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Corporate America is at war with conservatives and conservative values and it’s time we fought back!

September 8, 2020 by  
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Corporate America is at war with conservatives and conservative values and it’s time we fought back!


Bank of America has joined the anti-gun movement by vowing to reject loans to gun makers.


Facebook is censoring prominent conservatives and those critical of government overreach during the coronavirus crisis by hiding their posts or outright banning them.


Health insurance giant Humana is pushing for a government takeover of health care – far worse than even ObamaCare – by supporting “Medicare for All.”


Gucci is taking on the Pro-Life Movement by including a jacket emblazoned with the pro-choice slogan, “My Body, My Choice,” in its 2020 collection.


Google and Mozilla are silencing conservative employees by firing them for speaking out.


And JP Morgan Chase is punishing conservative thought leaders – among them best-selling Author Dinesh D’Souza – by unilaterally closing their accounts.


I know I don’t need to tell you that such corporate liberal activism is bad for business and, more importantly, it’s bad for the country.


But I’m afraid this is only a small sample of the corporate attacks on conservatives and the values you and I share.


It’s true – corporations have been at war with us for years, but conservatives have been slow to recognize it.


In fact, there’s been only one group that has fought corporate bullying and Big Government favoritism consistently over the past decade. The Free Enterprise Project led by the National Center for Public Policy Research is the conservative movement’s first full-service shareholder activism and education program.


I’m pleased to tell you that our Free Enterprise Project is so effective that some of the biggest corporations in America now fear it.


They fear the National Center’s Free Enterprise Project because it imposes high costs on activist corporations for aiding and abetting the left. It does so by, among other things:

Filing resolutions – proposals voted on by shareholders – to pressure corporations to change their behavior;

Publicly grilling CEOs over their support of the left to generate negative media coverage and to hold them accountable for misusing corporate resources;

Commissioning polls to demonstrate to corporate boards how political activism damages their brands, hurts profits, and reduces return on investment; and

Running targeted TV, social media, and radio campaigns to shame corporations into abandoning their left-wing activism.

The Free Enterprise Project is committed to protecting conservatives from workplace intimidation. We filed shareholder resolutions with corporations demanding that they adopt such protections of their employees. Twelve of them – recognizing that they could earn a lot of negative publicity for opposing our commonsense free speech initiative – immediately agreed to adopt our “Freedom of Conscience” resolution as policy. The corporations were among America’s largest: Walmart, General Electric, PepsiCo, Pfizer, Cabelas, Mondolez, Kimberly-Clark, Home Depot, Merck, and Visa.


We’re forcing corporations to add conservatives to their boards. Last year, five major corporations – Walmart, PepsiCo, CVS, Gap, and Walgreens –agreed to add more conservatives to their boards as a direct result of shareholder resolutions we filed. And already in 2020, we’ve forced two additional corporations – Prudential and JP Morgan Chase – to do the same.


We forced Bank of America to do an about-face. Following the tragic shooting in Parkland, Florida, corporations were under intense pressure to cut ties with businesses involved in gun manufacturing. One of the first corporations to capitulate to the anti-gun movement was Bank of America, which announced it would no longer make loans to companies making “military-style” weapons.


A few days after the announcement, the National Center’s Free Enterprise Project called out Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan over the policy at his company’s annual shareholder meeting. We told him that the company was not looking out for the best interests of shareholders, and then we quoted Warren Buffett characterizing such gun divestment as “ridiculous.” Eleven days and tons of media coverage later, Bank of America approved a $43.2 million loan to Remington Outdoors, which manufactures Bushmaster, a “military-style” rifle.


These are exciting developments – and the type of impact you can have by joining the National Center today.


Make no mistake: Neutralizing corporations is the most critical, make-or-break battle the conservative movement faces.


We cannot advance our pro-freedom agenda if Corporate America is allied with the left, the liberal-dominated mainstream media, and liberals entrenched in government (the “Deep State”).


Friend, that’s why I need your help.


The National Center’s Free Enterprise Project stands almost alone in fighting against corporate assaults on the conservative values you and I share.


May I count on your support today? With your help, the National Center will:

Take on powerful corporations that are working to undermine liberty, and eliminate conservative thought and ideas from every corner of our society;

Restore the American dream and build support for conservative thought, economic freedom, and bring hope within minority communities;

And fight – alone, if we have to – for the very same freedoms our forefathers bled and died for, preserving our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Major corporations have declared war on conservative values and it’s time we fought back.


Never has this fight been more urgent and more important than it is here in 2020.


We didn’t pick this fight … but with your support, we’ll win it.


We’ll win it and change the corporate balance of power in conservatives’ favor.


Thank you for your kind consideration and for all you do for American liberty.



David A. Ridenour



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