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The United Patriots Of America was founded December 2001 in response to 911

“Counter Punch” written by Floyd Brown

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“Counter Punch” written by Floyd Brown,


40 year political consultant and Owner/Publisher Western Journal, discusses that America is about to go onto life support unless Americans arise and defend this exceptional nation. 


 I enjoyed a conversation with Floyd on my show ARIZONA TODAY. 


 Our founders gave us a gift if we would  keep it. 


Well…start keeping, begin punching back to the Marxist demonic alteration taking place before our eyes.  Make no mistake, and do not simply write off my comment as reactionary or conspiracy theory or merely
conservative politics. 


The United States of America has been targeted to collapse into the global community, the New-World Order where national sovereignty is a memory. 


For those still wearing face masks, leave them alone, don’t even waste your time, they are already indoctrinated and will be among the first to load into train cars for relocation. 


For those who think the WOKE philosophy will simply go away, wear out, join those wearing masks. 


Counter Punch…Now! 


Find a few others who believe the same as you, and begin to push back in creative and even financial ways. 


The Budweiser Company has lost over $6 Billion thus far as they proudly tout their new transsexual spokesman, I mean spokeswoman; sorry…woke transexual non-homophobic individual pushing Budweiser. 


 Guess what?  Some proud Americans have punched back, beginning a new beer that proudly states it is
truly good and tasty, all American and non-transsexual.  Some Americans had enough!!  They Counter Punched!


 The link below will take you to still another group no longer willing to sit back, rationalize and watch as
America becomes a memory, a country of the past. 


 I am not so much challenging you as I am forewarning you.
Stand up and begin to Counter Punch.  Hurt them in the pocketbook. 


 Hurt them by picketing their homes, recalling them where possible, alert a network not to shop here or
there, not to buy this product or that.  Wake-up America now!


We are in similar straights as the colonists in 1775 who were up against phenomenal heavy forces and odds to succeed. 


Wake-up America or realize the game plan is well under way to collapse the United States into something you will not ever be able to recognize, a country where freedom is dictated by the Elite and you will be free to either go along with the Elite or be killed by the Elite – your choice, your freedom to choose.


“Counter Punch” written by Floyd Brown.




UPA Report 4.16.23 Counter punch-let’s take it back.

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United Patriots of America

Founded December 2001 in response to 911.

UPA Report
Sunday April 16, 2023

“Counter Punch” by Floyd Brown

Video 37 min 38 sec
How American patriots can take back America.
Mr. Brown is owner and publisher of westernjournal.com and he discusses how American patriots can take back America.

Conservative group rolls out ‘Woke Alerts’ to combat activist corporate America

Tucker Carlson: Lloyd Austin Lied to Congress About Russia Losing the War; ‘That Is a Crime’
The Liberty Daily, 4.13.23

THEY Are Doing SOMETHING To YOUR Food ..And Hiding It From American People
Pharmaceuticals are being put into our food.
It’s called bio-engineered.

Five for Freedom: A Simple Message For Reclaiming America
By Vince Coyner, February 26, 2022
1. The 2020 election was fraudulent and such fraud cannot be allowed to occur again.

2. Covid mandates are unconstitutional and must stop.

3. The #1 job of the federal government will be to seal the southern border.

4. The United States must be energy independent.

5. CRT has no place in American schools.

There Was No Insurrection But There Was A Coup
By Vince Coyner, January 6, 2022
Joseph Stalin said, “Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.” That’s exactly how we went from being a constitutional republic to a banana republic, but rather than the United Fruit Company or the CIA running the coup, it was Mark Zuckerberg, Democrats, the FBI, and the media.

How Progressive Denmark Became the Face of the Anti-Migration Left
Emily Rauhala, Washington Post, April 6, 2023
Zero asylum. Send them back to Syria. Claims should be sorted somewhere else. It may sound like the rhetoric of the far right, but in this wealthy, Scandinavian welfare state, it has become the political

Transsexual activist (biological Male) accused of butchering a Portland taxi driver on Easter Sunday
April 11, 2023 News
Andy Ngo of the Post Millennial reported that Lopez is a biological male who claims to be a woman, characterizing him further as an “LGBTQ+ activist.”

Over 300 Islamic Scholars Forbid “Normalization” with Israel.
by John D. Guandolo, April 13, 2023
Islamic Jihadi forces fired dozens of rockets into Israel over Passover, and Israel retaliated.

Jihadi Control & Influence In U.S. Evangelical Community is Overwhelming
by John D. Guandolo, April 11, 2023
To understand the capture of the U.S. evangelical community by the Global Islamic Movement is to truly be overwhelmed.

All the news that’s fit to pimp: Mockingbird corporate media no longer even pretends to be unbiased.

All UK Airports must close within the next 10 years, beef and lamb will be banned, and construction of new buildings will cease in the name of “Climate Change” according to Government Report
Coming to America and Rest of World IF these globalist technocommunists and their
criminal nodes like the UN, WEF, CIA, CFR, WHO et al. are not stopped once and
for all…

Russia’s Rise
By Patricia Adams and Lawrence Solomon, April 12, 2023
The sanctions on Russia awoke the sleeping giant that had been Russia, and the West
may soon be faced with the consequences.

Riley Gaines ‘Ambushed and Physically Hit’ After Saving Women’s Sports Speech at San Francisco State
April 7, 2023

Disney Thumbing Nose at Parents By Hosting Biggest Gay Activist Conference in the Nation
Warner Todd Huston March 24, 2023
Along with Disney, the conference counts as partners Apple, Uber, Dell Technologies,
and JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Army Sgt. Daniel Perry convicted of killing BLM protester Garrett Foster at Texas rally
By Katherine DonlevyApril 7, 2023




UPA Report 4.9.23 Yes, We Have Gone Bananas

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United Patriots of America

Founded December 2001 in response to 911.

 UPA Report
Sunday April 09, 2023


Yes, We Have Gone Bananas

A worldwide invasion at our unsecured southern International border
America now has a  two-tiered justice system:
Trump is indicted while Clinton pays a small fine:
Antifa & BLM rioters roam free while Jan 6 protesters are imprisoned without bail:
Douglass Mackey faces 10 years for the same joking memes that Kristina Wong posts with impunity.

Yes, We Have Gone Bananas
By Clarice
Feldman, April 2, 2023

Trump’s Arrest Proves We Live Under Democrat Tyranny
Posted on April 5, 2023 by DRenegade

As Passover & Easter Begin, Remember the Enemies of Liberty are the Enemies of God
by John D. Guandolo, April 6, 2023
Re-establishing the enduring principles of our Judeo-Christian faiths in our local communities while identifying and
flushing out the enemies of liberty is the only way America can and will be liberated.

MUST WATCH VIDEO: 33 years of history that led up to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine  that you won’t see taught in U.S.
schools nor hear anywhere in the Western mockingbird media
April 4, 2023

Minneapolis Muslims want to blast Islamic call to prayer over loudspeakers five times a day
April 3, 2023

Mom’s adoption application denied due to her Christian faith, lawsuit alleges.
CANDACE HATHAWAY, April 04, 2023
According to state policy, those seeking to adopt must agree to “respect, accept, and support … the sexual
orientation, gender identity, [and] gender expression” of any child.

Matt Lamb, LifeSite News, 4/5/23
The Global Equality Fund provides emergency assistance to human rights defenders and human rights programming support to grassroots LGBTQI+ organizations to catalyze positive change and draws its strength from the support and partnership of an international coalition of like-minded governments, businesses, and foundations.
Antony Blinken, Secretary of State
Biden State Department Offers $5 Million in Grants to ‘Empower’ LGBT Activists

Rupert Murdoch, Fox News, can be compelled to testify in Fox defamation trial.
Reuters, April 5, 2023 | Tom Hals
To prevail, Dominion must establish that Fox acted with actual malice, meaning that it knowingly spread false
information or acted with reckless disregard for the truth.

The Rapidly Expanding Transgender Cult Is The Product Of Cultural Marxism
By: Jeff Goldstein, April 06, 2023

If we want to defend the free speech first amendment in the US Constitution, we can do so by
donating to Doug Mackey’s legal defense.
I need your help! Donate to fund my legal defense. I can’t do this without you!
Gulag America: Biden DOJ convicts Doug Mackey for anti-Hillary memes… faces up to 10 years in prison…
GiveSendGo: https://www.givesendgo.com/douglassmackeycase

Go Ask a Cop What He or She Thinks About Encountering Someone with a Gun Stuck in Their Waist Band
BY HERSCHEL SMITH, 1 day, 22 hours ago

New York Judge Finds Red Flag Law Unconstitutional

Biden Administration to Outlaw Your Favorite Lightbulbs by August 2023
BY: Gwen Stokes
This regulation will prohibit retailers from selling incandescent lightbulbs, transitioning instead to a country
comprised only of LED bulbs

Texas Nationalist Movement
TEXIT: Bill to put Texas independence referendum on ballot referred to state House committee | Just The News
By Charlotte Hazard, March 17, 2023
“The Texas Constitution is clear that all political power resides in the people,” he continued. “After decades of continuous abuse of our rights and liberties by the federal government, it is time to let the people of Texas make their voices heard.”

The Cultural And Political Forces Driving Violence In The Black Community
By Vince Coyner, March 30, 2023
Leftists have told too many black people they have no opportunity for success, and that negative outcomes in
their lives are due to the racist system they were born into. They’ve taught them that math, coffee, physical fitness, and virtually everything else, are racist. Simultaneously they’ve allowed many to terrorize their communities with
impunity because of “equity.”

GOP Gains New Power as Louisiana Dem Switches Sides

College Bound? Beware of Indoctrinate U
By Alicia Colon, March 30, 2023
There may be some good news on the horizon now that the ‘woke’ agenda of expensive universities has caused a steep
decline in enrollments.  College enrollments are down significantly except at those with conservative reputations.

How Much Longer Can Western Governments Spit on Their People?
By J.B. Shurk, March 30, 2023
If you thought incendiary political turmoil threatened to combust only in the United States these days, then you
have missed the growing protest movements throughout the collective West.  From belated pushback against government





UPA Report 4.2.23 Special forces operator at border reveals INVASION by Taliban & Chinese individuals.

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United Patriots of America
Founded December 2001 in response to 911.
UPA Report
Sunday April 02, 2023

Special forces operator at border reveals US under active INVASION by Taliban and Chinese communist.
Brighteon Broadcast News, Mar 24, 2023

Judicial Watch Statement on Indictment of President Donald Trump
Trump is a crime victim. New York Democrats’ reckless scheme to prosecute and jail
President Trump is a dangerous attack on the rule of law and a brazen attempt
to rig the 2024 elections for President Biden and Democrats. Judicial Watch
denounces Alvin Bragg’s corrupt attempt to make Trump a political prisoner.
Congress and every responsible government official should do everything
possible under the law to undo this attempt to wreck our republican form of

Manhattan grand jury indicts president trump…
Posted by Kane on March 30, 2023 6:33 pm
Attention State AGs — You can’t indict a sitting president, but you can indict his criminal family.
Republican AGs need to indict Biden’s son, daughter and brother.
Virginia AG can now indict Hillary Clinton.
Florida AG can now indict George Soros.

Nashville School Shooting Reveals True Evil of the Participants in U.S. Communist Movement
by John D. Guandolo, March 28, 2023

School Shooting in Tennessee
BY HERSCHEL SMITH, 3 days, 15 hours ago

Judicial Watch Victory: Colorado Agrees to Settle Lawsuit over Ineligible Voters; Agrees to Extensive Reporting and Review of Voter Roll Clean Up Efforts
Judicial Watch announced today that Colorado’s secretary of state agreed to settle a lawsuit alleging that Colorado failed to remove ineligible voters from its rolls. As part of its settlement Colorado will report to Judicial Watch on its
yearly progress in cleaning up its rolls for the next six years. Since Judicial Watch filed its lawsuit, Colorado voter roll removals increased by 78%, from 172,379 to 306,303 per reporting period.

The one-world beast system is roaring into reality, but is anyone listening?
March 27, 2023
JP Morgan becomes the latest to roll out invasive point-of-sale biometric payment plan, following Visa, MasterCard and Amazon

Michigan governor hands her state over to Chinese communists: Battery maker pledges in bylaws to ‘further objectives of Chinese Communist Party’
March 24, 2023
Russia does not have the manpower to occupy the U.S. but China certainly does. Pray it never happens because if it does, the Chinese will be ruthless occupiers .
Never comply. Stay free. Stay prepped up and prayed up.

Warriors Don’t Want to Fight for a Woke, Anti-American Military
By J.B. Shurk, March 27, 2023

As Pentagon struggles to fill military requests, funding goes to diversity, Critical Race Theory
The recent budget report points to $86.5 million for “dedicated diversity and inclusion activities.”
In one of those examples, the report points to official training materials in which West Point cadets are lectured on white privilege. The report points to another case where a slide presentation for the Air Force Academy is titled,
“Diversity & Inclusion: What it is, why we care, & what we can do,” which warns cadets to avoid gendered language, such as terms like “mom” and “dad.”

Clueless Leaders Don’t Understand Why Recruitment for Woke Military is Down
Mike LaChance, Mar. 23, 2023 10:30 pm

Base Name Changes and Battle Streamers Removed: the War on Southern (American) Heritage Continues
Steve Beynon, Military.com, March 24, 2023] But the war on the South continues. And remember, Southern History is American History.

Chinese Police stations in USA
Kansas Republican Sen. Roger Marshall on Tuesday introduced legislation to create an FBI hotline in which callers may report information pertaining to any illicit “police stations” operated by the Chinese Communist Party on U.S. soil.

Kentucky overrides governor’s veto of transgender care restrictions.
The Senate voted 29-8 in favor of overriding the veto while the House did so by a 76-23 margin.
Ben Whedon
“We cannot allow people to continue down the path of fantasy, to where they’re going to end up 10, 20, 30 years down the road and find themselves miserable from decisions that they made when they were young,” Republican Rep. Shane
Baker said on Wednesday, per the outlet.

40 State Legislatures Have Passed or Introduced Legislation to Restrict Transgender Child Abuse
Tony Kinnett / @TheTonus / March 27, 2023

Students were taught that the phrase “Make America Great Again” was an example of “covert white supremacy.”
Judicial Watch: Records Show Air Force Academy Focus on Anti-American Critical Race Theory Training of Cadets – Academy Head Ties Cadets to Racism and Social Injustice

Arizona Election Integrity Hearing Witnesses Present Alleged Voting Anomalies, Irregularities, Intimidation

Was Massive Vote Fraud Confirmed with a Fishtail?
By Joe Fried, March 27, 2023

Wind power Ouch.
Right now the average wind farm is about 150 turbines. Each wind turbine needs 80 gallons of oil as lubricant and we’re not talking about vegetable oil, this is a P A O synthetic oil based on crude. 12,000 gallons of it. That oil needs to
be replaced once a year.
It is estimated that a little over 3,800 turbines would be needed to power a city the size of New York … That’s 304,000 gallons of refined oil for just one city.




Wind Power Ouch

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Wind power. Ouch!

March 31, 2023

That little yellow thing is a bulldozer. It is burying windmill blades used for green energy. Why? Because these blades need to be disposed of and there is presently no way to recycle them.

Who knew?  Maybe the people that make them knew. Why would they let that cat out of the bag, after all they are government subsidized with taxpayer money?  After all it’s all about the money every time! Just like the oil industry powers every electric car.

Also, politicians do not want those huge eye sores in their backyard.

Right now the average wind farm is about 150 turbines. Each wind turbine needs 80 gallons of oil as lubricant and we’re not talking about vegetable oil, this is a P A O synthetic oil based on crude. 12,000 gallons of it. That oil needs to be replaced once a year.

It is estimated that a little over 3,800 turbines would be needed to power a city the size of New York … That’s 304,000 gallons of refined oil for just one city.

Now you have to calculate every city across the nation, large and small, to find the grand total of yearly oil consumption from “clean” energy.

Where do you think all that oil is going to come from, the oil fairies? Well thanks to Biden it now comes from our enemies in the Mideast and from Russia too!!!

Not to mention the fact that the large equipment needed to build these wind farms run on petroleum. A s well as the equipment required for installation, service, maintenance, and eventual removal.

And just exactly how eco-friendly is wind energy anyway?

Each turbine requires a footprint of 1.5 acres, so a wind farm of 150 turbines needs 225 acres; In order to power a city the size of NYC you’d need 57,000 acres; and who knows the astronomical amount of land you would need to power the entire US.  All of which would have to be clear-cut land because trees create a barrier & turbulence that interferes with the 20mph sustained wind velocity necessary for the turbine to work properly (also keep in mind that not all states are suitable for such sustained winds). Boy, cutting down all those trees is gonna anger a lot of green-loving tree-huggers.

 Let’s talk about disposal now.

The lifespan of a modern, top quality, highly efficient wind turbine is 20 years. After that, then what?  What happens to those gigantic fiber composite blades?

They cannot economically be reused, refurbished, reduced, repurposed, or recycled so guess what? It’s off to special landfills they go.

And guess what else? They’re already running out of these special landfill spaces for the blades that have already exceeded their usefulness. Seriously! Those blades are anywhere from 120 ft. to over 200 ft. long and there are 3 per turbine. And that’s with only 7% of the nation currently being supplied with wind energy. Just imagine if we had the other 93% of the nation on the wind grid… 20 years from now you’d have all those unusable blades with no place to put them… Then 20 years after that, and 20 years after that, and so on.

Hello there, how green is that?

Author Anonymous.


UPA Report 3.26.23 An Army of none.


United Patriots of America

Founded December 2001 in response to 911.

 UPA Report
Sunday March 26, 2023


An Army of None?
Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, Mar 24, 2023
Suppose they gave a war and nobody came? The United States is gearing up for a possible war with China, but it faces a serious recruitment problem. The nation’s youth can’t meet basic standards.
Earlier this year, the Council for a Strong America reported that 77 percent of 17- to 24-year-olds are ineligible for service. About 44 percent of young Americans can’t serve for multiple reasons. More than 20 percent are simply too fat.

Bidens new “woke” army is very unlikely to win any war we might find ourselves in.
Mon Mar 20, 2023
The woke takeover of every corner of the federal government continues.
Biden admin continues ‘woke’ transformation of US military by enforcing LGBT ideology: report

Kari Lake scores HUGE AZ Supreme Court victory — Dems now want her arrested…
March 23, 2023
Believe it or not, the AZ governor’s race is technically still not over. As a matter of fact, it’s heating back up, thanks to a huge court victory for Kari Lake.
On Wednesday, Arizona’s State Supreme Court agreed with Kari Lake’s argument that lower courts made a mistake when they dismissed her challenge to the “signature verification process” during 2022 midterms.

New Poll: 66 Million Americans Support Idea of ‘National Divorce’
By Ben Kew | 7:45 PM on March 17, 2023

#1 Song In America: Trump Singing With J6 PRISONERS | Listen To THIS, Media in PANIC

Key to Liberating America is Defeating Our Enemies Not “Fixing” Issues & Policies
March 23, 2023
This is a war, and citizens need to come to grips with that and take actions reflecting that reality.

Department of Justice (DOJ) Sued Over Far-Left Protesting at Supreme Court Justices’ Homes
Mary Margaret Olohan, March 23, 2023

‘No Legitimate Basis’ for DOJ Targeting of Protesting Parents, House Panel’s Report Concludes
Jarrett Stepman / @JarrettStepman / March 22, 2023

My book ‘Stealth Invasion’ has just been banned by Amazon.
March 21, 2023

U.S. proxy war with Russia has nothing to do with Ukraine’s freedom and everything to do with regime change in Moscow
March 20, 2023

Arkansas Governor Signs Bill Banning Biological Males From Using School Girls’ Bathrooms
Mary Margaret Olohan March 22, 2023

The Right to Be Let Alone: When the Government Wants to Know All Your Business
John Whitehead, March 18, 2023

Tambourine-waving ex-NYPD cop Sara Carpenter convicted for role in Jan. 6 Capitol riot Stephanie Pagones, March 10, 2023

Biden’s First Veto Mandates Woke (ESG) Investing Of Our Retirement Savings
March 21, 2023

 70 on FBI Terror Watchlist Arrested at US-Mexico Border
Pamela Geller,  March 21, 2023

The Southern Border is a Hybrid War Zone And the targets are U.S. citizens and U.S. sovereignty
March 21, 2023 by Austin Bay

Former FBI Boss Admits Bureau Has Been Infiltrated by World Economic Forum (WEF) Goons’
Who ‘Want To Destroy America

In CDC Survey of Over 13,000 Children, More Than Half Had ‘Systemic Reaction’ After COVID-19 Vaccine

The U.S. Government Is Building A Vast Surveillance And Speech Suppression Web Around Every American
Margot Cleveland, March 21, 2023

The Christian Nationalist Counter-Offensive Has Begun
March 11, 2023, by Pastor Andrew Isker
“Christian Nationalism” is simply those people who have begun to see the lies of globalism, secularism, and liberal democracy.
The hour is later than you think. Many are becoming desperate for power to finally be exercised against our enemies.
And God is finally giving us men who would wield the sword. May their tribe increase.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Proposes Law to Ban CBDCs Central bank digital currency.
By Stephen Alpher, Mar 20, 2023
The Biden administration is studying the possibility of introducing a central bank
digital currency.

Democrats Deserve Plenty of Blame for Bank Crisis
David Harsanyi, March 20, 2023

Police Lt. Explains How Cartels Are Taking Advantage of Biden’s Open Border Policies
Virginia Allen, March 16, 2023

The Complacent Can Look to Tennessee to Confront Transgender Ideology.




UPA Report 3.19.23 The truth about the Ukraine war.

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United Patriots of America

Founded December 2001 in response to 911.

 UPA Report
Sunday March 19, 2023

Read the truth about the Ukraine War.
The US’s March of Folly in Ukraine
By Jared Peterson, March 10, 2023

DeSantis announces 19-state coalition to fight ESG agenda
“We will not stand idly by as the stability of our country’s economy is threatened by woke executives who put
their political agenda ahead of their clients’ finances,” the Florida governor said.

How a Liberal White Teacher Became a Race Realist
Anonymous American, American Renaissance, March 5, 2023

Trump won’t refuse to surrender if indicted in NYC, lawyer says: ‘There won’t be a standoff at Mar-a-Lago
By Rocco Parascandola and Molly Crane-Newman, Mar 17, 2023
Trump again insisted he had committed no crime, and reminded his followers that Bragg’s
campaign had been heavily financed by liberal billionaire George Soros.

The New World Disorder: There Are No Coincidences
Ray DiLorenzo, March 18, 2023

Meet Wokety Woke, Woke Canadian Banker Mark Carney
The Woke Mentality that Leads to Bank Failures
March 17, 2023

Over 15.5M Illegal Aliens in U.S. Costs Taxpayers $150B Annually
John Binder, Breitbart, March 8, 2023

Jan 6: The End of the Rule of Law
Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, March 10, 2023

How to Dramatically Reduce Your Nations Murder Rate With This One Simple Trick
March 13, 2023
Two thousand suspected gang members have been moved to a new mega-prison in El Salvador,
built as part of President Nayib Bukele’s self-proclaimed “war on crime.” …

Kellogg’s Donated $91 Million to BLM After Cutting Employee Benefits
By Ben Kew | 6:15 PM on March 16, 2023

Transgenders in the Military – Who Decides: Congress, the President, or Federal Judges?
By Publius Huldah
So! All the powers over the Military which have been delegated by the Constitution are vested in the Legislative and
Executive Branches of the federal government.
The Judicial Branch has no role to play in the organizing and operation of the Military Forces.

Parents’ Statutory “Bill of Rights” – a massive Transfer of Power over Children from Parents to Governments
By Joanna Martin, J.D. (Publius Huldah)
We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything
it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history,
the stage of rule by brute force.”  – Ayn Rand

 Trump Won – Natasha Owens
Posted on March 15, 2023 by DRenegade

Cargill Backs Cow Masks to Trap Methane Burps Agriculture giant Cargill will start selling methane-absorbing wearable devices for cows, putting its support behind an experimental technology that could help the industry cut greenhouse gas emissions.

100s of Farms shut down – massive cyber attacks.
Patrick Humphrey

It seems like everything the government does is wrong.
From the way they handled covid to the way they are handing the chickens.
Why Are The Chickens So Sick?
In this latest HPAI outbreak, perhaps the most egregious departure from truth is the notion that the birds have died
as a result of the disease and that euthanasia for survivors is the best and only option.
Very few of the birds killed are in pain or even symptomatically sick. If one chicken in a house of a million tests
positive for HPAI, the government brings full law enforcement force to the farm to guarantee all live birds die. Quickly.

NYPD Cops Are Fleeing At Record Rates Due to Ravaging Crime
Sarah Arnold, March 12, 2023

Here’s How Elise Stefanik Turned the FBI Director Into a Stammering Mess
Spencer Brown, March 09, 2023




UPA Report 3.12.23 Stochastic Terrorism. Used to Jail Young Man for Anti-Hillary Memes


United Patriots of America

Founded December 2001 in response to

 UPA Report
Sunday March 12, 2023

 “Stochastic Terrorism”

 Behold, the Regime Unveils Its New Catchphrase for All Political Dissent: “Stochastic Terrorism”
They claim that political dissent could lead to violence against the individual who has been ridiculed.

Behold, the Regime Unveils Its New Catchphrase for All Political Dissent: “Stochastic Terrorism”
October 12, 2022 ( ago)

Biden DOJ Crusade to Jail Young Man for Anti-Hillary Memes Just Got Much Uglier
March 9, 2023 (1d ago)

Rep. Tom Tiffany Presents Bill to Block Biden from Unilateral Approval of W.H.O. Pandemic Treaty
Frances Martel7 Mar 2023
The House Freedom Caucus sent Biden a letter demanding he stand against the W.H.O.’s push for a “global
pandemic treaty.”

UTT Delivers a Powerful Punch to Hamas In Texas
by John D. Guandolo, March 9, 2023
The above are all republicans.
All democrat Texas State Representatives supported the resolution lauding Hamas.

January 6th Revelations Too Little Too Late
by John D. Guandolo, March 8, 2023

Scientists create mice with ‘two dads’ in latest twisted drive to create life that ought not be created
March 9, 2023

Trump’s call for building ‘Freedom Cities’ plays right into globalists’ plan for Fourth Industrial Revolution control grid
March 6, 2023

Beattie gets heated on Murdoch, Fox, and the scam of “Trumpism without Trump”…
March 7, 2023

Biden’s ESG: The BlackRock-Davos-UN Agenda Gets Smacked by Congress, States, Markets
By William F. Jasper, The new American, March 9, 2023
More than two dozen states are suing the Biden administration over the ESG rule and states are divesting from
BlackRock, Vanguard and other asset managers that are pushing ESG.

J6 Video Footage Further Proves That The Federal Government Is Illegitimate & Criminal
By the 2nd Smartest guy in the world

Chuck Schumer Is a Bit Mad at Tucker Carlson Over the J6 Video Release Last Night
By Duke | 3:45 PM on March 07, 2023

Border Crisis: Thousands of Russians wait in Mexico to claim asylum.
KAREN TOWNSEND 10:41 AM on March 03, 2023

Walmart to Close Last Two Stores in Crime-Ridden Portland After Wave of Thefts
Paul Joseph Watson, March 7th
Big retailers fleeing Democratic run cities

Column of Antifa-linked extremists moves in on Atlanta ‘Cop City’ as officers retreat
A steady stream of people at least five wide and fifty deep descended on the training facility in a
coordinated fashion
Mar 7, 2023

A Plan for Rescuing America
By Jack Gleason, January 2, 2023

Antifa ringleader faces 16 felony charges in brutal San Diego attack—mob used tear gas, beat teenagers in ‘MAGA’ clothing.

South Africa — The First Country Built on “Critical Race Theory” — Officially Implodes
July 16, 2021
The US’s March of Folly in Ukraine
By Jared Peterson, March 10, 2023







UPA Report 3.5.23 Is Resistance Futile

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United Patriots of America

Founded December 2001 in response to 911.

 UPA Report
Sunday March 05, 2023

We can’t close the borders unless a strong Patriot like Trump gets  into the White House.
And this will not happen unless we clean up the voter rolls and stop phantom votes.
Election Integrity. Number one issue preventing the restoration of our Republic.
When fair elections take place, we will be able to remove the lefties who are destroying us.

Is Resistance Futile?
March 2, 2023, Jack Gleason
We must resist all forms of wokeness because financial, educational, and workplace priority is given to their preferred racial groups, not based on hard work and merit.
To win this war, patriotic Americans must support our few brave leaders working to expose the corruption overtaking our country and those trying to restore our electoral system to fairness.  We must share what we learn with everyone we encounter, even if it ruffles a few feathers.
If we lose this war, all freedom is gone — forever. Resistance is our only option.

Black Students Forced White Peers To ‘Pledge Allegiance’ to BLM At Elementary School – Students Who Refused Were Assaulted (Video)
February 16, 2023


Communist in our Government
Chinese Covid Virus Revelations Once
Again Expose Treason, Sedition, and Massive Subversion of U.S. Government
February 27, 2023 

Connecticut Revokes Hunter Biden’s Law License As Federal Investigations Continue
Jon Dougherty, Feb. 18, 2023

Nikki Haley Is One of Globalist World Economic Forum Founder Klaus Schwab’s ‘Young Global Leaders’
By Jordan Conradson, Feb. 16, 2023

1792 Corporate Bias Ratings
1792 Exchange has assessed 1,000+ companies’ policies, practices, and other relevant criteria to determine
the likelihood a company will cancel a contract or client, or boycott, divest, or deny services based on views or beliefs.

About the 1792 Exchange, Spotlight Report on Corporate Bias

How to Lose in 2024
By Jay Valentine, March 2, 2023

Patriots Forced Out Of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ Event For Wearing Trump Gear, Carrying MAGA Flags
by Liza Carlisle, March 1, 2023

Kyle Rittenhouse Being Sued For Self Defense
He needs more help.

Trump Rages At Murdoch Over New Fox News Revelations: ‘Killing His Case And Infuriating His Viewers’
Tommy Christopher, Feb 28th, 2023

Boots on the Ground…Feb. 23rd…Cyber attack against another food producer.
Posted on February 23, 2023 by DRenegade

Speaker Renner: “ESG Drives Up the Cost of Living”
The Florida House announced proposed legislation to protect Florida pensions and state investments from
politically-driven ESG discrimination.
“ESG Drives Up the Cost of Living”
Eliminating the consideration of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investment strategies have
become a focus of the upcoming legislative session after both Governor DeSantis and Florida’s CFO Jimmy Patronis announced that the state would divest from BlackRock Investments after concerns over ESG.

1792 Exchange has assessed 1,000+ companies’ policies,
practices, and other relevant criteria to determine the likelihood a company
will cancel a contract or client, or boycott, divest, or deny services
based on views or beliefs.




UPA Report 2.26.23 Fighting Wokeness


United Patriots of America

Founded December 2001 in response to 911.

 UPA Report
Sunday February 26, 2023

We can’t close the borders unless a strong Patriot like Trump gets  into the White House.
And this will not happen unless we clean up the voter rolls and stop phantom votes.
Election Integrity. Number one issue preventing the restoration of our Republic.
When fair elections take place, we will be able to remove the lefties who are destroying us.

Fighting Wokeness
By Jack Gleason V

Leftists Infuriated After Kansas Makes History as First State to Pass Bill
Defining Women as ‘Biologically Born a Female’
By Remso Martinez, Feb. 24, 2023

Taking the conservative fight to the culture: ‘You can’t have it both ways.’
By Robin M. Itzler, February 13, 2023

Pushing woke standards over meritocracy is going to get us killed.
By Victor Davis Hanson, Feb. 20, 2023

Take a deep dive into Michigan Republican State politics who kick out the Rinos.

Constitutionalist, Anti-globalist Agenda Dominates Michigan GOP Convention
by Robert Owens February 22, 2023

270-Pound High School Student Beats Teacher’s Aide Unconscious After She Confiscated His Video Game: Police
 By John McCann  Feb. 24, 2023

Great videos, Tom Trento

Woman, 67, fatally shoots home intruder with 90-y/o mother inside in FL
February 17, 2023 Justin Cooper

Mysterious White Dust Blankets Parts of West Virginia, Virginia, and Maryland with chemical odor
Kari Donovan Feb. 24, 2023

Donald Trump Delivers Truckloads Of Water To East Palestine, Then Buys Everyone McDonalds!
Liza Carlisle by Liza Carlisle, Feb. 23, 2023

FOX News Launches ‘Silent Ban’ on President Trump
Kari Donovan  Feb. 23, 2023

Election Fraud, So What Are You Gonna Do About It?
By Jay Valentine
Let’s ask the question nobody is asking:  Why were candidates spending millions on ads and organizations while ignoring the work of cleaning up the voter rolls?


Jay Valentine can be reached at

His website is www.Omega4America.com

World’s superpowers threw their cards on the table this week and every one of them came up in favor of WWIII
February 22, 2023

Virginia Military Institute goes full woke.
Keith Griffith for dailymail.
Reject the woke assault, close ranks!’: Oldest US military college breaks out in chaos as former students
launch online warfare against its first black superintendent for pushing diversity, equity and inclusion policies.

Hearing on the Weaponization of the Federal Government

America 2023: Sleepwalking into World War III
February 11, 2023




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