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Arabs in Europe

It’s not as if there weren’t people all throughout Europe warning that allowing millions of Mohammedans into our countries wouldn’t work because their beliefs were totally at odds with our own. This was all avoidable.

The stupid/evil (take your pick) people in authority who silenced all those dissenting voices ought to be hanged from the nearest lamppost for what they have done to our countries – not just allowing all those Mohammedans in but the way they have destroyed everything our countries used to stand for in order to do it – freedom of speech is a distant memory, law and order is a bad joke, this ridiculous fear everyone has of being called a “racist” (oh no!) has allowed thousands of poor young working class girls to be groomed and gang raped, which was one of the biggest disgraces ever in the UK – and the people responsible for all this haven’t been held accountable for any of it.

The evil parasites who have done this to us, and to our countries, should meet the same fate as Mussolini for what they have done – the people’s lives they have ruined, the countries they have betrayed – they’re all traitorous filth with no redeeming qualities at all – and they have the brass neck to stand on Remembrance Day and pretend they are going to honour the men and women who died during the war! They certainly didn’t sacrifice their lives for *this*!!!

If our countries really did have “systemic racism” and the “white privilege” we all hear about were actually real – then these dark-skinned Mohammedans wouldn’t be flooding into our country, they’d be staying put and enjoying the benefits of a non-racist country where their beliefs are in accordance with the laws of the land, and the only “privilege” is in their favour, at the expense of anyone of any other religion. But here they come. The very fact that all these non-white people want to live in our countries refutes CRT.

Of course in reality – as we all know – the Mohammedans are on the march because they smell weakness, and just like they have done throughout their history, they want to conquer other people’s countries, so that Satan’s counterfeit “religion” will rule all. 

The British government should have stood up to them when  carried on following Salman Rushdie’s novel coming out. 


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