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The United Patriots Of America was founded December 2001 in response to 911



 UPA Weekly Reports


Click here for UPA Report 1.22.23
2020 stolen election Now there is proof that Bill Barr is and was lying.


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Trump announces plan to destroy the drug cartels with the US military.


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Former FBI Boss Admits Bureau Has Been Infiltrated by ‘WEF Goons’


Click here for UPA Report 1.01.23
Slim chance the Supreme court could reverse the 2020 election.


Click here for UPA Report 12.25.22
See link that proves the DC Jan 6th Committee are a bunch of lying criminals.


Click here for UPA Report 12.18.22
Supreme Court Considers Case Seeking to Overturn 2020 Presidential Election


Click here for UPA Report 12.11.22
Global central banks racing to implement digital currencies as cities convert


Click here for UPA Special Report Monday 12.5.22.
Why we don’t do Disney.


Click here for UPA Report 12.4.22  
Agenda 21  is the inventory and control plan for all humans in the world.


Click here for UPA Report 11.27.22  
‘SMART Cities’ worldwide being converted into ‘open concentration camps,’


Click here for UPA Report 11.20.22
Massive, Widespread, Ongoing Voter Fraud stopped the Red Tsunami


Click here for UPA Report 11.13.22
Democrats. Even brain damage can’t stop them.


CLick here for UPA Report 11.06.22
Red wave on way, Judge allows transgender lawsuit in school


Click here for UPA Report 10.30.22
Biden’s Open Door to Jihad Terrorists


Click here for UPA Report 10.23.22
Must listen to what Steve Bannon said.



Click here for UPA Report 10.16.22
The Big Reset Movie-English version. 2 years of historical delusion in 2 hours



Click here for UPA Report 10.9.22
Help Defend our Border


Click here for UPA Report 10.02.22
Link to donate to Florida hurricane disaster relief plus more on Epps on J6


Click here for UPA Report 9.25.22
Jan 6 American patriots in prison in DC need our help.


Click here for UPA Report 9,18.22
Our country is being over run . Listen to Tom Homan, Trumps man on the Border.


Click here for UPA Report 9.11.22
We sure have come a long way since 911. Now American patriots are being attacked by our own government.


Click here for UPA Report 9.04.22
Hey Fuhrer, to hell with your ultimatum


Click here for UPA Report 8.28.22
Silence is Consent. A full blown war against the United States is underway.


Click here for UPA Report 8.21.22
The Federal Government is out of control.


Click here for UPA Report 8.14.22
America is occupied by a hostile regime, much as when Germany controlled Paris.


Click here for UPA Report 8.07.22
See Trump rally live in Waukesha, Wisconsin.


Click here for UPA Report 7.31.22
DeSantis Announces New Actions That Target Ultra-Woke Companies


Click here for UPA Report 7.24.22
High treason. Borders not secure.


Click here for UPA Report 7.17.22
Read about Trump’s virtues.


Click here for UPA Report 7.10.22
Christian militia group steps in to help besieged border officials


Click here for UPA Report 7.03.22
The J6 Show Trial Is Lying About Election ‘Fraud’



Click here for UPA Report 6.26.22
POTUS guilty of high treason. SCOTUS defeats a NY gun law and Roe vs Wade.


Click here for UPA Report 6.19.22
You don’t need an AR15 the police will protect you.


Click here for UPA Report 6.12.22
Mark Levin knocked it out of the park Sunday. Must see video in this article. 12 min 38 sec .


UPA Report 6.5.22
Nullification is the way to stop the Feds from destroying our Republic


UPA Report 5.29.22
5 Corporations That Should Be Blacklisted By Conservatives


UPA Report 5.22.22
Democrats are dangerous, even to themselves.


UPA Report 5.8.22
POTUS guilty of treason for his failure to secure the southern border.



UPA Report 5.1.22
Are we winning?


UPA Report 4.24.22
Former border chief: Biden ‘literally handed over operational control to the cartels’



UPA Report 4.17.22
America Is Up for Grabs. Anchor babies and birthright citizenship pose real problems.


UPA Report 4.10.22
Who is going to hold those accountable for violations of our Constitution?


UPA Report 4.3.22
We must fight back. How to take action.


UPA Report 3.27.22
Spies who lie: 51‘intelligence’ experts refuse to apologize for discrediting true Hunter Biden story


UPA Report 3.20.22
Whom can I trust? FBI Media Medical Profession US Educators US Military


UPA Report 3.13.22
As Putin destroys Ukraine, Biden is destroying America


UPA Report 3.6.22


UPA Report 2.27.22
This shows what gasoline and bottles will do.
Observation: Men with rifles, who are willing to use them, cannot be dominated by any ruler.




UPA Report 2.20.22
The Peoples Convoy to DC A Clear Strategic Mission



UPA Report 2.13.22
We are all TRUCKERS now fighting for the right to be free.


UPA Report 02.06.22
Joe Biden is Smuggling Illegal Aliens, Drugs, And Terrorists Into America:


UPA Report 1.30.22
Joe Biden has resettled more than 66,000 Afghans across the United States
in a matter of six months as part of his massive resettlement operation —



UPA Report 1.23.22
U.S. Terrorist Network Left Untouched After Synagogue Attack


UPA Report 1.16.22
The “elephant” in the room is ISLAM that people are not discussing.


UPA Report 1.9.22
Uh oh. (CRT) Critical Race Theory aka white racism is now in our Medical schools.


UPA Report 1.2.22
The Omicron fake out Get boosted.


UPA Report 12.26.21
Wokeness Warriors Take Over the Pentagon


UPA Report 12.19.21
House democrats pass bill to Assist Muslims in their quest to overthrow our Gov’t and replace it with Sharia law.


UPA Report 12.12.21
Black father tells school board CRT keeps racism on ‘life support’, moments later they vote to ban it


UPA Report 11.28.21
How Horrible Is the Arbery/McMichael Verdict? What you never heard.
And the disaster at our southern border


UPA Report 11.21.21
It Begins: FBI raids house, terrorizes family of mom who protested local school board, elections


UPA Report 11.14.21
A Republic in Distress. Unarmed invasion at Southern Border. US Military needed.



UPA Report 11.07.21
Ridicule is man’s most potent weapons. There is no defense. FJB



UPA Report 10.31.21
We are being invaded. Remove POTUS


UPA Report 10.24.21
Biden is Obama’s puppet.


UPA Report 10.17.21


UPA Report 10.10.21
Our Army is over there and the invaders are over here.


UPA Report 10.03.21
Who and What Is Tearing the US Apart?


UPA Report 9.26.21
BACK TO THE BORDER! If your a passive patriot sheeple do not open this report.



UPA Report 9.19.21
There is an intercontinental trail connecting the world to the U.S. border in Central America.
The UPA is now calling a may day at our southern border


UPA Report 9.12.21
All Americans who are willing to stand against forced vaccinations
are encouraged to walk out of their jobs & schools in protest.


UPA Report 9.05.21
We need to replace Lefties & Rinos from power. See Northstar for suggestions.


UPA Report 8.29.21
We lost in Afghanistan. Now we need to win the war in America. Open this mail for tips.


UPA Report 8.15.21
What can we do tomorrow to Activate ourselves.



UPA Report 8.8.21
Will America go full Nazi? Next line to be crossed will be to deny medical treatment to the unvaxxed.



UPA Report 8.01.21
How To Challenge A School Board in 3-5 Minutes


UPA Report 7.25.21
American Gulag DC political prisoners in solitary confinement. No joke here.

UPA Report 7.18.21

Secession from the Union has 66 % support from Republicans in the south


UPA Report 7.11.21

The worm is turning. Patriots are taking on their school boards.


UPA Report 7.4.21

Gen. Milley is promoting Critical Race Theory in our military.


UPA Report 6.27.21

The Fascism of the Left has Infiltrated All Levels of Government


UPA Report 6.20.21

Militia of Ex-Cops and Soldiers Is Training ‘Patriots’


UPA Report 6.13.21

Sen. Manchin blocking the Dem/Marxists in the Senate


UPA Report 6.621
FL Gov. DeSantis — The NCAA (The National Collegiate Athletic Association) can shove it…


UPA Report 5.30.21

UPA Report 5.23.21
How To Fight Back Against The Marxist Revolution


UPA Report 5.9.21
2nd Amendment and Constitutional Sanctuaries Growing Across the Nation


UPA Report 5.2.21
Seattle Loses More than 200 Police Officers as City Descends Into BLM Chaos


UPA Report 4.25.21
Watch the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles in 1992.


UPA Report 4.18.21


UPA Report 4.11.21
How to fight the left effectively 101.


UPA Report 4.4.21
The Loony left. Time to nullify everything they do.


UPA Report 3.28.21
Pelosi meme We had to Cheat because Americans don’t vote for us anymore.


UPA Report 3.21.21
Bizarre social justice BS has no place in our US Military.


UPA Report 3.14.21
Oklahoma Makes It LEGAL For Drivers To Run Over Antifa & BLM Protestors


UPA Report 3.7.21
Can we afford to not restore election integrity and not regain the House and Senate.


UPA Report 2.28.21
What the HECK is Cultural Marxism? Smash Cultural Marxism


UPA Report 2.14.21
Globalists’ “America-last” agenda focused on crushing the middle class: Here’s how to stop it.


UPA Report 2.7.21


UPA Report 1.31.21
Biden Regime Moves Swiftly to Impose Communist Agenda




UPA REPORT 1.24.21
Northstar- A UPA endeavor. Communicating a strategic direction to protect America’s freedom.


UPA Report 1.17.21
The next coup will be when the radical left topples Biden.
Trump facing Mission Impossible

But time will tell shortly.


UPA report 1.10.21
Never forget the stolen election of 2020. BHO helped finance the steal.


UPA Report 1.3.21
Every American Patriot is on high alert


UPA Report 12.27.20
Why Nashville. Why AT&T


UPA Report 12.20.20
Executive Order 13848 and the Stolen Election
The fate of Western Civilization, some three thousand years in the making


UPA Report 12.13.20
Trump prepares new legal challenges.



UPA Report 12.6.20
Electoral College Deadlines Not ‘Set In Stone’


UPA Report 11.29.20
A Cautionary Note to Antifa and BLM Thugs Contemplating ‘Civil War’


UPA Report 11.22.20
Don’t ever forget what the polls showed on election night. See picture.


UPA Report Part 2  11. 16. 20
Dominion is controlled by radical left Democrats
Founded by Hugo Chavez and Maduro to rig Venezuelan elections


UPA Report 11.15.20 for the patriots of America.
Huge Trump Rally in DC

See video

UPA Report 11.8.20


UPA Report 11.1.20 part 2
Trump Supporters Shut Down Mario Cuomo/Tappan Zee Bridge (11/1/2020)


UPA Report 11.1.20
Watch under cover copy of a zoom video as the shutdown of DC and the Whitehouse is planned.


 UPA Report 10.25.20
Huge Voter Fraud ring scheme by Somalis in Minneapolis, MN
exposed by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas


UPA Report 10.18.20
The Digital Civil War is Here, Which Side Are You On? Twitter? Facebook?

UPA Report 10.11.20
Patriot shot in Denver & Michigan Kidnap Plotters Are Anarchists who Hate Trump and Police

UPA Report 10.04.20
Wishing you a speedy recovery Mr. President from the Patriots of America


UPA Report 9.27.20
Leon Trotsky, “You may not be interested in (civil) war, but (civil) war is interested in you.”

UPA Report 9.20.20
“Everyone In The City Was Ready For War” – Terrifying Eye-Witness Account Of The Kenosha Riots

UPA Report 9.13.20
Antifa Reality check & Why Remember 9/11 If We Are Not Honoring the Dead By Avenging Their Deaths?


UPA Report 9.6.20
US Marshalls shoot Antifa gunman. Chaos is coming to Mayberry

RIP Patriot Aaron ‘Jay’ Danielson
Executed in Portland by Antifa member Michael Reinoehl, 48


UPS Report 8.30.20
Boots on the ground Patriot Hero emerges in Kenosha, WI


UPA Report 8.23.20
Democrats are the Virus. DNC delegates drop ‘under God’ from Pledge of Allegiance


UPA Report 8.16.20
Yes, I’d like to report some people not living in fear.


UPA Report 8.9.20
Marjorie Greene to ANTIFA: Stay the HELL out of Northwest Georgia / A Call for Total Victory in This War


UPA Report 8.2.20
Joe Biden Wants More Islam Taught in Public Schools [Video]

UPA Report 7.25.20
Yugoslavian women issues warning to all Americans


UPA Report 7.19.20
Black Lives Matter co-founder describes herself as ‘trained


UPA Report 7.12.20
Message from the Militias to President Trump

UPA Report 7.12.20 Part 2
Missouri couple who defended home have rifle seized during police search

UPA Report 7.5.20
Uncle Sam rolls up his sleeves ready to fight this Commie Revolution


UPA Report 6.28.20
Venezuela woman warns us as BLM leader threatens us.

BLM leader Hank Newsome on the right. He said
If America ‘Doesn’t Give Us What We Want, We Will Burn Down this System’


UPA Report 6.21.20
White men women and children you are the enemy; on BLM flyer.

UPA Report 6.14.20
War Update from Understanding the Threat


UPA Report 6.07.20 part 1
What is happening to America. Details on the Organized Destruction of America.

UPA Report 6.7.20 Part 2


UPA Report 5.31.20 – Part 2
Are you unwittingly funding the leftist takeover of America?


UPA Report 5.31.20 – Part 1
Governor of Minnesota and Mayor both Marxist. Attorney General a jihadist

UPA Report 5.24.20
On this Memorial Day, For those of you that argue that it is worth giving up “freedom” for protection”-
you are dead wrong.


UPA Report 5.17.20
Still waiting on your Constitution to limit the power of government


UPA Report 5.10.20
Scenes of protests across the country demanding states reopen the economy amid coronavirus pandemic


UPA Report 5.3.20
The COVID-19 Hoax is upon us. Nothing will preserve liberty but downright force.


UPA Report 4.26.20
We’ve destroyed a booming economy, turned a record number of jobs into record unemployment numbers, and given up our basic tenets of liberty — all so we won’t get sick?


UPA Report 4.19.20
How Did We Go From ‘Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death’ To ‘Obey Or Be Arrested’?

UPA Report 4.12.20
FLASHBACK: Jan. 21: Fauci Says Coronavirus ‘Not A Major Threat’ To U.S.


UPA Report 4.5.20
The Time has Come for some Answers about the Coronavirus Pandemic

UPA Report 3.29.20
Don’t let your guard down and wind up on a ventilator like this guy.


UPA Report 3.22.20
NYC now ‘epicenter’ of coronavirus crisis (COVID 19)


UPA Report 3.15.20
Notice Trump wears blue USA ball cap to declare national emergency


UPA Report 3.8.20
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Is Biological Warfare Weapon


UPA Report 3.1.20
Patterson, N.J. Gets Muslim Islamic Call to Prayer Over Loudspeakers


UPA Report 2.23.20
DHS whistleblower shot in chest outside San Francisco California


UPA Report 2.16.20
Cultural Marxism explained in 7 minutes

UPA Report 2.9.20
Muslim candidate verbally attacks the First Lady and Trump in CAIR Forum. Patriots in room shout back liars.


UPA Report 2.2.20
Senate ready to acquit. Red flag law threat to our liberty.


UPA Report 1.26.20
Cultural Marxism is the #1 enemy of the Western man.


UPA Report 1.19.20
The Red-Green Axis. An Existential Threat To America

UPA Report 1.12.20
2nd Amendment Sanctuary Areas Spreads…North Carolina

UPA Report 1.5.20
Antifa, MS-13 and BLM spotted in internet Cafes in the Richmond Area
some wearing Patriot colors for possible infiltration.


UPA Report 12.29.19
In Virginia watch the UN Agenda for disarming America playout.

UPA Report 12.22.19
Virginia Gun Owners take action.


UPA Report 12.15.19
It’s Time to Take Democratic Socialists of America Very Seriously


UPA Report 12.8.19
Democrats Are Pushing America Into Civil War


UPA Report 12.1.19
20+ Virginia Counties Become 2A Sanctuaries Overnight


UPA Report 11.24.19
Chick-fil-A Caves to Liberals


UPA Report 11.17.19
The whistleblower. Eric Ciaramella


UPA Report 11.10.19
CAIR says 26 Muslims won elections nationwide Tuesday, up to 34 this year


UPA Report 11.03.19
Smugglers sawing thru new sections of our border Wall, subway riots in Brooklyn, NY


UPA Report 10.27.19
Why Obeying & Enforcing the Law are Critical to Winning our Civil War


 UPA Report 10.20.19


UPA Report 10.13.19
Antifa burns red Trump hats; Islamic leaders penetrate White House.


UPA Report 10.06.19
Schiff, who once called the rooftop heroes of Benghazi liars, is at it again.


UPA Report 9.29.19
Are Liberals Insane or Just Stupid


UPA Report 9.22.19
Indicted ISIS Sniper Came to U.S. on ‘Visa Lottery’


UPA Report 9.15.19
Anti-Muslim John Guandolo has fight in hotel with a pro Muslim Sheriff.

UPA Report 9.8.19
Watch: Boston Police Troll Antifa With Sirens


UPA Report 9.1.19
Liberal Supremacists are waging war against America.


UPA Report 8.25.19
The fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascists.


UPA Report 8.18.19
Tlaib and Omar: Ineligible to hold public office in America


UPA Report 8.11.19
Igniting Civil War 


UPA Report 8.4.19
US taxpayer dollars funding Islam indoctrination program?


UPA Report 7.28.19
Supremes gives OK for DOD money for the wall.


UPA Report 7.21.19
It is time for our POTUS to close the border
and stop the invasion using all branches of our Military.

Then start building the wall and complete it.
Any other issue at this time is nothing more than a distraction.


UPA Report 7.14.19
Protesters Remove U.S. Flag, Replace It with Mexican Flag Outside ICE Facility In Aurora


UPA Report 7.7.19
As protesters beat him into a daze, they continued to chant “No hate!”


UPA Report 6.30.19
800 Muslim Students Association ((MSA) chapters on nearly every major college/university campus in America


UPA Report 6.23.19
Trump gives remarkable speech at Orlando rally. Polls wrong he will win in 2020

UPA Report 6.16.19
Best strategy and tactics for closing the border by Stewart Rhodes.
Time to do it like Ike!


UPA Report 6.9.19
ISIS Fighter Claims Attack Plot Via Mexico, Underscoring Border Vulnerability

UPA Report
The gloves are coming off. Barr Is About to Deliver Trump the Biggest Victory of the Year


UPA Report 5.19.19
Yes! Trump has constitutional authority to put US military on our Southern Border. Posse Comitatus Act does not apply.


UPA Report 5.12.19
Today the UPA officially escalates our mission to include rules of engagement.


UPA Report 5.5.19
“If that f_ckin bastard (Trump) wins, we’re all going to hang from nooses! You better fix this shit”


UPA Report 4.28.19
The Ultimate Betrayal -The Truth About The Invasion Of America


UPA Report 4.21.19
We Didn’t Beat ISIS , It’s Here.
State Legislator (MN) Ilhan Omar meets with Turkish President and likely future Caliph Erodogan in Turkey in 2017. After she became Congresswoman she met with him in NYC at UN.
Ilhan Omar wants Sharia law in America. Stop her now.


UPA Report 4.14.19
“We are in a dark age because of the left’s control of Silicon Valley, Academia, and Media


UPA Report 4.7.19
President Trump: Please call up the Militia. Border security is national security.


UPA Report 3.31.19
FOX continues Sharia law muzzle on Judge Pirro and
Immigration System At The ‘Breaking Point’ at border.


UPA Report 3.24.19
FOX NEWS just enforced Sharia law against Judge Jeanine Pirro.


UPA Report 3.17.19
Obama declared 8 National Emergencies to aid foreign countries
Trump only 1 to aid America

UPA Report 3.10.19
Warning the Great Replacement.


UPA Report 3.03.19
Trump tells CPAC he will sign executive order on campus free speech


UPA Report 2.24.19
Arkansas: House passes resolution calling on law enforcement agencies to suspend contact with CAIR over terror links.

UPA Report 2.17.19
Donald Trump Announces State of Emergency at the Border


UPA Report on 2.10.19
Armed Antifa groups march in Stone Mtn., GA on Feb. 2nd


UPA Report 2.3.19
Will Islam be the downfall of Western Civilization


UPA Report 1.27.19
I wish the FBI raided my sisters’ killers home in Parkland FL the way they did Roger Stone. Maybe my sister would still be alive


UPA Report on 1.20.19
Trump called Muslim migration “the all-time biggest Trojan Horse”


UPA Report 1.13.19
Brutal Warning to America From Egyptian Woman: Wake Up or Be Wiped Out


UPA Report 1.6.19
Transgender Military ban allowed to stand per federal appeals court.

UPA Report 12.30.18
2018 YR in review. Republicans controlled House and Senate and failed to fund our wall.


UPA Report 12.23.18
Use Military budget can be used to fund wall per Article IV, Section 4


UPA REPORT 12.16.18
Yellow vest Paris riots spreading to other countries as  Millions of NJ Gun Owners Defy Gun Magazine Ban


UPA Report 12.9.18
Houston Mayor Honors Designated Terror Group: Names December 9 “CAIR-Texas, Houston Day


UPA Report 12.2.18
Corsi to hit Mueller with criminal complaint. Paris is burning.

UPA Report 11.25.18 

Migrants defy Trump at Mexico border. Las Vegas mass shooting possible Jihad operation.


UPA Report 11.18.18
Newly elected MN Muslim Congresswoman, Ilhan Omar married her brother so he could get into the country.
Congress about to allow her to wear her hijab.


UPA Report  11.11.18
Fear the DNC – Democratic Nazi Communist Party’s Thugocracy


UPA Report 11.4.18
Enforcing border laws and immigration laws is not Fascism.

UPA Report 10.28.18

Caravan burns American flag, fly Honduras flag. It’s an invasion.

UPA Report 10.21.18 
4,000 heading to border. Trump threatens Military on border. Posse Comitatus does not apply.

UPA Report  10.14.18

Antifa attacks NYC GOP club, warns this is only the beginning.
New law could jail Antifa activists for 15 years.


UPA Report on 10.7.18
Cultural Marxism is destroying America. Trump rallies the “troops” in KS



UPA Report 9.30.18
Americans are walking away from the Democratic Party. Watch Sen. Graham slam Dems.


UPA Report 9.23.18
We’re witnessing the largest mass treason event in history – Fake news is the enemy of the people.


UPA Report 9.16.18
We are definitely in a civil war, just not in the shooting phase


UPA Report 9.9.18
Nike takes sides in the battle for America and widow of fallen officer responds.



UPA Report 9.2.18
NORTHCOM Commander: ‘The U.S. Homeland Is No Longer A Sanctuary’


UPA Report 8.26.18
America’s Two Parties: Traitors and Patriots. Why do we have to put up with this ongoing insurrection. It’s a palace coup. 


UPA Report 8.19.18
Free speech under attack as Social Media Purges Conservatives and Christians.


UPA Report 8.12.18
Tea party groups to get $3.5 million from IRS. Alex Jones censored.



UPA Report 8.5.18
Twitter Hires So-Called Academic ‘Experts’ To….Enforce ShariaBlasphemy Laws



UPA Report 7.29.18
Rod Rosenstein acting AG has to go.


UPA Report 7.22.18
133 Trump Supporters Attacked Following Maxine Waters’ Call for Violence Civil war has already begun in America.

UPA Report 7.15.18
Trump pardons Oregon ranchers.
Congress planning Muslim Brotherhood designation as terrorists.

UPA Report 7.8.18 
Oath Keepers Offers Protection to ICE and Border Patrol Families After Leftist Threats


UPA Report 7.1.18
No matter how many soldiers we send to fight in the Middle-East, the main  battle in the clash of civilizations is being waged in America’s classrooms


UPA Report 6.24.18
Pentagon directed to house 20,000 migrant children in U.S. military bases


UPA Report 6.17.18
Trump’s Historic Gamble In North Korea. Violence explodes at Tommy Robinson protest in England.


UPA Report 6.10.18
Time for Trump to end fraudulent religious visa program being exploited by radical imams


UPA Report 6.3.18
ROSEANNE GOT THE BOOT So Why Was This Pig Who Called Trump A “F**king Nazi” Just
Hired By ESPN?


UPA Report 5.27.18
A salute on Memorial Day and details to Admiral Mike Rogers, for standing up against the Obama Admin. and the intelligence apparatus, risking all.


UPA Report 5.20.18
This is West Virginia, not Baghdad. Children instructed to write out their submission to Allah.


UPA Report 5.13.18
North Korea returns 3 American prisoners.


UPA Report 5.6.18
FEDERAL JUDGE Accuses Mueller of LYING, Trying To Target and Impeach Trump


UPA Report 4.29.18
The Trump Effect; Pres.Trump stood strong against the angry rhetoric of Kim and pressed on for nuclear talks.

UPA Report 4.22.18
The FBI under Mueller purged all the intel on Muslams, Islam & Isis from the FBI data base in the USA


UPA Report 4.15.18
The Trump Administration is Dismantling the Refugee Resettlement System


UPA Report 4.08.18
While Trump crackdowns on the border and illegals, Blue States and lefty Judges crack down on our gun rights.

Swat teams at our front door may be in our future.


UPA Report 4.01.18
Easter Sunday –  Exodus 15:3,”The LORD is a warrior; The LORD is His name.

UPA Report 3.25.18 
Republicans send Trump a Rino sandwich to choke on and sign.


UPA Report 3.18.18
Our Country has been hijacked by the Progressive Left. Unite to fight at the County level.


UPA Report 3.11.18
Linda Sarsour and CAIR’s top gun Nihad Awad, among those arrested on Capitol Hill this week


UPA Report 3.04.18
Billboard says “Kill the NRA”. South Africa killing white farmers: ask Trump to take them into America.


UPA Report 2.25.18
Former Navy SEAL Gives Best Ever Defense of the AR-15 plus NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch video.and more.

UPA Report 2.18.18
Will US Navy alumni ban John Guandolo from speaking at the request of CAIR. Also Iran in Venezuela.


UPA Report 2.11.18
Terror linked CAIR moderates event for Ohio’s Democratic candidates for Governor.


UPA Report 1.28.18
Trump Set to Keep Guantanamo Bay open. Mosques continue to open in all states.


UPA Report 1.21.18
Patriot Trump Takes Hardline on Immigration; Rejects “Horrible” Bipartisan Plan


UPA Report 01.14.18
Christian university submits to terror-linked CAIR, cancels speakers critical of Islam. This is Sharia.


UPA Report 1.07.18 
Our president has just been threatened by the Muslim deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee. “Deplorables” unite now.


UPA Report 12.31.17
Black US Patriot says: Don’t Take No Sh-t off Muslims

At Last a Patriot in the White House


UPA Report 12.24.17 

Merry Christmas to all
Jihadist magazine “Inspire” in  August 2017 gives instructionson how to derail trains. On Dec.18th  2017 we have a train derailment.

UPA Report 12.17.17
FBI Peter Strzok and mistress Agent Lisa Page texts reveal obstruction of justice.


UPA Report 12.10.17
The 55 Most Important Islamism Stories in November 2017. NEVER FORGET 911


UPA Report 11.26.17
THE PARALLEL SOCIETY Multiculturalism is destroying America and the West.


UPA Report 11.19.17
Alabama Roy Moore fights on and the West hides it’s deepest secret.


UPA Report 11.12.17
National NFL boycott today. Sign petition to stop visa lottery.


UPA Report 11.05.17
Visa diversity lottery kills 8. Video of antifa protests on Nov 4th.


UPA Report 10.29.17
The Wolf Pack) La Meute. Inside Quebec’s far right:


UPA Report 10.22.17
Muslims march in DC and Isis celebrates fires in CA


UPA Report 10.15.17
Steve Bannon Declares ‘Season of War’ Against GOP and antifa declares war on Trump on Nov. 4th


UPA Report 10.08.17 
My Hometown is Gone – the Islamization of a Small American Town



UPA Report 10.01.17
Antifa infiltrated. NFL Fans sitting out.


UPA Report 9.24.17
Trump’s fiery UN speech earns him international praise and more about the DC swamp.


UPA Report 9.17.17  
A Full-blown Civil War Appears To Be Materializing: Not here yet.


UPA Report 9.10.17
Muslims across the country can now call Iowa home sweet home says Iowa State Representative.

911 – Islam is here to dominate not assimilate.

Iowa State Rep Ako Abdul-Samad revives terror tied radical Muslim organization


UPA Report 9.3.17
Islam taught in our public schools.  Nehlen exposes Paul Ryan. Soros, a domestic terrorist.


UPA Report 8.27.17
for the United Patriots of America


UPA Report 8.20.17 for United Patriots of America.
Paypal-Charlottesville-Boston-Bannon-Statues-Flags-Islam in Europe


UPA Report 8.13.17
for United Patriots of America. Charlottesville, VA


UPA Report 8.06.17 
McMaster’s Firing of Higgins: Crippling America in the Face of Jihad.


UPA Report 7.30.17 
Who are the identitarians. Must see this video.


UPA Report 7.16.17
Citizens’ Declaration of Threat & Plea for Relief From Islamic Jihad & Sharia


UPA Report 7.09.17
10 tips how to counter Islam

UPA Report 7.02.17
Trumps tweets of mass distraction is playing the media like a fiddle.



UPA Report 6.25.17
Antifa to burn flags and desecrate graves in Gettysburg on July 1st

gettysburg_game_image small

UPA Report 6.18.17
Scalise took one for all of us. Summer Of Hate: The Arrival Of The Crisis & The Second Civil War? Scalise took one for all of us.

guns red white and blue reduced size

UPA Report 6.11.17 for United Patriots of America

Islam is the real threat to America not Russia.

Islamization crscent smaller on Am flag

UPA Report 6.04.17 for United Patriots of America
 ICE continues crackdown on criminal illegal aliens. Trump scores TKO against the globalists climate treaty. Muslims pray in front of Trump tower.

Ice emblem colorful

UPA Report 5.28.17
Trump State Dep’t increases refugee intake per NY Times, Fake news? Montana: Gregg Gianforte wins election.

Memorial Day - some gave all

Remember Those
Who Served This Memorial Day

UPA Report 5.14.17 
The look on your face when the guy who has been protecting you gets fired.

Hillary when she finds out Comey got fired

UPA Report  5.7.17 
Domestic enemy is our own US State Department and their Refugee program. Healthcare bill to Senate and French to the polls.

French election ahead

UPA Report 4.30.17 
Trump evaluates his first 100 days. Trump ends Obama’s African Ebola Amnesty.

Trump 100 days

UPA Report 4.23.17
FBI whistleblower: Video on Islam being compromised in Trump Whitehouse.

Islam the future of America

UPA Report 4.16.17
Murderer of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry Arrested

 Candidate Trump said he would bomb the shit out ofISIS, and he did.


UPA Report 4.9.17

Trump sends global message with missile strike. Tancredo: Gorsuch nomination to SCOTUS a great victory.

Supreme court Gorsuch

Neil Gorsuch Confirmed by Senate as Supreme Court Justice

Trump - tomahawk millile strike on Syria

With Strike on Syria, Trump Sends a Global Message

UPA Report 3.26.17 
Rinocare worst political betrayal.  Violence at Pro Trump rallies in CA

Rinocare political betrayal

UPA Report 03.19.17
 Imam in Hawaii sues to block Trumps travel ban and wins with Obama appointed judge.
Obamas shadow government at work.

Ban- Imam joins in blocking Trumps travel ban

UPA Report 3.12.17 
Arsonist burn down Mosque in Tampa  FL.
Conservative in Congress don’t like Paul Ryans new healthcare plan.

Refugees- who want to kill us.

UPA Report 03.05.17
UPA is ending Trumps honeymoon. The Refugee program must be stopped. Wire taps and Russia serve as a diversion.

Refugees, call Isis refugees

UPA Report 02.26.17
 Islamic compounds across US stockpiling weapons. Blind Sheik behind 1993 WTC bombing dead.

Blind Sheik

UPA Report 02.19.17 
The greatest threat to America is a liberal media bias.
Listen to Trump pick them apart in his press conference.

Media-edit 1, any more questions

UPA Report 02.12.17
Impeach Judges Who Hinder National Security, Says Police Adviser.

Impeach Jude Robart

UPA Report 01.29.17
Customs agents ignore judge, enforce Trump’s travel ban. Protests at airports across the US.

JFK airport protest on refugee ban

UPA Report 01.22.17
The left wants war-and they are going to get it. it was a war zone in DC for the inauguration. Good versus Evil

Trump with Eagle behind him

UPA Report 01.01.17 
“Happy New Year” At last – We have a PATRIOT entering the WH / Muslim Brotherhood ‘Declares War’ on U.S. in 1991.


UPA Report 12.25.16
Muslim ‘dominance’ at U.N. a real concern. Moment Russian Ambassador Shot Dead In Turkey Ankara,Video.


UPA Report 12.18.16  
Body cam released of 2 cops getting shot. This is domestic terrorism promoted by BLM.


UPA Report 12.11.16 
Northstar, a new post election grassroots project. Kelloggs Foundation funding Black Lives Matter


UPA Report 12.04.16
Trumps choice for Secretary of State Gen. James “Mad Dog” Mattis plus Boycott the Left, join #Operationblackball.


UPA Report 11.27.16
Betsy Devos pick for Education Sec’y, brother to Blackwaer mercenaries Erik Prince. Romney bad choice for State Dep’t.



UPA Report 11.20.16
Trump to pin the tail on the Muslim Brotherhood and House passes “Midnight Rule Relief Act” to block any lame duck Obama rulings.


UPA Report 11.13.16 
First Patriot in White House since Gen. Eisenhower. Great new Trump interactive Website. Make suggestions to Trump.


UPA Report 11.06.16 
Trump’s TV AD, Shadow Gov’t comes out of the shadows and BHO encourages illegals to vote.


UPA Report 10.30.16
FBI found Hillary’s emails on Weiner’s laptop. US Marshals tackle and taser Oregon lawyer after verdict of not guilty.


UPA Report 10.23.16
Media is Lying, Trump is way ahead of HRC. Oath keepers in NJ designated domestic terrorists by NJ DHS



UPA Report 10.16.16  
Throw me to the wolves, I will return, leading the pack. Trump in statistical dead heat.


UPA Report 10.9.16  


UPA Report 10.2.16 
The Security Breach Hillary Is Still Hiding


UPA Report 9.25.16
Islamic Movement in U.S. Preparing for Battle


UPA Report 9.18.16 
Babin (R-TX) sends refugee “moratorium” to House leaders. Calls needed on Mon & Tues.  Jihadists bomb Marine Corp race in NJ.


UPA Report 9.11.16
Muslims invited into White House by George Bush after 911 The beginning of the infiltration. New documentation.


UPA Report 9.4.16
Changing America by changing its people! The future of America is in our hands. A must see video by Ann Corcoran


Call congress, telephone number given.

UPA Report 8.28.16 
EMERGENCY.  BOAHICA  Bend Over America Here It Comes Again.

Funding for he Muslim Refugee Invasion.

NEWS SUSPENDED Emergency info only.

Refugee dont put us in danger.

Refugees obama-and-paul-ryan

Obama and Paul Ryan
The ultimate question: Will Speaker Paul Ryan help Barack Obama resettle 100,000 (or more!) refugees to your towns starting October first?

UPA Report 8.21.16 
American Journalism Is Collapsing Before Our Eyes – plus How the Media Works by Anne Coulter.

Media weapons of mass deception

UPA Report 8.14.16
Understanding who the biggest threat to America is.

Media stabbing Ameirca in the back

UPA Report 7.31.16
Hillary chose Muslim spy to be her Chief of staff at State Dep’t. Dangerous for USA. She will not protect us from Islam

Hillary, stripes

UPA Report 7.24.16 
Trump speech a hit. 75% favorability rating. Marks the start of an American revival.

Trump, cap make america great Again

UPA Report 7.17.16 
Anti-Muslim Refugee activist Suzanne Shattuck talks about the Refugee Resettlement Program on great video filmed behind the wheel.

Trump Pense pic

UPA Report 7.9.16
Stand your Ground. We can no longer sit back and be keyboard commandos. Plus Comey, Dallas and BLM.

Cops-obama slaps bullseye on cops back

UPA Report 7.3.16 

By executive order, Barack Hussein Obama has made it possible for Muslims to become U.S. citizens without taking an oath of allegiance or a pledge to defend America.

American flag worn out

Ragged Old Flag by Johnny Cash

American flag with Islamic synbols on it.

Islam has successfully infiltrated our
Federal government.

UPA Report 6.26.16
BREXIT Signals the End of the New World Order… a movement that is jumping the pond to the United States and finding a home with Donald Trump’s “America First” campaign.

EU thumbs down.

UPA Report 6.19.16 
On Fathers Day we salute the Father of our Country.
General George Washington.

UPA Report 6.12.16

53 Dead. We must stop the Muslim Refugee program… Terrorist attack in Orlando, FL.
We are on the front lines.
The shooter is Omar Mateen, 29, of St. Lucia County, FL, a US citizen of Afghan origin.

Wake up America Daffy duck

UPA Report 6.5.16 
Do-Nothing San Jose Police Hammered for Allowing anti-Trump Thug Riot

Trump rally riots, San jose.

UPA Report 5.29.16
Rolling Thunder Bikers Roar into DC to Honor Veterans

Memorial Day 3 caskets and many crosses.

Lavoy finicum rest in peace

UPA Report 5.22.16
 A Complete and Total Indictment of Treason from the White House.


UPA Report 5.15.16
Controlling the Federal Gov’t. The Myths and the Truths. Do the FEDS have complete control.


UPA Report 4.08.16 
First Muslim Miss USA Converts to Christianity
Brave girl.

Miss America first Muslim winner convert to Christianity

UPA Report 5.01.16  
Trump  protest pics and videos plus Christian Action network to stop Islam in schools.


UPA Report 4.24.06 
Dishonoring General Jackson…and…What is a cuckservative?

Jackson-$20 bill

UPA Report 4.17.16
Are you within a 100-mile radius of a resettlement site? If so, you are in the (ever-expanding) target range

Refugees - Trojan horse.

UPA Report 4.10.16 

UPA Report 4.03.16  
Tennessee House of Reps file lawsuit against the Feds to stop Refugees in their state.

America - I am awake.

UPA Report Easter Sunday March 27, 2016
   Amazing Grace.  Patriots, We were blind but now we see. We must arise and save America.

Islam-How many more do we have to murder before the world realizes we are a religion of peace.

UPA Report 3.20.16
Muslims Team up with Black Lives Matter to protest Trump and move their Revolution forward to fundamentally change America.

T Shirt black & Muslim lives matter.

UPA Report 3.13.16
Black Trump supporter shot. How black, Latino, and Muslim College students organized to stop Trump’s rally in Chicago

Black trumpsupporter shot in chicago

UPA Report 3.06.16
Feds arrest Trump campaign official, Jerry DeLemus over charges linked to Bundy Ranch. More arrests to come.

Flag upside down

UPA Report 2.28.16
Undermining America: The Refugee Coaliion. If you don’t know what to do. We do.

Edmund Burke coffee cup

UPA Report 2.21.16
America it is later than you think. Are you ready and willing to fight for your country legally without breaking laws or risk going to jail.

Flag-i will support my country. I will fight for it but not be a slave to my government.

UPA Report 2.14.16
Justice Antonin Scalia 1936-2016 / Muslim terrorist strikes in Ohio restaurant with a machete.


“UPA Report 2.07.16
Beginning today the UPA will show a Map/ US Flag symbol down as a signal of dire distress, per Title 4, Chapter 1, 8(a), “

Flag upside down

UPA Report 1.31.16
Patriot down in Oregon. R.I.P. Robert Levoy Finicum.

Patriot down RIP

UPA Report 1.24.16
A tribute to Ammon Bundy. Our government has been captured by a cult of radical “environmentalists” who are really Communists and Marxists behind a green mask.

Ammon Bundy

UPA Report 1.17.16
Gov. Christie lies to nation. Said carry permit is easier to get in NJ now.

Islam why didn't grandad stop them.

UPA Report 1.10.16
Philly cop shot by Islamist / Bundy full press conference from Oregon st

Philly, cop shot

UPA Report 01.03.16
Militia members rallies in Oregon and a small contingent broke off from the march to make a move to take over an unoccupied Federal National Wild Life Refuge building.

BLM Militia protest in Oregon

UPA Report 12.20.15
Isis is tip of the Islamic iceberg and Funding for 300,000 Muslim migrant visas passed House on Friday.


UPA Report 12.13.15…
The Rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in America, assisted by our last three Presidents and other elected officials.

Obama, the Rise of the Muslim brotherhood.

UPA Report 11.29.15
Bringing enemy combatants into our country is an act of war being waged by our own government. ISIS is here should we bring in more?

Tyranny alert


UPA Report 11.22.15
Americans take to the streets. Syrian Refugee Protest with Overpasses for America video 


UPA Report 11.15.15
Donald Trump was elected President on Friday the 13th the day of the Paris attacks.

Wolf in sheeps clothing

UPA Report 11.08.15
In idaho US citizens protest against the Refugee Resettlement Muslim invasion.

Idaho anti-refugee rally

UPA Report 11.01.15
Government won’t reform itself. We need to make it happen. Sign up with the RTR social network.

roll up your sleeves

UPA Report 10.25.15

No to Trojan Horse Paul Ryan as House Speaker. He will not stop dangerous refugee program and BO likes him.

Paul Ryan is Rino

UPA Report 10.18.15

Sweden close to collapse. Rape capital of the world.
Stop Muslims now
 I’m not willing to let Muslims rape and kill me, just to prove how tolerant I am.

UPA Report 10.11.15
 UN Announces Global Police Force to Fight “Extremism” in U.S. called Strong Cities Network (SCN)

US or UN

UPA Report 10.04.15
Christianity is being eased out of children’s education and replaced with Islamic “indoctrination.”

Islam say no in schools

UPA Report 9.27.15
We the people are getting stronger with Boehner out.


UPA Report 9.20.15
Islams Trojan Horse. I am the worst terrorist attack the U.S.will ever face.

BHO Islams Trojan horse.

UPA Report 9.13.15
Bye Bye Europe. Part 2.

By By Europe, Eurabia

UPA Report 9.06.15
Bye Bye Europe


UPA Report 8.30.15
for the United Patriots of America

uscri #2

UPA Report 8.23.14
The First Rock Star President to Take on the Establishment – Papa Delta Tango.

Trump rock small

UPA Report 8.16.15 Trump says “We either have a country or we don’t have a country” Trump receives “first ever” endorsement from the UPA. 

Trump flags

UPA Report 8.09.15 United Patriots of America. Idaho Sheriff Stands Down The VA

I will not comply

UPA Report 8.02.15 What do Civil Rights have to do with Agriculture?

Defend the Constitution

UPA Report 5.10.15 U.S. Department of State inserting Muslims into Idaho, Christians excluded from refugee program.

UPA Report 5.3.15 White Man: Why Are You Giving Away Your Country?

“These cops are political prisoners”

UPA Report 4.26.15 Oath Keepers providing security to mine in Oregon. BLM again.

UPA Report 4.19.15  Islamic takeover in Dearborn, MI all street signs in Arabic.

UPA Report 4.12.15 It is time to de-legitimize the Leftist media.

UPA Report 4.05.15 Pres. Reagan’s Radio Address to the Nation on Observance of Easter and Passover – 4.2.83

UPA Report 3.29.15  U.S. Iraq war veteran fighting to Defend Christians in Iraq.

UPA Report 3.22.15 Islam is unconstitutional. What Islam really is. 

UPA Report 3.15.15  Armed Patriots Stand Against Feds & great song, don’t miss this 1.


UPA Report 3.01.15  Will they stop the Amnesty and save America from a tyrannical unconstitutionally out of control President.

Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in the Senate
Republican John Boehner, Speaker of the House of Representatives

UPA Report 2.22.15 Shocking. List of Islamic attacks. 911 to present. Will spread to Europe then north America if not stopped in Middle East.



UPA Report 2.15.15 Watch America commit suicide in real time. First Syrian refugees arriving in Louisville, KY

UPA Report 2.08.15  Complete Video: Jordanian Pilot Torched Alive in a Cage

UPA Report 2.01.15 Anti Muslim protest in Texas / Resist the Lynch nomination.

UPA Report 1.25.15 “UPA State of the Union” / Fox News “Apologizes” to Radical Islam

UPA Report 1.18.15 How Islam is infiltrating our schools / Muslim weekly call to prayer at Duke

UPA Report 1.11.15 BHO Imported 300,000 Muslims Into the US in 2013, more coming everyday.

UPA Report 1.04.15  / 25 states sue Feds over Illegal  Amnesty / Sweden: third mosque arson attack in a week.

UPA Report 12.28.14  What is America’s Survival Plan for 2015. NYPD turn back on Mayor again.

UPA Report 12.21.14 Black Muslim shoots 2 NYPD cops / Muslim kills 2 in Australia

UPA Report 12.14.14 Sheriffs Warn: Executive Amnesty Will Devastate U.S. Communities, Michael Brown video mugging old black man. Video is a hoax.

UPA Report 12.07.14 Paying the Jizya: Small New Jersey town (Bridgewater) forced to pay $7.75 million to Muslims in mega-mosque move

UPA Report 11.30.14 Another Week In Obama’s War On America, St.Louis Symphony gets protested.

UPA Report 11.23.14 this amnesty is treason / Mulsims being brought in legally as refugees.


UPA Report 11.09.14 Post Election

UPA Report 11.02.014 – Voter Fraud / Remembrance Day for Those Killed by Illegal Aliens

UPA Report 10.26.14 Two Patriot arrested on border on Federal gun charges by FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

UPA Report 10.19.14  Ebola, Ideology and Common Sense

UPA Report 10.12.14  A Patriot not a Politician Running for POTUS in 2016

UPA Report 10.05.14  Pic of armed patriots right on the border.

UPA Report 9.28.14 Muslims Shouting ‘Praise Allah!’ Surround OK Police Following Beheading Press Conference

UPA Report 9.21.14 A Field trip Report from El Paso, TX

UPA Report 9.14.14 James O’Keefe crosses from Mexico into US with Osama Biden Laden mask unopposed.

UPA Report 9.07.14 CIA Director John Brennan is a Muslim

UPA Report 8.31.14 Obama switched sides in war on terror.

UPA Report 8.24.14  Special from Oath Keepers…focus on the looters, not the protesters…

UPA Report 8.17.14  ISIS is Coming for US, the Infidels

UPA Report 8.10.14   Good news: Obama immigration policy is ‘awakening the sleeping giant’

UPA Report 8.03.14   Look up by state where the Illegals are being housed.

UPA Report 7.27.14 U.S. Military needed on our southern Int’l Border.

UPA Report 7.20.14 Sheriff: Mexican Cartels Control Parts of Arizona

UPA Report 7.13.14  A state of emergency exists on our int’l border.

UPA Report 7.06.14   Get Sassy. Save America – Shop Smart Y’all

 UPA Report 6.29.14 Patriot Border operation expands to Arizona.

UPA Short May Day Report 6.22.14 Groups Gathering In Laredo Texas to ‘Put Up A Man-Fence’!

 UPA Report 6.15.14 Steps you can take to stop the Illegal Invasion.

UPA Report 6.01.14

  UPA Report 5.18.14

Special Report – Operation American Spring

UPA Report 5.11.14

UPA Report 5.4.14

Oath Keepers Bundy Ranch Debrief

UPA Report 4.27.14

May 16th, 2014


Update #51 from Col. Riley

Washington, D.C.in the cross-hairs

The Out-of-Control Government Leadership Must Be Stopped

Nevada Patriots vs the Feds.
Click here to read all postings on Nevada vs The Feds

Historic! Feds Forced to Surrender to American Citizens
Published on Apr 13, 2014
In an epic standoff that Infowars reporter David Knight described as being like “something out of a movie,” supporters of Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy advanced on a position held by BLM agents despite threats that they would be shot at, eventually forcing BLM feds to release 100 cattle that had been stolen from Bundy as part of a land grab dispute that threatened to escalate into a Waco-style confrontation.

Nevada Militia To Feds: ‘Control Our Borders, Not Our Ranchers’

Border Security and Immigration Law Enforcement

It is clear that the Federal Government is determined to create the illusion of immigration enforcement while making certain that, in reality, illegal aliens have virtually nothing to fear where their violations of our nation’s borders and our immigration laws are concerned.

   United Patriots of America’s goal is to help bring back representative government. It wants to restore the traditional values that served to build this great nation. UPA believes that that one of our major problems is the effect that illegal alien trespassers are having on our society. The leadership class of the United States and the West seems unprepared to embark on a campaign to close our borders, and enforce our immigration laws, and as a result, terrorists have taken advantage of “our cultural tolerance” that mass immigration both demands and supplies.

It is clear that the Federal Government is determined to create the illusion of enforcement while making certain that, in reality, illegal aliens have virtually nothing to fear where their violations of our nation’s borders and our immigration laws are concerned.

Never give in — never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense.

Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.

Sir Winston Churchill, Speech, 1941, Harrow School

We are in a Political War with our domestic enemies.

Observe conventional rules of engagement.

1. Do not aid and abet the enemy; this is known as treason.

Silence indicates consent.

“Those who expect to reap the blessings of liberty must undergo the fatigues of supporting it.”
Thomas Payne


Below is the Manasquan Saturday Morning Group on August 5th, 2006

Congressman Tom Tancredo from Colorado and UPA Founder Ron Bass at a press conference in New York during the 2004 Republican convention.

The illegals come across our borders at the rate of 5 to 10 thousand per day and are spread out throughout the country in all 48 states.

This is only the tip of the iceberg.

Eight per cent of all foreign trespassers are convicted felons from their country of origin. This amounts to 400 to 800 felons our government allows to enter our country every day.

About eighty per cent of these foreign trespassers are from Mexico and Central America. That leaves twenty percent of the trespassers from around the world, many of which come from Middle Eastern Countries and their intentions are unknown.

In a post 911 world poorly secured borders does not provide us with good “homeland security”. It is in the best interest of the American people for our government to close our borders to this ongoing invasion.

The President would like the American people to believe that he is strong on security. If he was strong on security we would not have 5 to 10 thousand foreigners entering our country illegally every day.