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Riot Dynamics

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Riot Dynamics

Article excerpts from the Firearms News “Be
Ready” magazine. The article is good and informative, but long with many
details. Because it’s long I will mention those parts
that I believe are pertinent. But the details cannot be ignored. Use your
critical thinking ability to fill in the gaps.

I’m going to leave the author nameless for
obvious reasons. It probably doesn’t matter but it’s
my choice. But I will say this: She has infiltrated many riots in the past
including the Antifa and BLM riot of last year.

Aggressive protests are starting to move into
smaller towns picketing homes of specific officials using political violence,
which has become a popular tool. It is used by ideological factions to advance
their agenda. You need to understand both how they do it and why. These
movements act locally while thinking globally. Their tactics are developed and
improved upon depending on local conditions. Remember the use of tactics. It’s used throughout the article.

Some tactics include: Laser-bearing “light
images”, neutralizing tear gas with plastic cones and water jugs,
Stonehenge-style brick anti-vehicle obstacles. These were used in Portland and
Seattle. Portland developed another tactic… using leaf blowers to repel tear

Three basic types of mass street actions:
Protests, riots, and direct action.

·         Direct Action – targeted violence

·         Protests – Sporadic vandalism but less intensity than riot.
Can be lawful and peaceful but tensions run high. Unwise to be opposition. Night time protests can be more violent. Clues: Is it
planned for night? Is the destination omitted? How to dress. All in black? With
these clues…it’s not peaceful.

Some protests are meant to trap local
residents in their homes or business’ and not have access to emergency services.

The CHAZ (Seattle) protest had tactical
mistakes. Those mistakes were not repeated at RHED (Portland). A useful
heuristic is to remember that protests are cover for
riots; riots are cover for direct action. All
these actions take dedication, planning, and a basic doctrine. These three main
types can all occur by themselves, but the most effective and destructive
actions are when they occur together in a mutually reinforcing manner. The most
successful example of this principle in recent memory is the July 17, 2020 assault in Chicago’s Grant Park that had the goal
of toppling the centerpiece Columbus statue. In this case, a
so-called Black Lives Matter march (protest) and an embedded
contingent of black bloc anarchists proceeded down the
bordering Columbus Avenue, before detouring to attack the Chicago police detail
guarding the statue (riot). The police were overwhelmed and
expelled from the park. While the rioters distracted the police, the black bloc
anarchist’s attempted to pull down the Columbus statue
with ropes (direct action). The anarchists ultimately failed
to complete their mission
, but the city nonetheless chose to remove the
statue a few days later. It’s likely that 49 police
officers hospitalized simply made it politically and logistically untenable for
the city to leave it in place. This illustrates how an unsuccessful
action can still shift the decision making calculus of a local government
towards compliance with outside demands. Even with failure they won.

RUST – Remote Uprising Support Teams. They fulfill an
intelligence function for all events. They collect information remotely and
through social media such as scanners, live stream, Twitter, and scouting
teams. They synthesize the info and distribute it via dedicated channels. All
this info is used to place people, the protestors, and set barricades.

Some of their information can be found
on-line. Do we use it to foil their intended goal? Do we use it to destroy
their plan and avoid the uprising before it even begins?

RUST scouting teams on the ground in plain clothes move ahead
of the march on bicycles and mopeds looking for police or counter-protestors.
They also use drones.

There are mutual Aid Groups that provide food,
water, basic first aid kits. Who do you think provides these essentials for
illegal aliens along their march toward the border?

Also there to assist the march is the NLG
(National Lawyers Guild) Legal Aid Hotline wearing lime green hats. They video
record the actions. What are they looking for? Think about it. Whose their next lawsuit target?

There is also the ACLU waiting and watching.

Also, there is the press. They are vetted. MSM
is rarely welcome. They have their own press.

Protest Marshalls are on all four corners when the protest
destination is reached. Their job: To facilitate the action completing its
objective. They keep the group together and on the move.

Black Bloc – Tactic developed by West German anarcho-communists in
the 1970’s. It’s a way to obscure their identities
during clashes with police. Two styles: Closed and semi-open.

Decision-Dilemma – A tactic to conceptualize violence as
a knob instead of a switch. Used to turn it off or on or be gradual depending
on the situation. When executed properly the only options for the target are to
back down or respond with disproportionate force and give the other side a
propaganda victory.

The author than goes on to describe what if
you get involved, having to rescue a loved one, how to dress, equipment such as
backpack, gas mask, carrying a gun, etc.

She ends by saying Americans would be
well-advised to arm themselves with knowledge about the goals and tactics of
the entities planning and carrying out these actions.

While reading this article my mind kept
thinking; “How do we react to this?” “How do we counter these actions?” “Do we
do anything about it?” “Does anyone look on-line at their web-site? The answer
seems obvious. It is obvious. NOTHING. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Of course the most upsetting thing in my mind
is “These people have it all planned down to the littlest nut and bolt.” Every
step of the way is planned and if something does go awry, like mentioned above,
it doesn’t happen again. And what do we do?


Yes, there is something we do – we watch and
let it happen, just like we did last year.


Posted on August 8, 2021