United Patriots of America
The United Patriots Of America was founded December 2001 in response to 911

UPA Report 1.22.23 2020 stolen election Now there is proof that Bill Barr is and was lying.


United Patriots of America

Founded December 2001 in response to 911.

 UPA Report
Sunday January  22, 2022

2020 stolen election Now there is proof that Bill Barr is and was lying.
By Jim Hoft, Published January 18, 2023
FOIA Requests Reveal There Were No DOJ
Investigations on Election Fraud After 2020 Election as Bill Barr Claimed. Barr
repeated this claim several times since leaving office as President Trump’s
Attorney General. Now there is proof that Bill Barr is and was lying.

Hundreds of Migrants from 7 Nations Cross Border into Arizona
Bob Price, Jan 17, 2023

Pandering to the New World Order: American politicians sell us out to an international criminal
syndicate with blood on its hands
January 19, 2023

Special Report: Medical profession implements WHO digital diagnosis code for the unvaxxed
January 17, 2023
Doctors will be ‘incentivized’ by the government to start asking more questions about your vax status.

Biden signs onto ‘Declaration of North America (DNA)’ with Canada and Mexico: Is the planned North American Union making a comeback?
January 16, 2023
“They outlined joint commitments for a WOKE new North America to be imposed on its citizens.”
The White House declaration committed to direct the future course of the three nations to “promote racial justice”
and “expand protections for LGBTQI+ individuals” in order to deliver “more equitable outcomes to all.”

The Most Important Tucker Carlson Segment To Date: Nixon, Ford and the Deep State
by the 2nd Smartest Guy in the World, 7 hr ago
And when Nixon did in fact become his own man, the Deep State contingency plan went into full effect: the CIA-handled
Mockingbird MSM began to spin stories of the Watergate scandal all while conveniently leaving out the fact that four members of the break-in team were on the CIA payroll, and that Nixon was completely unaware of the operation.

NHL Goes Full Woke, League’s Tweet Reveal That Even Hockey Is Too Far Gone
By Richard Moorhead,   November 22, 2022

NHL Backs Down After Gov. Ron DeSantis’s Office Calls Out ‘Discriminatory’ Job Fair
Ethan Letkeman Jan 15, 2023

Pilot group: Elites secretly demanding UNVAXXED pilots, flight crews
Published January 16, 2023
Report cites many officers who have collapsed after taking shots

As Dems Push Green Politics, the Entire State of Wyoming Just Sent them a Message They Can’t Ignore
Wyoming just spat in the face of green politics.
By Warner Todd Huston
Lawmakers in the state are considering a new law that would phase out electric vehicles by 2035, which is a policy
that runs completely contrary to states like New York and California which, in obeisance to the green agenda, want to phase out gas-powered cars and boost electric vehicles.

DeSantis Administration Blocks AP African American Studies Course From School Curriculum
Posted on January 20, 2023

In fact it’s quite obvious when studying the contents, as the Florida Standard has done, why it’s
blatantly in violation of Florida’s Stop Woke Act.
“Rape the White Girls” Poet Included in Florida’s Black AP Course
January 21, 2023 by Daniel Greenfield
We are all beautiful (except white people, they are full of, and made of s__t),”

Stop the war on ongoing systemic injustice.
January 14, 2023, Tyler O’Neil
SPLC Promotes Teaching Kids About Black Lives Matter on MLK Day—in First Grade Critics slammed the lesson as “child abuse” and a “shameful form of indoctrination.”
“First-graders are excited to study through a lens of fairness; it is largely what drives them in their daily
interactions,” Turner wrote. “If they can understand why Dr. King marched, then they can certainly wrap their minds around the need for continued protest and action in the face of ongoing systemic injustice.”