United Patriots of America
The United Patriots Of America was founded December 2001 in response to 911


“Counter Punch” written by Floyd Brown,


40 year political consultant and Owner/Publisher Western Journal, discusses that America is about to go onto life support unless Americans arise and defend this exceptional nation. 


 I enjoyed a conversation with Floyd on my show ARIZONA TODAY. 


 Our founders gave us a gift if we would  keep it. 


Well…start keeping, begin punching back to the Marxist demonic alteration taking place before our eyes.  Make no mistake, and do not simply write off my comment as reactionary or conspiracy theory or merely
conservative politics. 


The United States of America has been targeted to collapse into the global community, the New-World Order where national sovereignty is a memory. 


For those still wearing face masks, leave them alone, don’t even waste your time, they are already indoctrinated and will be among the first to load into train cars for relocation. 


For those who think the WOKE philosophy will simply go away, wear out, join those wearing masks. 


Counter Punch…Now! 


Find a few others who believe the same as you, and begin to push back in creative and even financial ways. 


The Budweiser Company has lost over $6 Billion thus far as they proudly tout their new transsexual spokesman, I mean spokeswoman; sorry…woke transexual non-homophobic individual pushing Budweiser. 


 Guess what?  Some proud Americans have punched back, beginning a new beer that proudly states it is
truly good and tasty, all American and non-transsexual.  Some Americans had enough!!  They Counter Punched!


 The link below will take you to still another group no longer willing to sit back, rationalize and watch as
America becomes a memory, a country of the past. 


 I am not so much challenging you as I am forewarning you.
Stand up and begin to Counter Punch.  Hurt them in the pocketbook. 


 Hurt them by picketing their homes, recalling them where possible, alert a network not to shop here or
there, not to buy this product or that.  Wake-up America now!


We are in similar straights as the colonists in 1775 who were up against phenomenal heavy forces and odds to succeed. 


Wake-up America or realize the game plan is well under way to collapse the United States into something you will not ever be able to recognize, a country where freedom is dictated by the Elite and you will be free to either go along with the Elite or be killed by the Elite – your choice, your freedom to choose.


“Counter Punch” written by Floyd Brown.





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