” it reads.
He does not mention the 6 January riot, rather reiterates the narrative that
Democrats are the party that supports rioters and mobs.
“It is a sad commentary on our times that one political party in America is given a free pass to denigrate the rule of law, defame law enforcement, cheer mobs, excuse rioters…”
He concludes with a look to the future and a promise to his supporters.
“Our historic, patriotic and beautiful movement to Make America Great Again has only just begun.

In the months ahead I have much to share with you, and I look forward to continuing our incredible
journey together to achieve American greatness for all of our people.”

Are we going to allow ourselves to lose this fight

North Star ACTION Alert :
The left is trying to destroy Mike Lindell and his company, My Pillow, all because Mike had the audacity to produce a documentary film exposing the 2020 election steal. We must come to the aid of our fellow patriot. Let’s buy products from My Pillow and boycott one of the companies trying to silence him – Bed Bath & Beyond

Globalists’ America-last agenda focused on crushing the middle class: Here’s how to stop it
February 10, 2021

The Communists Begin Their Purge in America
February 10, 2021, by John D. Guandolo.
When the current regime in Washington, D.C. says they are “going after violent extremists” they mean “Patriots.”

Globalists’ America-last agenda focused on crushing the middle class: Here’s how to stop it
February 10, 2021

 It’s Happening: Southern States Begin to Rebel
Southern Lawmakers in Multiple States Tell Leftists They’re Not Putting Up with Anti-Americanism
By Elizabeth Stauffer, Published Feb, 12, 2021
In recent years, the emboldened left has tried to force Americans into adopting their radical, divisive ideas. They’ve tried to convince every white person that they’re racist and must atone for it.

Defense secretary orders military ‘stand down’ to address ‘extremism
By Emily Jacobs February 4, 2021 | 9:04am | Updated

Court Docs Reveal FBI Tool That Can Read Your Encrypted Private Signal Messages
February 12, 2021
Court documents from a recent gun-trafficking case in New York has revealed a tool by the FBI which can read your encrypted private messages on the Signal messenger application.

A Second Amendment Sanctuary Act With Some Teeth
“Second Amendment Preservation  Act of Newton County Missouri”.
BY HERSCHEL SMITH, 3 days, 23 hours ago
Any and all federal agents trying to enforce the regulations listed in Section (1) shall be subject to arrest by the Newton County Missouri Sheriff’s Department;

Impeach Biden? Here Are 5 Times Biden Has Directly Urged Violence Against Political Opponents
By Kipp Jones, Published February 12, 2021 at 9:56am
Examples of Biden’s inciting words abound, but here are five times the new president embraced the idea of violence against people he viewed as his opponents in the political arena.
1. Biden said he wanted to “beat the hell” out of Trump.

2 Arrested in Sickening Dirty Diaper Attack on Conservative Woman Because ‘She’s for Trump’
By Samantha Chang, Published February 12, 2021

Gov. DeSantis Tells Biden: “Go F_ck Yourself”figuratively not literally
By Michael Baxter -February 11, 2021
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Wednesday did not mince words on a congested conference call with Biden and federal health authorities who are seeking to prohibit domestic travel to and from the Sunshine State. DeSantis and Biden exchanged salvos of biting barbs after the criminal president said the federal government had authority to “restrict movement” of the people.

The Republican Establishment is the Left’s Defeat Mechanism
By TUW Media -February 9, 202107

5 Ways Conservatives Should Fight the Culture War in 2021
By admin December 28, 2020
If You’re a Conservative, Here’s What You Should Do in 2021 to Fight the Culture War

NFL “Refresher” NFL History…history not often reported or leaked to the ticket holders.

Maricopa County, AZ, Board Approves ‘Full Forensic Audit’ Of Voting Equipment, Will Test ‘Hacking Vulnerability’

Democrats introduce bill that will destroy America With One Swipe…
Sunday January 24, 2021 9:52 AM

How the FBI Created Domestic Terrorism: 80 Years of Psychological Warfare Revealed
By Matthew J.L. Ehret, January 28, 2021
The “war on terror” is now expanding to target a broad spectrum of the American population who would be morally resistant to the sorts of anti-human policies demanded by Great Reset Technocrats, Matthew Ehret writes.

Former Capitol Police Chief Blows Hole in Dems Case Against Trump
Reagan Reyes February 10, 2021

WATCH This Now: ABSOLUTE PROOF – Bombshell DOCUMENTARY of evidence of election rigging

The First POWs of the Second American Revolution
By Becky Akers January 28, 2021

 Maryland sheriff: Americans should be ‘outraged’ over Biden’s immigration actions, ‘dismantling’ ICE.
Objectively speaking, these actions are an act of war against every patriotic American.Americans should be ‘outraged’ over Biden’s immigration actions, ‘dismantling’ ICE: Maryland sheriff
February 8, 2021

 Texas Governor Abbott working on legislation to prevent social media platforms from ‘canceling conservative speech’.
February 8, 2021

10 min 53 sec
Terror Intelligence Improvement Act: Stripping Your 2A Rights Without Conviction?!?
Feb 8, 2021

Man charged in U.S. Capitol riot worked for FBI, had security clearance: lawyer.
By Alanna Durkin Richer and Michael Balsamo  The Associated Press, Posted February 8, 2021

 Legislation In South Dakota Seeks To Nullify Biden Executive Orders
By  Amanda Prestigiacomo, Feb 8, 2021   DailyWire.com

“No Left Turn in Education.
To revive in American K-12 education the fundamental discipline of critical and active thinking which is based on facts, investigation, logic and sound reasoning.


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UPA REPORT 1.24.21 Northstar- A UPA endeavor. Communicating a strategic direction to protect America’s freedom.


United Patriots of America

Founded December 2001 in response to 911

UPA Report
Sunday January 24, 2021

NorthstarA UPA endeavor.

Communicating a strategic direction to protect America’s freedom.

Americans Can Now Determine Where To Shop And Spend Their Money
Hello, Walmart.So long, COSTCO

Trump Haters. If they hate Trump, they hate you.
A list of Trump haters.

70 million Trump voters all moving in the same direction.
Our first priority should be to stop doing business with our adversaries.

Communists Seize Power in America
January 21, 2021 by John D. Guandolo
Yesterday, the COMINTERN in conjunction with communists in America overtly seized power in
America – the intentional outcome of their 100 year effort here.
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were illegitimately installed as “President” and “Vice President” after losing
the 2020 U.S. Presidential election.

Obey or resist: Which will you choose? Have you heard the latest news?
January 23, 2021, Leo Hohmann
That deadly coronavirus got one look at our new “president” and started high-tailing it right out of the country. Dr. Fauci told us this, so it must be true. He said on Thursday, just one day after Biden took office, that if you look at the latest seven-day averages, the virus “might actually be
CNN also got word and quickly removed its daily coronavirus death count from its television broadcasts.

Former US Navy Seal Michael Jaco & Jay Campbell
54 min 45 sec
Escalating threat at the US border Mexican Benghazi murder by cartels. Escalating threat at the US border with human & drug

We all know why did they not write this bill last May and June when the left street army Antifa and BLM were attacking cities across the country On May 25, 2020, George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man, was killed in Minneapolis, Minnesota, while being arrested.

Frontline Doctors founder Simone Gold arrested for entering Capitol on Jan 6
Federal agents arrested Dr. Gold in California days after she publicly admitted that she had followed other protesters into the Capitol building two weeks ago.
Thu Jan 21, 2021 – 6:01 am EST

American Pravda: Our Disputed Election
January 16, 2021, By Ron Unz, The Unz Review

Gwinnett Commissioners Vote to Remove Controversial Confederate Monument
Posted on January 21, 2021

Prepare for Extreme Tyranny; The Likes of Which Have Never Before Been Seen in This Country
January 22, 2021, By Gary D. Barnett

FOX Is OVER! Completely
IMPLODING As They Fawn Over Biden Inauguration… Complete JOKE!
by The Duran
January 21, 2021

Police Should Not Enforce ALL Laws, Only JUST Laws
January 19, 2021, by John D. Guandolo
If we are to remain a Republic, and if we truly believe in civil rights for all people, then the moral standard of the Republic must be reinstated and those who swear and Oath to the Constitution must be reminded – primarily by the citizens – they have a duty to enforce JUST laws
not ALL laws.

The New Domestic War on Terror Is Coming
January 21, 2021, By Glenn Greenwald,Global Research

LewRockwell.com anti-state•anti-war•pro-market

‘This is awesome!’
Proud Boys leader Joe Biggs pulls down his mask to reveal his face after entering the Capitol building during riots, but now claims he only entered to use the john and meant to say events were ‘awful
19 January 2021 | UPDATED: 11:08 EST, 19 January 2021

Woo-Hoo! Biden Kills Off an Estimated 52,100 Jobs in First Day as President — During a Pandemic!
By Jim Hoft, Published January 21, 2021

WAR ROOM: My Pillow CEO Shares Fiery Message After Corporate Cancellation
Florida Rep. Proposes Renaming Major Florida Highway ‘President Donald J. Trump Highway’
BY SAMUEL ALLEGRI January 21, 2021 Updated: January 21, 2021


This is a national security emergency.
Michael Cutler former immigration agent station at JFK
What Biden’s Immigration Policies Would Do To America
America’s adversaries can’t wait for this massive betrayal

I Said They Would Go After The Tactical Trainers, And They’re Doing It
BY HERSCHEL SMITH,21 hours, 47 minutes ago
Going after those that teach gun safety now. In short, if someone teaches a firearm safety class in the safe handling of weapons and a student later goes out and commits a crime or “domestic terrorism” during a time of a civil disorder, the instructor will be held liable.

We Want Revenge”:
Antifa Anarchists Activate After Biden Inaugurated
WEDNESDAY, JAN 20, 2021 – 20:05
Update (2034ET): Antifa is marching in multiple cities. The latest is Seattle, according to Antifa Watch.

Biden Humiliated By Trump’s Florida Crowd
Wednesday January 20, 2021 10:11 AM

The Fifth-Generation War on White people: First They Came for White Southern Males…
January 18, 2021/0 Comments/in Featured Articles /by Marcus Apostate

Bring back the Minute Man project A million Patriots need to go back the Southern border for a peaceful protest.


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UPA Report 8.2.20 Joe Biden Wants More Islam Taught in Public Schools [Video]

August 1, 2020 by  
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United Patriots of America

Founded December 2001 in response to 911

UPA Report
Sunday August 02,  2020

Biden Speaks to Hamas

Joe Biden Wants More Islam Taught in Public Schools [Video] https://marypatriotnews.com/joe-biden-wants-more-islam-taught-in-public-schools-video/

19 min 39 sec
UTT Reviews Biden Speech to Hamas dba EMGAGE
July 28, 2020

Boycott Starbucks — Drink Red Bull
Starbucks is one of our worst night mares. Read why

Middle American Resistance Organizing—But Who Will Lead?
The Old America Is Dead. Where Do We Go From Here?
The next step: A leader, or group of leaders, must organize these scattered resisters and counter the Blob through coordinated and purposeful action. The strategic objective: carving out havens for Middle Americans to live their lives as they see fit.

Our Summer of Cultural Suicide
By VICTOR DAVIS HANSON, July 30, 2020 6:30 AM
Sports, movies, and schools go woke. And broke? 

3 min 41 sec
Video: Clashes Erupt at BML Protest for Confederate Statue Removal in Weatherford, TX
RT YouTube, July 26, 2020

Saying Goodbye: Photos of Southern Monuments Felled in 2020
Posted on July 28, 2020

 Destroying Monuments Is Cultural Genocide
Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, January 9, 2020

Communists, Ethnomasochists, and Weirdos: Portland’s BL Mania
Chris Roberts, American Renaissance, July 30, 2020

 Major League Baseball  loves BLM
Robert Hampton, American Renaissance, July 30, 2020
Conservatives’ favorite sport is embracing Black Lives Matter. Major League Baseball players and teams are wearing BLM shirts, spreading BLM propaganda, and kneeling for the national anthem.

USA: Thousands of “Blue Lives Matter” protesters hold demo in support of NYPD

Black Lives Matter pressuring smaller cities, suburbs with list of demands based on Marxist critical race theory
Posted on July 27, 2020

13 min 20 sec
NFACs Militia Leader Doesn’t Know How an AR Works

National teacher union supports strikes over reopening plans.
I agree with Glenn, but would reword it to say “Abolish public schools and return the money from whom you stole it, the American taxpayers.”


Michael Hammond Published: 28 July 2020

Atlanta ‘Protesters’ Embedded Nails into Fireworks, Leaked FBI Document States

Should school districts be teaching a message of violence to young children?
BLM founder interviewed by Al Jazeera:

Black Lives Matter Co-Creator On The New Civil Rights Movement
Ferguson sparked a new national Black Lives Matter movement that’s sweeping across the U.S. And its young people leading the charge. They’re demanding the end to what they see as systemic racism in law enforcement that targets black people. Alicia Garza, co-founder
of #BlackLivesMatter, tells Dena Takruri who these activists are and the tactics they’re using to get what they want.

100 Police Agencies Quit Democratic National Convention over Tear Gas Ban
JOEL B.POLLAK28 Jul 2020

 Nolte: Violent Crime Explosion Forces Minneapolis Residents to Form Militias

Black Lives Matter pressuring smaller cities, suburbs with list of demands based on Marxist critical race theory
Leo Hohmann.com
The DHS source I spoke with said most of the upper-level civil service positions within Homeland Security were changed out under the eight years of President Obama, whose administration made personnel decisions based on diversity and political allegiance, not experience or competence in law enforcement.

 NBA in PANIC Mode After Allowing this HORRIFYING Jersey to Be Created & Sold
Posted by American Continental Militia on July 15, 2020 at 3:43am
This Goes #BeyondBoycott: Criminal Charges should be filed against the NBA for inciting mayhem & murder!

Trump Is WINNING The Propaganda War Over BLM Rioting And Even Some BLM Leaders Agree
3 hours ago1 min read

Mike Ditka Says Kneeling Athletes Should ‘Get the Hell Out of the Country’

 Violent Rioters Torch Courthouses In California And Colorado, Attack Police, Chant Racial Slurs
By  Ryan Saavedra, Jul 26, 2020
Antifa has set a fire in the Alameda County courthouse in Oakland, CA.

Extremists Injure Nearly 2 Dozen Seattle Police, Attack Police Station, ‘Explosives’ Used
By  Ryan Saavedra, Jul 26, 2020

 Man At BLM Event In CO Allegedly Fires At Jeep That Was Allegedly Fleeing Incident; TX Driver Kills BLM Protester Who May Have Aimed AK-47 At Him, Police Say
By  Ryan Saavedra,Jul 26, 2020   DailyWire.com

Rioters Torch Justice Center Construction Site In Seattle, Attack Stores At Apartment Complex, Hit Store Owners [Updated] By  Ryan Saavedra,Jul 26, 2020   DailyWire.com
Violent rioters torched a construction site at a justice center in Seattle and attacked a Starbucks store that was at the bottom of an apartment complex on Saturday as far-left rioters caused significant damage in other cities across the U.S.

1 hour 4 minutes
Full NFAC “Grandmaster Jay” Speech in Louisville Kentucky
Uncut video: The all-Black “Not F***ing Around Coalition” aka NFAC Militia held an armed march throughout Louisville, KY on Saturday, concluding with a nearly hour-long speech by NFAC leader John Fitzgerald Johnson, aka The Real Grandmaster Jay.Grandmaster Jay demanded answers in the death of Breonna Taylor, and pledged that the group would return and “we are going to burn this motherf***er down” in four weeks if that doesn’t happen.

Violent Riots Strike Richmond: Vehicle Torched At Police Station, Officers Come Under Attack
By  Ryan Saavedra Jul 27, 2020

Chief Gerald M. Smith, Mayor Levar M. Stoney and RFD Chief Melvin Carter on Saturday night’s unrest
Chief Gerald M. Smith, Mayor Levar M. Stoney and RFD Chief Melvin Carter speak to reporters on Sunday about Saturday night’s unrest in Richmond

Hundreds protest in Grayson

Are You Prepared for Forced Vaccinations? Protect Our Rights & Keep Families Safe w/ Sheriff Mack

This Activist’s Marxist Brainwashing Explains Why Antifa Has Terrorized Portland for 51 Nights
By Tyler O’Neil Jul 19, 2020 10:30 PM EST
This comes from Marxist critical theory, which analyzes the world in terms of power and oppression. The evils perpetrated against both black slaves and Native Americans supposedly sully the entire American project, which must be uprooted in order for people to be truly free.

BLM Leader Turns Sights from Abolishing Police to US Military Bases All Over World
Now, granted, Philadelphia Black Lives Matter organizer and activist YahNé Ndgo isn’t representative of the whole organization.
However, in an illuminating interview, if for no other reason than because it offered a glimpse into who holds power in the decentralized Black Lives Matter organization, Ndgo suggested not only the abolition of police — that goes without saying — but the abolition of American military bases not on our soil.

Portland Antifa Gets A Surprise When They Open Man’s Car Door
BY HERSCHEL SMITH, 2 days, 19 hours ago

EDC Everyday Carry For Preppers

List Of 50 Things You Should Get Right Now To Prepare For The Chaotic Events Of The Next 12 Months

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Antifa’s American insurgency.

June 13, 2020 by  
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Antifa’s American insurgency.
Posted 6.13.20

The far-left has perfected the art of rioting, “They want a revolution & don’t care who/what is destroyed in the process.”

The militants uprising across the country want a revolution and they don’t care who or what has to be destroyed in the process. If their comrades die, they are elevated as martyrs in propaganda. Death is celebrated. 

At its core, BLM is a revolutionary Marxist ideology. Alicia Garza, Opal Tometi and Patrisse Cullors, BLM’s founders, are self-identified Marxists who make no secret of their worship of communist terrorists and fugitives, like Assata Shakur. They want the abolishment of law enforcement and capitalism. They want regime change and the end of the rule of law. Antifa has partnered with Black Lives Matter, for now, to help accelerate the break down of society. 

The US is getting a small preview of the anarchy antifa has been agitating, training and preparing for. Ending law enforcement is a pre-condition for antifa and BLM’s success in monopolizing violence. Those who are harmed first are the weak and vulnerable, the people who cannot protect themselves. Small business owners in Minnesota pleaded for mercy, even putting up signs and messages in support of the rioters, but to no avail.

The destruction of businesses we’re witnessing across the US is not mere opportunism by looters. It plays a critical role in antifa and BLM ideology. Their stated goal is to abolish capitalism. To do that, they have to make economic recovery impossible. Antifa sees a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to exploit an economically weakened America during the coronavirus pandemic. “It’s Going Down,” one of the most popular antifa blogs in North America, tweeted on Friday.

Media, politicians, the public — all of us — have underestimated the training and capability of left-wing extremists, who are united in purpose. All the parts of rioting serve a purpose. Looting and fires destroy local economies. Riots can overwhelm the police and even the military. All of this leads to a destabilized state. America is brave and beautiful. She is not invincible.’


Antifa’s American insurgency -The far-left has perfected the art of rioting

Andy Ngo, Spectator.ur

Protesters riot in Seattle

We are witnessing glimmers of the full insurrection the far-left has been working toward for decades. The killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis was merely a pre-text for radicals to push their ambitious insurgency. In a matter of hours, after the video of Floyd began circulating the internet, militant antifa cells across the country mobilized to Minnesota to aid Black Lives Matter rioters. Law enforcement and even the state National Guard have struggled to respond in Minnesota.

Portland, Oakland, Los Angeles, Dallas and Atlanta are just some of the other cities waking up and finding smoldering ruins where businesses once operated. Nearly 30 other cities experienced some form of mass protest or violent rioting. At least three people have been killed so far.

Antifa, the extreme anarchist-communist movement, has rioting down to an art. The first broken window is the blood in the water for looters to move in. When the looting is done, those carrying flammable chemicals start fires to finish the job. Footage recorded in Minneapolis and other cities show militants dressed in black bloc— the antifa uniform — wielding weapons like hammers or sticks to smash windows. You see their graffiti daubed on smashed up buildings: FTP means ‘Fuck the Police’; ACAB stands for ‘All Cops Are Bastards’; 1312 is the numerical code for ACAB.

Last night, rioters reached the gates of the White House, possibly the most secure location on Earth. There, they chipped away at the barriers piece-by-piece while law enforcement struggled to respond. One Secret Service officer reportedly had a brick thrown at his head. Footage recorded at the scene showed him blood-soaked. Police were eventually able to repel masked rioters by using pepper spray and tear gas. That worked, for now.

The militants uprising across the country want a revolution and they don’t care who or what has to be destroyed in the process. If their comrades die, they are elevated as martyrs in propaganda. Death is celebrated. 

At its core, BLM is a revolutionary Marxist ideology. Alicia Garza, Opal Tometi and Patrisse Cullors, BLM’s founders, are self-identified Marxists who make no secret of their worship of communist terrorists and fugitives, like Assata Shakur. They want the abolishment of law enforcement and capitalism. They want regime change and the end of the rule of law. Antifa has partnered with Black Lives Matter, for now, to help accelerate the break down of society. 

The US is getting a small preview of the anarchy antifa has been agitating, training and preparing for. Ending law enforcement is a pre-condition for antifa and BLM’s success in monopolizing violence. Those who are harmed first are the weak and vulnerable, the people who cannot protect themselves. Small business owners in Minnesota pleaded for mercy, even putting up signs and messages in support of the rioters, but to no avail.

The destruction of businesses we’re witnessing across the US is not mere opportunism by looters. It plays a critical role in antifa and BLM ideology. Their stated goal is to abolish capitalism. To do that, they have to make economic recovery impossible. Antifa sees a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to exploit an economically weakened America during the coronavirus pandemic. It’s Going Down, one of the most popular antifa blogs in North America, tweeted on Friday

’10 years from now, people won’t look back and ask: “Why did it explode in 2020?” Massive unemployment while the rich rake in billions from tax-cuts + bailouts, the earth on the brink of collapse + police murdering people daily. Instead they’ll ask: “Why didn’t it happen sooner?”‘

Antifa are taking actions considered extreme even among their own ranks. On Thursday night in Portland, rioters surrounded a vehicle filled with passengers and shot at it, hitting one person inside. The driver was able to escape but the injured passenger had to go to hospital for treatment. In Oakland, two federal police officers guarding a government building were shot in an ambush drive-by. One was killed and the other has critical injuries. The following day in Seattle, masked antifa militants stole a rifle from a police vehicle before setting it ablaze.

Media, politicians, the public — all of us — have underestimated the training and capability of left-wing extremists, who are united in purpose. All the parts of rioting serve a purpose. Looting and fires destroy local economies. Riots can overwhelm the police and even the military. All of this leads to a destabilized state. America is brave and beautiful. She is not invincible.  END

UPA Report 6.7.20 Part 1 What is happening to America. Details on the Organized Destruction of America.“Aufheben der Kultur” (“Destroy the Culture”).


United Patriots of America

Founded December 2001 in response to 911

Sunday, June 7th The Black Lives Matter nationwide protest

UPA Report
Sunday June 07, 2020

Part 1


Note the Hamas/CAIR logo on these posters
June 2, 2020
The communists in Antifa and Black Lives Matter overtly operating on the ground are supported by
and working with the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood, specifically the terrorist group
Hamas doing business as CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations). One only
needs to look at the pre-printed signs being carried by throngs of Antifa and
Black Lives Matter operatives to find Hamas/CAIR.

What is happening to America
“This is not decay; it is organized destruction. Secularists, and their allies among the “progressives,” have
marshaled all the force of mass communications, popular culture, the entertainment industry, and academia in an unremitting assault on religion and traditional values.
—William Barr, United States Attorney General, Speech at University of Notre Dame, October 11, 2019
< >

“Defending the West begins here: Recognizing that “organized destruction” is
a mass-line attack to destroy America through political warfare lines of effort
structured to that end. “
Organized Destruction” is simply what Neo-Marxists commit to when pledging to
“Aufheben der Kultur” (“Destroy the Culture”).”
—Unconstrained Analytics, October 20, 2019
< >
MEMO: Warning on
Racism                   MEMO: Warning on Racism

November 9, 2019
As appropriated by the left, the “racism” LOE (line of effort) seeks to define all things American as “racist” in furtherance of delegitimizing all things American. It does this, for example, by designating all things American as “white”; white nationalism, white supremacy, white privilege, etc. and therefore racist.

8 min 43 sec
Republicans Are the Controlled Opposition
Jun 2, 2020, Tucker Carlson
President of the Heritage Foundation speaks out against America
Tucker criticizes Jared Kushner Trumps liberal son-in-law.

It’s Not About Race
Mon Jun 1, 2020 David Horowitz 87
The Left exploits another black victim.

Citizens must get trained, organized, and engaged at the local level to fortify and defend their neighborhoods and communities.
John Guagndolo
The racism accusations of the Left are not the same as those fought over through the civil rights movement but rather are part of a bundled set of otherism LOEs structured to destroy (nihilize) identity.
Racism seeks the destruction of American identity.
Hate speech purposefully seeks the destruction of the First Amendment,
which it has already substantively displaced in popular culture.
That America’s national security apparatus is defenseless against political warfare attacks is established and well known

David Webb – The United States is Not Institutionally Racist
May 12, 2015

Chris Menahan | Information Liberation – JUNE 3, 2020
“Antifa was ran out of town as quickly as they came in.”

Democrats at War
June 4, 2020 By David Horowitz
Lives and our democracy are definitely in danger. But the danger comes from a Democrat Party that is at war with their country and willing to aid and abet a terrorist force, Antifa, whose clearly
stated purpose is the destruction of the country.

America’s Department of Defense Moves Against the President
June 4, 2020
When history records the details of the Marxist-Islamic revolution in America, people will be astounded at the number of military generals and republicans who stood with America’s enemies against the President of the United States.

1 min 14 se  Read the comments
Black Lives Matter: Hamas Pawn
June 18, 2016
Learn how Hamas, a Muslim Brotherhood entity, is using the Black Lives Matter Movement to promote the terrorist agenda

REAL News about the Wuhan Virus

The Los Angeles Pogrom That No Jewish Organization Will Talk About
Daniel Greenfield-June 04, 2020

Minneapolis City Council president, Dem Jeremiah Ellison claim they’ll ‘dismantle’ police
By Louis Casiano | Fox News

DOJ Has Evidence That Antifa, Other Similar Groups Have ‘Instigated’ Violent Activity: Barr
BY BOWEN XIAO June 4, 2020 Updated:    June 5, 2020
“The intelligence being collected by our U.S. attorneys office, particularly integrated by the FBI from multiple different sources is building up,” he said. “There are some specific cases against ndividuals, some Antifa-related.”

15 min 38 sec
Tucker: Kneeling will never be enough for the mob
1,348,946 views• Jun 3, 2020
Why are Americans surrendering to violent mobs? Because they’ve been told they have to.

Liberal Mush from the Mad Dog
By Patrick J. Buchanan, Friday – June5, 2020
“It was not Trump who divided America in this racial crisis. The nation was united in revulsion at the criminal cruelty that led to George Floyd’s death… What divided America were the methods and means protesters began using in the first hours of the Minneapolis riot — the attacks on cops with bottles, bricks and Molotov cocktails.”

Candace Owens – I DO NOT support
George Floyd and I refuse to see him as a martyr!
425,715 views•   Jun 3, 2020

The Fog Is Lifted
June 1, 2020
The leftists are trying to scare us with violence dressed up as racial protest. They are using the horrible death of George Floyd to foment racial division.  They want us to believe that these are organic protests, when they are fomented by Antifa and paid for by George Soros.

4 min 41 sec
Project Veritas INFILTRATES ANTIFA: “Practice things like an eye gouge…injure someone’s eyes”
Jun 4, 2020

“One Of You Shot My Sister”: Protester Killed by Another Protester in Iowa

Hillary Clinton May Have To Testify In Email Case

Quote Of The Week
“Authoritarian Democratic leaders were eager to send law enforcement to arrest law abiding citizens at church, or in the parks. But, when it comes to violent protestors & looters, suddenly
these same leaders are deciding it’s bad politics to enforce the law.” —Senator Ted Cruz

What to always keep in your pantry. Good basic list.

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UPA Report June 7, 2020

Part 2


UPA Report 6.7.20 Part 2 What is happening to America. Details on the Organized Destruction of America.“Aufheben der Kultur” (“Destroy the Culture”).

United Patriots of America
Founded December 2001 in response to 911
The Black Lives Matter nationwide protest on Sunday June 7, 2020
UPA Report
Sunday June 07, 2020

part 2

‘Guardian Angel’ describes pitched battle with New York looters: ‘We don’t surrender or retreat’

Louisville police officers walk out on mayor as form of protest, claiming disrespect

RIOTS” One Of You Shot My Sister”: Protester Killed by Another Protester in Iowa
“I lost my sister because you’re so mad at the police you’re hurting everyone else.”

War footing: can Trump turn left-wing protests into victory?
At bottom, Trump has always been an escape artist

Drew Brees addresses NFL players kneeling in 2020: ‘I will never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag’
Chris Cwik Yahoo Sports Jun 3, 2020, 12:44 PM

Police Declare Huntington Beach George Floyd Protest Unlawful After Counter Demonstrators Show
By Spencer Custodio,  May 31, 2020

America Under Attack
Wed Jun 3, 2020 Michael Cutler 10
Antifa aided and abetted by radical Leftist politicians’ policies.

Austin Symphony Trombonist Fired Over Racist Comments
Posted on June 3, 2020

A white bar owner in Omaha shot and killed a black protester. He won.t

The Knoxville Horror: The Crime and the Cover-Up
Posted on May 14, 2007

Trump is right: Antifa is a terrorist group. It always was
by Washington Examiner | June 02, 2020 12:00 AM

A White Bar Owner in Omaha Shot and Killed a Black  Protester. He Won’t Face Charges.
Posted on June 3, 2020 Sophie Lewis, CBS News, June 2, 2020

Oklahoma officer quits when told he couldn’t kneel with protesters

These are not protests. They are not riots. This is a war.
431 Law Enforcement Officers Were Injured in the Black Lives Matter/Antifa War
Posted on June 3, 2020,
Daniel Greenfield, Frontpage Magazine, June 3, 2020
The Left has gone to war against America. Their organizations, backed by money from the Ford Foundation, Hollywood celebrities, and even the Biden campaign, have terrorized cities, destroyed countless small businesses, and inflicted a wartime toll on the police officers on the front line.

Black ladies store was looted and robbed.

Sights and Sounds of Tuesday’s Riots: Day 8
Posted on June 3, 2020, Henry Wolff, American Renaissance
We’re into week two of protests and rioting over George Floyd’s death. By day, white liberals debased themselves:

Michelle Malkin, American Renaissance,
June 3, 2020
Being white is not a crime. Being a Trump voter is not a crime. Being a police officer sworn to “protect and serve” every day is not a crime. Being a non-white police officer proud to uphold and enforce law and order is not a crime. Being a black or brown or yellow American who rejects excusing criminal behavior is not a crime.

Federal Riot Teams Have Officially Been Deployed to Multiple Cities
By Jack Davis Published June 1, 2020 at 6:06pm

Brain-washed whites convulsing from White Guilt make pledge of allegiance to black people
June 3, 2020 | Samantha Chang | Print Article

Looters strike several NYC stores — but curfew appears to curb chaos

Sunday, June 7th The Black Lives Matter nationwide protest

Black Lives Rally Protest Coming to Jackson Township

JACKSON, NJ – The Black Lives Matter nationwide protest against the murder of George Floyd by police officers in Minneapolis is coming to the rural suburban enclave of Jackson Township on Sunday.   “Let’s fight against racism and police brutality” is being billed as a peaceful protest against racism. Organizers say violence, looting and rioting will not be tolerated. The event kicks off at 4pm on Sunday, June 7th at Johnson Park.

It’s Not About Race
The Left exploits another black victim.
Mon Jun 1, 2020 David Horowitz 237

20-Yr-Old Boxer Was Moved to Michigan Nursing Home BECAUSE HE HAD CORONAVIRUS! — Beat 77 Yr-Old Veteran And WAS STILL THERE A WEEK LATER
By Jim Hoft Published May 22, 2020 at 10:45pm
This Brutal Event Is Even Worse Than We Thought!

Watch: Rioters Use Forklifts to Smash into Best Buy in California During Daylight Hours

Rioters try forcing way into bakery, but owner and sons meet them at door with guns — and rioters take their hard day’s work elsewhere
June 01, 2020
They came at us with bats and threw rocks at our windows … and then I was like, ‘Alright”

Dan Bongino Predicts 2 Prosecutions out of ‘Obamagate’ Attacks on the Trump Presidency
By Joe Saunders Published May 25, 2020 at 12:02pm

Hillary Clinton May Have To Testify In Email Case

Quote Of The Week
“Authoritarian Democratic leaders were eager to send law enforcement to arrest law abiding citizens at church, or in the parks. But, when it comes to violent protestors & looters, suddenly these same leaders are deciding it’s bad politics to enforce the law.” —Senator Ted Cruz

What to always keep in your pantry. Good basic list.

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UPA Report 5.31.20 – Part 2


United Patriots of America

Founded December 2001 in response to 911

UPA Report – Part 2
Sunday May 31, 2020

George Floyd

General Barr made the following statement.

It is a Federal crime to cross state lines to
incite violence



 Facing hard truths: Are you unwittingly funding the leftist takeover of America?
The problem, you see, is that one side in the culture wars is deadly serious and puts its money where its mouth is.
The other side, our side, mostly talks a good game while handing money to the enemy. It’s time to put on your battle gear, the full armor of Christ as St. Paul said, and get in the game.

Sanitized Dictatorship: How COVID19 is transforming America and killing the Trump revolution
President Trump started out talking sense. We could fight the virus, he said, and protect our economy at the same
“America is not built for a shut down,” he said. But the technocrats who have his ear, Drs. Fauci and Birx, finally wore him down. They broke him. You could see it in his daily briefing on Monday. He seemed more somber and monotone than normal as he read from a script and less from his own instincts.

 Virus used as prop to launch wave of psychological warfare & fake news against Americans
May 7th, 2020
Psychological warfare has been declared against the American people over the last eight weeks, and the sooner
we acknowledge that the sooner we can break through the propaganda messaging and take back our lives and our freedoms.

Know your rights or get swept up into government’s ‘massive’ contact-tracing ‘show your papers’ scheme
Posted on May 27, 2020, Author Leo Hohmann
Red-state Governors ‘all in’ with privacy-stealing contact-tracing scheme dreamed up by far-left technocrats

Indiana Governor To Churches: Worship As I Say Or Be Shut Down
 APRIL 10, 2020 By Joy Pullmann
The governor is telling Christians how worship must be done and with  stricter rules than for all other public gatherings. That is none of his damned business.

 The Common Sense Alternative to Fauciism
By Robert Curry • May 25, 2020
We needed the common sense approach of a robust public debate about how to address the Wuhan virus. In the same way, we needed the common-sense approach of a robust public debate about how to address the Wuhan virus. The evidence that the strange, radical, and never-before-tried policy of putting everyone under house arrest was a mistake is accumulating rapidly now.

The Black Swan of 2020
By Ned Ryun • May 24, 2020
When a majority of Americans finally realizes what was really happening in 2016 and 2017, do you really think they’ll give Joe Biden power again?

Nonviolent protests are twice as likely to succeed as armed conflicts – and those engaging a threshold of 3.5% of the population have never failed to bring about change.
The ‘3.5% rule’: How a small minority can change the world

Public School Exit

 The Corona Con Job Made Simple

Democrats Have Abandoned Civil Liberties
The Blue Party’s Trump-era Embrace of Authoritarianism Isn’t Just Wrong, it’s a Fatal Political Mistake
Matt Taibbi, May 15

How Far Are You Willing To Let Them Go? The truth behind contact tracing surveillance.
The 4th Amendment States:The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and
effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Wearing masks may increase your risk of coronavirus infection, expert says

PIH, Bobby Rush, and The Truth Behind Contact Tracing Surveillance
May 15, 2020 / 20 Comments

Will military enforce mandatory vaccines starting September?
May 14, 2020

 6 min 22 sec
Cal Mafia
Jan 22, 2020
the Four Families that control California

 Judicial Watch Sues to Stop California Governor Newsom’s “Vote by Mail” Mandate

California Sheriff: I’m Not Enforcing Lockdown, We’re Too Busy ‘Re-Arresting’ Criminals
May 15, 2020By  Amanda PrestigiacomoDailyWire.com

The Coronavirus Fifth Column
May 16, 2020  By Eileen F. Toplansky
As left-wing Democrat-controlled states continue to keep people in lockdown, it is becoming apparent that they are using the pandemic as a means to gain ultimate control of people’s lives.

Contact Tracing Scarier than you Imagined

Following Up on Fauciism A useful shorthand term for “expert-induced panic,” much in the wayMcCarthyism” is shorthand for “anti-Communist hysteria.”
By Robert Curry, Posted By Ruth King on May 24th, 2020

9 min 13 sec

People forced to take shots they don’t want.

Grandmother, 80, is stabbed to death in a Texas parking lot by a career criminal who was out on bond
Rosalie Cook, 80, from Houston, Texas, was fatally stabbed in Walgreens’  lot Randy Lewis, 38, stabbed the grandmother in her chest and tried to steal her car
A responding police officer fired two fatal shots at Lewis, who died at the scene

 Who will fight for your rights?
A Silver Lining By Robert Gore
Americans who have never asked themselves how it felt to be a victim of their government’s senseless wars are now victims of their government’s senseless war on a germ.  Governments have no rights, only the duty to protect the rights of individuals to live peaceably and freely. Government must be the servant, not the master, of its citizens.
There is a silver lining in all this: the curtain has been lifted, we now know exactly what we confront. Present governments and their many bootlickers and minions do not recognize—much less protect or hold themselves subordinate to the protection of—individual rights. Nor should we expect that they will do so within our lifetimes. Absent their replacement via revolution or abandonment via secession, we will continue to live in a political order where they are free to do as they please while we may act only by permission.


 April 28, 2020  Howard Galganov

New Hampshire man arrested after allegedly assaulting pro-Trump teen at polling site

Florida man who spat on ‘MAGA’ hat-wearing bar patron gets 90 days in jail
jan. 12 ,2020

Florida man accused of driving van into Trump-supporters’ tent reportedly smiles while entering court
Feb. 10, 2020By Jack Durschlag | Fox News

What to always keep in your pantry. Good basic list.


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Murphy backs down on right to protest. Blaming police for park closures?

April 20, 2020 by  
Filed under Corona virus19, Fighting the Left, Tyranny

Murphy backs down on right to protest.  Blaming police for park closures?

By Rubashov

It looks like Sussex County civil rights leader Bill Hayden was correct… and the local constabulary was very, very wrong.  When asked about anti-shutdown protests by a reporter at his daily COVID-19 public relations event, Governor Phil Murphy said:

They have a right to protest.  I would prefer that they somehow do this virtually.”

They have their right to protest.”

“While I respect their right to protest.  I wish they would do it virtually, from home.”

So all you over-zealous sworn officers of the… (we were going to write “law” but that would be the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and you certainly are not about that) Governor’s will… How do you feel?  Better… or worse?

The Governor is finally getting some good legal advice.  Oh, and you’ve been thrown under the bus…

According to a prominent Trenton lobbyist and sometime Murphy ally, operatives of Governor Phil Murphy are blaming the closure of state parks on the police who patrol them.  Unlike neighboring state governments, who have left their parks open and who have actually urged citizens to get fresh air and sunlight, New Jersey’s state and county parks are closed by executive order.

Apparently, Murphy operatives are claiming that the closures are a result of requests by police who patrol the parks.  After the first warm days resulted in the need for them to do their jobs, apparently the police complained to Murphy (through their lobbyist???).  In yet another political concession to an important voter block (e.g. abortion clinics have remained opened as a sop to Murphy’s pro-abortion base) Murphy shut down the parks to New Jersey taxpayers, while continuing to pay the police who patrol them. 

Getting paid for nothing is a pretty good perk.  We heard one side of it (through the lobbyist), so we’d like to hear from the police who patrol the parks.  We’d be happy to print your side as well, so please reach out.

Meanwhile, more and more scientific evidence is coming in, illustrating just how important Vitamin D is in the fight against COVID-19.  Last week, scientists released a study that detailed how fresh air and sunlight can “lower the spread of Coronavirus.”  A team of researchers from the University of California, Davis and University of Oregon said that “improving air flow” and exposing people to “more natural light” will help to “create a healthier environment”.   The scientists hailed it as “a cheap and easy way to fight coronavirus.”

This confirmed the recent work of scientists in Ireland.  The Irish Examiner (April 3, 2020) reported:

Vitamin D can help build resistance to Covid-19, two crucial Irish scientific studies have found.

One of the studies, published in the Irish Medical Journal, calls for the immediate vitamin D supplementation of hospital inpatients, nursing home residents and older people.

It suggests that vitamin D supplementation in the wider adult population, particularly in frontline healthcare workers, may further limit infection and flatten the Covid-19 curve.

An April 16th column, written by Dr. Vatsal G. Thakkar, notes that people of color are more at-risk from Vitamin D deficiency.  We tend not to use the term “people of color” – but this is one time when it is directly appropriate.  Please read what Dr. Thakkar has to say:

Black Americans are dying of Covid-19 at a higher rate than whites. Socioeconomic factors such as gaps in access to health care no doubt play a role. But another possible factor has been largely overlooked: vitamin D deficiency that weakens the immune system.

Researchers last week released the first data supporting this link. They found that the nations with the highest mortality rates—Italy, Spain and France—also had the lowest average vitamin D levels among countries affected by the pandemic.

Vitamin D is produced by a reaction in the skin to the ultraviolet rays in sunlight. Many Americans are low in vitamin D, but those with darker skin are at a particular disadvantage because melanin inhibits the vitamin’s production. As an Indian-American, my skin type is Fitzpatrick IV, or “moderate brown.” Compared with my white friends, I need double or triple the sun exposure to synthesize the same amount of vitamin D, so I supplement with 5,000 international units of vitamin D3 daily, which maintains my level in the normal range. Most African-Americans are Fitzpatrick type V or VI, so they would need even more.

… Vitamin D supplementation in African-Americans reduced cancer risk 23%. How? Cancer cells develop regularly in most animals, including humans, as the result of toxic injuries or glitches in DNA replication, but a healthy immune system destroys them. There is evidence that low vitamin D levels make the immune system go blind.

Dozens of studies confirm that deficiency is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, which disproportionately afflicts African-Americans. A major contributor to heart disease is inflammation that targets blood vessels, forming the plaques that block blood flow. (Raising vitamin D levels with supplements hasn’t been shown to reverse this effect.)

Black Americans are also twice as likely to develop Type 2 diabetes as whites. Here, too, we find an immune connection. Insulin resistance, the harbinger of Type 2 diabetes, appears linked to high levels of circulating cytokines, the same pro-inflammatory proteins implicated in Covid-19 mortality. Many scientists are coming to view Type 2 diabetes as an autoimmune disorder, like Type 1.

History can also be a guide. A 2009 study examined sun exposure and fatality rates during the 1918-19 Spanish flu pandemic, which killed an estimated 50 million world-wide. Disparities in access to health care were minimal then, since treatment consisted mostly in supportive measures and convalescence. Antivirals, vaccines, intensive-care units and ventilators didn’t exist.

The U.S. erected emergency hospitals—one of which, the Camp Brooks Open Air Hospital in Massachusetts, had the unique distinction of being an outdoor recovery unit. The mortality rate for patients there fell from 40% to 13% when they were moved outside. Sunlight might have proved to be literally the best disinfectant.

So is it state police or the Governor who have ignored what most other states recognize as a essential medical need… fresh air and sunlight (Vitamin D)?  Will they share responsibility for the lives that may be lost?  After all, Governor Murphy likes to histrionically talk about “blood” being on the hands of those who don’t obey him.  Doesn’t he have a responsibility to listen to science??? 

Will the threat posed by Governor Murphy to the health of average people further indict him?  Constitutional scholar Andrew Napolitano – an author, law school professor, and retired judge – explained to a national audience that Governor Murphy’s executive orders constitute a “felony” and “misconduct in office… an impeachable offense”.  Watch the Judge’s full statement about Murphy here:


So what will the local constabulary hide behind when the executive orders they act in the name of are found – at some point in the future – to be illegal and unconstitutional and they (and the municipalities they work for) all must pay out to those whose rights they robbed?  It won’t help those future contract negotiations, that’s for sure.

Anyone wishing to follow-up with “the science” on Vitamin D and COVID-19 is advised to read the following.  Enjoy!



“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed. Everything else is public relations.”
– attributed to George Orwell (aka Eric Blair

UPA Report 1.19.20 The Red-Green Axis. An Existential Threat To America


United Patriots of America

Founded December
2001 in response to 911


UPA Report
Sunday January 19, 2020


An Existential Threat To America and the World


The Red-Green Axis 2.0: An Existential Threat to America and the World.
Refugees, Immigration and the Agenda to Erase America.” That earlier book first laid out in extensive detail the networks of hard

 37 min   32 sec         For summation go to 32 minutes
Red-Green Axis 2.0: An Existential Threat to America and the World

United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) sails thru Senate handing Trump second
trade victory
By Geller Report Staff – on January 16, 2020


Lexington And Concord Redux In Virginia
Published: Thursday, January 16, 2020
The shot heard ’round the world” in the pre-dawn hours of April 19, 1775, on Lexington Green, Massachusetts, was probably inevitable, but the causes of its occurrence cannot be denied. The
primary mission of the British Crown that morning was to confiscate the firearms of the colonists in Lexington and Concord. It sent 800 military troops to fulfill that mission.

 IT’S A TRAP, and I’ll be there, in Virginia on January 20th!
Posted on January 14, 2020 by Wes Rhinier

 Civil War BREAKING NEWS: West Virginia INVITES Virginia 2A Sanctuary Counties To JOIN
Posted on January 14, 2020 by Wes Rhinier

 Virginia Now Looking To Revoke Reciprocity With Other States


 Black Hawk helicopters take to the southern US border skies
Black Hawk helicopters will begin flights over the stretch of border that includes New Mexico as U.S. Customs and Border Protection Air and Marine Operations adds the military’s “premier utility helicopter” to the El Paso-area
The Black Hawk can “get to a location faster, remain longer, and carry more people, systems, or cargo in all kinds of weather,” according to a news release from CBP Air and Marine Operations.

DHS reviewing states giving driver’s licenses to illegal aliens
The new laws also prohibit state driver’s licensing agencies from providing access to federal immigration law enforcement agencies and New York reportedly revoked access to its database for at least three federal agencies
last week.

 29 criminal aliens released by Franklin County, OH Sheriff’s Office in recent weeks

 Judge Blocks Trump’s Executive Order Allowing Local Officials to Reject Refugees
Posted on January 15, 2020

 New York Released Criminal Alien Who then Murdered & Sexually Abused 92-Year-OldGrandma


 Faces of the Islamic Counter-State in America
January 17, 2020, Written by John D. Guandolo


 Omar sounds off after Minnesota county bans refugee resettlement – aided by Trump executive order
By Danielle Wallace | Fox News

 Investigators With ICE, FBI Reviewing Criminal Allegations Against Jihad-Rep Ilhan Omar
January 16, 2020

 See more at

Islam in America

 MassResistance mother meets with her “gay” City Councilman to discuss Drag Queen event in library. He gets angry, throws her out of his office – and calls police!
But police sympathize with the mother and do nothing. Calmly telling the truth ignites certain public officials.
January 12, 2020

 The 2020 Virginia Showdown

 ANALYSIS: Virginia Gov. Northam may soon need ten thousand body bags for his State Police
and National Guard troops, since “Biblical MAYHEM” will be unleashed following any gun confiscation attempt
01/02/2020 / By Mike Adams

 Civil war RISK, state by state: Is your state likely to be drawn into kinetic conflict as the rule of law disintegrates across America?
12/29/2019 / By Mike Adams
If a civil war is ignited in 2020, it won’t be like the North vs. South arrangement of 1861 – 1865. Rather, it will be structured as a series of state-focused mini-civil wars that pit the armed, rural, pro-American patriots against the
treasonous, lawless, anti-American Democrats in their capital cities.

 The medical profession has been hijacked by the anti-gun movement, attempting to turn doctors into gun control police
01/10/2020 / By JD Heyes
For the past couple of years, Leftists within the medical academic and professional community have been pushing the Democrats’ agenda when it comes to controlling Americans’ behavior.

 People Are Dying in Racial Violence So That Democrats Can Win Elections
Posted on January 14, 2020

 LSU Clemson Game
Trump draws cheers at college football national championship
Trump and first lady Melania Trump came onto the field for the National Anthem before LSU and Clemson kicked off.

 An Introduction to Q      good article

 Activists accuse Boston schools of aiding ICE deportations
By Stephen Dinan – The Washington Times – Monday, January 6, 2020
Boston’s public schools have for years been indirectly providing information to ICE on unruly illegal immigrant students, resulting in at least one of them getting deported, civil rights groups claimed

 Restore the USA
A social media site where patriots can post anything and not be censored.

 New UPA Feature: Important Links

RAIR  Daily News Report

Operation Border Command

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UPA Report 12.8.19 Democrats are pushing America into Civil War


United Patriots of America

Founded December 2001 in response to 911



UPA Report
Sunday December 08, 2019



“We are in a civil war right now. It is Cultural and Political not kinetic as of yet.”
Democrats Are Pushing America Into Civil War
By William L. Gensert, December 6, 2019
Civil war becomes likelier with every passing day.
With the failure of the doddering Mueller’s Democrat-inspired coup attempt, the disaster of Schiff’s impeachment hoax, and Nadler’s Wednesday hearing comprised of angry leftist academics, the country has learned a valuable lesson; the Democrats will never accept Trump as the duly elected president — no matter how much of a landslide he wins by in 2020.  And as Michael Walsh
has pointed out. “They never stop, they never sleep, they never quit.”
Unbridled hatred will do that.

 The Democrats Face the Bayonets
December 6, 2019
There isn’t going to be a grand bargain with President Trump; American patriots know that what is at stake is far bigger than President Trump and his deplorable supporters.  It’s about whether the all-out leftist war against America is going to be defeated.

Kellyanne Conway slams Pamela Karlan: ‘Who the hell are you lady’

U.S. Public Schools Promote Islam
December 3, 2019
Maybe U.S. public schools have an understanding of Islam that is exactly opposite of the truth because in 2005 President George W. Bush initiated the “Access Islam” program for grades 5 through 12 which promotes Islam and teaches a sanitized version of Islam’s barbaric doctrine.

A good approach might be to ask teachers why Islamic schools in the United States teach muslim children that jihad is one of the three duties for all Muslims and must be waged until sharia is the law of the land in America, yet U.S. public schools teach non-Muslims exactly the opposite.


Shadow Banning’ Written Into Twitter’s New Terms of Service, May ‘Limit
Visibility’ of Some Users
RT, December 4, 2019
Comment by Tim_in_Indiana
Something needs to be done about tech censorship, and quickly. If no action is taken, then the routine practice of banning conservatives starts to be seen as “The New Normal.” Shadow banning is particularly Insidious and dishonest because it imposes a form of censorship while hiding the fact that it is being done. In other words, it is a form of tacit lying to the user being censored. if something is perfectly just and reasonable, why does it need to be hidden and lied about? It is a self refuting policy. Yet, since Liberals are experts at doublespeak, it is one they will get away with if we don’t stop it.

Impeachment Vote Will Cost These Dems Their Seats

Pathetic Democrats
By Bruce Walker, August 15, 2017
Republicans in Congress look pretty pathetic to many Americans, but even more pathetic is the Democratic Party, which is nothing these days but an anti-Trump circus. This is a direct consequence of victimology run wild, geographic myopia, and the utter sterility of modern leftism.

The Guns of Ruby Ridge: America Teeters at the Precipice
by Will Dabbs on November 23, 2019

BREAKING: George Zimmerman Files $100 Million Lawsuit Against Trayvon Martin’s Family

Tennessee to pay white nationalist group $46,000 in legal fees after judge’s ruling

Additional Deliberations On Virginia Anti-Paramilitary Law
BY Herschel Smith
But that’s exactly what’s happening as we speak. There are Islamist paramilitary training compounds operating around the nation today, one of them in Rock Hill, South Carolina.  I recall discussing this face to face a few years ago with John Guandolo at Understanding the Threat.  To the best of our knowledge, this camp is still in operation with no pressure to cease operations.  And take special note – South Carolina also has a law similar to the one in Virginia, i.e., S.C. Code 16-8-20.
To date, no officer of South Carolina has used this law to shut down the camp in Rock Hill
One of those training camps is also in Virginia, and the Sheriff has defended them.

ICE Nets 56 Arrests in One Week Across Washington DC and Virginia
Immigration and Customs Enforcement, November 27, 2019

Dissident Right vs. Conservatism Inc.
Peter Bradley, American Renaissance, December 3, 2019
I started reading Conservatism Inc. in the midst of the “Groyper Wars,” in which young men on the Dissident Right publicly confronted conservative figures such as Charlie Kirk, Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh, and Dan Crenshaw — Conservative Inc. to a man — during their college speaking tours. Questions about race, immigration, and demographic change left these men sputtering about
“racism” and “white nationalism,” and sounding just like the leftists they are supposedly fighting.

Conservative tweets and blocking BOT accounts had the FBI come knocking at my door today

Chick-fil-A grilled over donation to Southern Poverty Law Center
Gunman who attacked Family Research Council inspired by SPLC’s ‘hate list ‘Valerie Richardson, The Washington Times, November 27, 2019

Not only has Chick-fil-A abandoned donations to Christian groups including the Salvation Army, it has donated to one of the most extreme anti-Christian groups in America. Anyone who opposes SPLC is slandered and slapped with their ‘extremist’ or ‘hate group” label. #SPLCexposed
8:46 AM · Nov 27, 2019·Twitter Web App

What the Non-Racial Right Thinks
Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, April 2004

Islam in America

You will not believe this video is taking place in America
Marching female Muslim military for Farrakhan by Amy Mek

Hooray for Michigan State University (The Spartans) and Professor Wichman!!!
Well, what do we have here. Looks like a small case of some people being able to dish it out, but not take it. Let’s start at the top. The story begins at Michigan State University with a mechanical engineering professor named Indrek Wichman. Wichman sent an e-mail to the Muslim Student’s Association. The e-mail was in response to the students’ protest of the Danish cartoons that portrayed the Prophet Muhammad as a terrorist. The group had complained the cartoons were “hate speech.”
Enter Professor Wichman. In his e-mail, he said the following:
Dear Moslem Association:
As a professor of Mechanical Engineering here at MSU I intend to protest your protest. I am offended not by cartoons, but by more mundane things like beheadings of civilians, cowardly attacks on public buildings, suicide murders, murders of Catholic priests (the latest in Turkey!), burnings of Christian churches, the continued persecution of Coptic Christians in Egypt, the imposition of Sharia law on non-Muslims, the rapes of Scandinavian girls and women (called “whores” in your culture), the murder of film directors in Holland, and the rioting and looting in Paris France.

ICIG Michael Atkinson Altered Whistleblower Forms to Allow for CIA Leaker – His Wife Just Happens to be Connected to Russian Collusion Hoaxer – Fusion GPS

How Trump’s Birther Inquiry Incited Obama’s Revenge – American Thinker

But Leftist Privilege will prevent him from ever being held accountable.
Thu Jun 7, 2018 Robert Spencer
There is a law that applies to this situation. U.S. Code 2381 says: “Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be
incapable of holding any office under the United States.”


UTT Assesses London Bridge Attack, NY Plot, and the Response from Suit-Wearing Jihadis
by John D. Guandolo
The latest jihadi attack in the UK that left two people dead and three others injured, reveals much about why Britain will likely not survive the Islamic onslaught. The jihadi on the London Bridge – Usman Khan – was previously incarcerated with 8 other jihadis for plotting to bomb the London Stock Exchange. The BBC calls that plot “supremely incompetent and amateur.”

Restore the USA
A social media site where patriots can post anything and not be  censored.


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