United Patriots of America
The United Patriots Of America was founded December 2001 in response to 911

UPA Report more Part 2 Why Nashville. Why AT&T


United Patriots of America

Founded December 2001 in response to 911

UPA Report more Part 2
Sunday December 27, 2020


The Petition of Defiance
Dec 24,
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Public School Exit

3 min 40 sec
Rescuing our Children – Summer Tour Interview
May 15, 2019

ATF Reverses Course, Withdraws Guidance on AR Pistol Reclassification

Americans in Name Only (AINO)
December 24, 2020, by Linda Goudsmit
Sun Tzu was right – war is deceit. American identity is the core contention of the 2020 election and war on America. American patriots must stand with President Trump and fight the war of deceit, disinformation, and coup d état to preserve our American identity   because we are Americans, not Americans in name only.

JUST IN: President Trump Announces 26 New Christmas Pardons Including Paul Manafort and Roger Stone
By Cristina Laila, Published December 23, 2020 at 7:15pm

Proud Boy Run Over By Black Lives Matter Activist Responds to Prosecutors Declining to Charge His Attacker

 Wild protest

Trump tweet
I hope we never find life on other planets because There’s no doubt that the US Government will start sending them money.

Can Democracy Hold Us Together?
December 22, 2020 by Patrick J. Buchanan
Can a republic as fractured and splintered as ours is — racially, ethnically, politically, culturally, morally — with a population who do not share the same belief about whether their nation is good and great or failed and evil, endure? And for how long?

Coronavirus Package Allows Feds to Import More Foreign Workers as 17.8M Americans are Jobless
John Binder, Breitbart, December 21, 2020
A spending bill, labeled as a relief package for Americans during the Chinese coronavirus crisis, will allow federal bureaucrats to import more foreign workers to take blue-collar jobs in the United States – even as 17.8 million Americans remain jobless.

 The Affirmative Action Vaccine
Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, December 22, 2020
No one wants white privilege. Being white can cost you a job, a raise, or admission to an Ivy League college. Now, it might even kill you.
The Centers for Disease Control advised states to consider non-whites a critical group for vaccine distribution. About half the states, including “red states” such as Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming, want to give blacks, Hispanics, and American Indians the vaccine first. It’s affirmative action vaccination.

Flash Mob Rally Oregon State Capital

Christopher C. Miller
Acting Secretary of Defense

 5 min 15 sec
A great way to start out the new year


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UPA Report 12.20.20 Executive Order 13848 and the Stolen Election The fate of Western Civilization, some three thousand years in the making

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United Patriots of America

Founded December 2001 in response to 911

UPA Report
Sunday December 20, 2020


 Executive Order 13848 and the Stolen Election
By David Archibald, December 18, 2020
The fate of Western Civilization, some three thousand years in the making, now hangs by a slender thread. That thread is Executive Order 13848 signed on September 12, 2018.  The background to this is that the US President can make law. As Obama said, he had a “pen and a phone” and that was all he needed to remake the United States.
ODNI announced late Wednesday that the Intelligence Community (IC) has notified Ratcliffe that they will not meet the Dec. 18 deadline set by President Trump’s executive order to submit the report on foreign threats during the November election as “agencies have not finished coordinating on the product.”

Justice Caught Admitting Why He Really Refused Election Fraud Case
Thursday December 17, 2020 5:12 PM
The question is not whether Joe Biden won or lost, it’s what’s the cost if the left doesn’t get their way which is what too many cowards are truly afraid of. They will sacrifice the future of our republic just to “keep the peace.”

Lin Wood Is Hammering John Roberts- Claims He has Proof of Conflict of Interest and Chief Justice Should Step Down
“The People have a list of questions for C.J. Roberts based on bizarre votes on major cases starting with Obamacare. But let’s ask him just two: 1. Are you the John Roberts on Epstein flight logs? 2. Did you say about @realDonaldTrump “the mother f#*ker would never be re-elected.” He posted, alluding to a secret phone call.

1 hr 19 min 24 sec   video presented by a Proud Boy
SCOTUS Says War Is The Answer

USS Somerset and USS Maklin Island were fired on by the Chinese Navy  in the South China Sea, as such we have
retreated home to defend the United States, 
#Navy #airforce  #Marines #Army #War
December 13, 2020 By Christopher Sanders

 How far does this go? China vs America…
December 12, 2020
Richard Grinell, former Acting Director of National Intelligence, is interviewed on NEWSMAX TV by Grant Stinchfield regarding Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-CA and his relationship with a suspected Chinese spy.

 After Lee, It’s Lincoln’s Turn
December 18, 2020 by Patrick J. Buchanan
But the cultural-Marxist revolution has moved far beyond Davis, Lee and Jackson. Out west, it is Abraham Lincoln’s turn.
A renaming committee of the San Francisco school district wants the Great Emancipator’s name removed from Lincoln High School for crimes against Native Americans.

Rethinking Pinochet in Chile who overthrew Socialist President Allende. In Praise of Strength. This is what President Trump is facing in reverse. He has been overthrown by the socialist with screwball Biden as their intended
puppet President.
By Jay Schalin, December 17, 2020
Would most Venezuelans today — who live in a failing totalitarian state with a popularly elected Marxist government — prefer that a military junta had wrested control from Hugo Chavez and eliminated a few thousand of the most hardcore Marxists? They would likely jump at the opportunity. Pinochet took over an equally nightmarish state that was racing toward either bloody civil war or totalitarian communism (or both), made hard decisions to correct the problems, nurtured the government for 17 years, and voluntarily relinquished power in 1990 when the nation’s practices and institutions were strengthened so that it could flourish democratically.

If Biden makes it into the White House there will be a new rush at the border.

Dr Anthony Fauci Says Masks Don’t Work

Masks & Lockdowns: Totalitarian Tools of Oppression
December 17, 2020
Remember folks, THE ISSUE IS NEVER THE ISSUE. In this war for the soul of America, democrats – the leading edge of the Communist Counter-State in America – do not care about COVID, or racism, or climate change, or anything else they scream about. These issues are used as tools to impose their totalitarian ideologies on a society headed into communism faster than Hunter Biden can say “cocaine.”
Wearing masks and locking citizens in their homes has nothing to do with science and everything to do with advancing their hostile agenda against liberty and our Constitutional Republic.

Democrat document surfaces demanding Biden clamp down on conservative Christians, remove them from public office and re-educate Trump voters
December 16, 2020

White America’s Lost Moral Authority.
Bradford H.B., Human Events, December 14, 2020
How to counter the Marxist left in a way that inspires conservatives and independents across the country.

Lin Wood Sends Warning – ‘Most Important Tweet Of My Life’
Thursday December 17, 2020 1:36 PM

Obama’s Secret Stay Behind Army
By Marty Robinson, Posted October 31, 2019
It’s the most powerful three-letter agency in government.
More powerful than the CIA, the NSA and the FBI.

 Statistical Model Indicates Trump Actually Won Majorities in Five Disputed States and 49.68 Pecent of the Vote in a Sixth
BY HERSCHEL SMITH, 1 day, 13 hours ago
2020 Election Fraud.

 Virginia state senator calls on Trump to impose martial law ‘as recommended by General Flynn’

Parler 101: How to Use the Free-Speech Social Media Platform
by PAMELA HAZELTON about a month ago in SOCIAL MEDIA
An unofficial guide for everyone

The Sawgrass Community Defense Group (SCDG) is a project started by Floridians driven by a calling to provide medical and self-defense training to members of marginalized communities.
We stand against white supremacy, fascism, and the oppression of minorities and the working class. We support, unequivocally, the rights of
workers, minorities, LGBTQ+, immigrants and other communities endangered by oppressive systems, discrimination, hatred, and violence.

Republican UPRISING as GOP DEFIES Sen McConnell’s SURRENDER to the Democrats!!!
18 hours ago

The Political Theology of White Guilt: Trump as a Threat to the EU’s Post-WWII Narrative
December 17, 2020/0 Comments/in Featured Articles /by Tom Sunic, Ph.D.

Report: Antifa Building a Heavily Armed Military Wing
 by R. Cort Kirkwood June 9, 2020
In the third installment of its Antifa expose, Project Veritas has exposed an Antifa subsidiary called Redneck Revolt, a brigade of heavily armed revolutionaries who practice at gun ranges for either terror attacks or a full-scale military assault on state and local, if not federal, authorities.

NFAC leader arrested on federal charges

Gabriel Nadales exposes Antifa on Ben Shapiro Show 1080p
1 month ago More

Jeffrey Prather.com

 52 min 10 sec
Pompeo delivers remarks on China challenge to US National Security

 2 min 58 sec
Pres. Trump at Army Navy football game.

A GERMAN VIEW: Trump warriors – Highly determined and heavily armed militias in the US


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UPA Report 12.6.20 Protesters Rally for Election Integrity at Nevada Courthouse


United Patriots of America

Founded December 2001 in response to 911

DC Trump Rally Dec.12th

UPA Report
Sunday December 06, 2020

Electoral College Deadlines Not ‘Set In Stone 

Electoral College Deadlines Not ‘Set In Stone’: Election Integrity Watchdog
By Tom Ozimek December 5, 2020 Updated:
An election integrity watchdog said the current Electoral College deadlines not only have “zero constitutional basis” but are preventing states from fulfilling their legal and ethical obligations to ensure free and fair elections.

Protesters Rally for Election Integrity at Nevada Courthouse
BY DAVID LAM AND ILENE ENG December 5, 2020 Updated: December 5, 2020
They came from near and far to hold a rally on the same day a hearing was held in the courthouse over allegations of voter fraud in the state.

Sidney Powell: Plenty of Time for Trump to Overturn Election Results

What’s Happening in US Election Matches What Happened in Venezuela, Expert Says
By GQ Pan December 4, 2020 Updated: December 4, 2020

3 min 4 sec
Michigan Restaurant Owner Hijacks Live TV Report
December5, 2020 9:00 AM

Here Is The Evidence Of Election Fraud, But Will It Make Any Difference?
BY HERSCHEL SMITH, 2 days, 12 hours ago

19 min 3 min
Dominion IT Technician : Said in 27 hours she was there not 1 vote was for Trump

Former Vice President Joe Biden admits voter fraud in a 13 second clip. He admits voter fraud. We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.

President Trump istrying to reverse these false victories. Biden officially secures enough electors to become president.
Politics Dec 4, 2020 8:43 PM EST

The Greatest Deception Operations in World History
December 4, 2020, by John D. Guandolo
What we are experiencing in America today is the intentional outcome of decades-long hostile efforts by domestic and foreign forces who seek the destruction of America’s Constitutional Republic.

 Leo Hohmann
December 1, 2020
Decorated 3-star general calls on Trump to ‘honor your oath of office’ and protect America from
‘treasonous’ enemies within
McInerney lays out strategy to defeat deep-state coup plotters

America’s Political Elites Are Traitors to the Republic
December1, 2020

3-Star General McInerney Calls For Martial Law, Tribunals & Investigation of Treason
By Brannon Howse, 30 November, 2020

What If You Were Given An Unconstitutional Order To Confiscate Guns?

CIA Server Farm Raid
Jeffrey Prather (JeffreyPrather.com) is a former DIA intelligence analyst, former DEA investigations officer, served on the B Team of special operations forces, and is now an intelligence analyst working to save America from its enemies, both foreign and domestic.
BY HERSCHEL SMITH, 3 days, 21 hours ago
General McInerny says it happened, and that U.S. military personnel were killed in the raid.\
On the other hand, Jeffrey Prather says it happened, but that no one was killed.  See this video, starting at 22 minutes or thereabouts.

Democracy Has Been Destroying the 2nd Amendment
BY HERSCHEL SMITH, 1 hour, 55 minutes ago, David Codrea.

Renowned scientist COVID vaccine is ‘downright dangerous’ and will send you ‘to your doom’
December 3, 2020 11:36 AM


White House fires
Pentagon advisory board members, installs loyalists

The board firings come less than a month after President Donald Trump pushed out
Defense Secretary Mark Esper.

Police guide that calls BLM a terrorist group draws outrage
By RYAN J. FOLEY, December 2, 2020

Coronavirus Hysteria Is Simply Too Ridiculous to Continue
December 2, 2020, By Trevor Thomas

With the Electoral College’s December 14 vote drawing nearer, it’s incumbent on the president and his team to get this information before the courts as soon as possible and prevent the steal from prevailing. Lt. Gen. McInerney: There Were Casualties in Special Forces Raid to Get Servers From CIA Facility
by Luis Miguel November 29, 2020

This is how to take back America
Why Did Lincoln Suspend the Writ of Habeas Corpus?
By Staff WriterLast Updated Apr 9, 2020 8:10:42 PM ET
President Lincoln’s proclamation on Sept. 24, 1862 expanded his earlier order of suspension to include every state in the country, and allowed the arrest of anyone who was critical of the Union war effort, including newspaper editors. In addition to protecting strategically sensitive areas, the suspension of the writ also allowed the government to try people in a military court.

Malfeasance And
Corruption Of The Day In The 2020 Election Debacle
BY HERSCHEL SMITH, 1 day, 11 hours ago

Michigan Judge Orders Forensic Review of 22 Dominion Voting Machines
By Ivan Pentchoukov, December 4, 2020 Updated: December 5, 2020

Arizona GOP finds 2% of duplicate ballots took votes away from Trump after judge allows sample to
be examined
Dec 2, 2020

Georgia Volunteer Groups Say They Have Uncovered Enough Fraud To Overturn Election For Trump.
Have They?

54 min 22 sec
Excellent info on gross Waste in government and corporations
AdamAndrzejewski | The Depth of the Swamp, 1,817,033 views•Mar 5, 2020

We have posted this to show where much of the false info is coming from.
MASS ARRESTS: Obama, Biden, CIA Director Gina Haspel Arrested For Espionage, Voter Fraud
December 3, 2020 admin Conspiracies 24

Renowned scientist COVID vaccine is ‘downright dangerous’ and will send you ‘to your doom’
December 3, 2020 11:36 AM


 UPA Report

Sunday December 06, 2020



The clown in the White House

November 7, 2020 by  
Filed under President Trump

Not open for debate….. I have listened to everyone else’s hatred and rhetoric for months, now I am having my day. Don’t like it? You know where the delete button is…
Let me be clear, I am not a Biden fan at all. He is corrupt, a liar, suffering from dementia and in my opinion a pedophile. He has done nothing to improve anything in 47/48 years in politics.
I truly believe Biden is just the stepping stone for Kamala Harris to take over the White House. Nancy Pelosi is already trying to put a 25th amendment in place to remove an unfit president. I don’t believe that has a thing to do with Trump having Covid. I think that’s to remove Biden if elected for dementia and Harris to take over.
“This is my opinion so don’t bother to bash it, I haven’t bashed yours!!!!!!!!”
SLIDE ON BY!!!!!!!!!
The clown in the White House just brokered two Middle East Peace Accords, something that 71 years of political intervention and endless war failed to produce.
The buffoon in the White House is the first president that has not engaged us in a foreign war since Eisenhower.
The clown in the White House has had the greatest impact on the economy, bringing jobs, and lowering unemployment to the Black and Latino population of ANY other president. Ever.
The buffoon in the White House has exposed the deep, widespread, and long-standing corruption in the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, and the Republican and Democratic parties.
The buffoon in the White House turned NATO around and had them start paying their dues.
The clown in the White House neutralized the North Koreans, stopped them from developing a further nuclear capability, sending missiles toward Japan, and threatening the West Coast of the US.
The clown in the White House turned our relationship with the Chinese around, brought hundreds of business back to the US, and revived the economy. Hello!!!!!!!
The clown in the White House has accomplished the appointing of three Supreme Court Justices and close to 300 Federal Judges.
This same clown in the White House lowered your taxes, increased the standard deduction on your IRS return from $12,500 for Married Filing Joint to $24,400  and caused your stock market to move to record levels over 100 times, positively impacting the retirements of tens of millions of citizens.
The clown in the White House fast-tracked the development of a COVID Vaccine – it will be available within weeks – we still don’t have a vaccine for SARS, Bird Flu, Ebola, or a host of diseases that arose during previous administrations.
The clown in the White House rebuilt our military which the Obama administration had crippled and had fired 214 key generals and admirals in his first year of office.
This clown in the White House uncovered widespread pedophilia in the government and in Hollywood, and is exposing world wide sex trafficking of minors and bringing children home to their families.
The clown in the White House works for free and has lost well over 2 billion dollars of his own money in serving – and done all of this and much more in the face of relentless undermining and opposition from people who are threatened because they know they are going to be exposed as the criminals that they are if he is re-elected.
I got it, you don’t like him. Many of you utterly hate and despise him. How special of you. He is serving you and ALL the American people. What are you doing besides calling him names and laughing about him catching the China virus ?????
And please educate me again as to what Biden has accomplished for America in his 47 years in office?
Besides the Whole Biden Family getting Richer, while turning backs on all Americans!
I’ll take a ‘clown’ any day versus a fork tongued, smooth talking hypocritical corrupt liar. Please let it be known, I am not sure I would want to have a beer with him (if he drank, which he doesn’t) or even be his friend. I don’t care if I even like him. I want a strong leader who isn’t afraid to kick some ass when needed. I don’t need a fatherly figure – I already have one. I don’t need a liar – that’s what Hollywood and CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS and the New York Times are for.
I don’t need someone to help me, but I also don’t want an obstacle or a demented, senile washed-up Swamp Monster.
God bless Donald Trump – the most unappreciated President in history.
Copy & Pass this on.


November 7, 2020 by  
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United Patriots of America

December 2001 in response to 911

The clown in the White House

UPA Report
Sunday November 08, 2020



‘Burn It Down’: Hundreds March Through The Streets Of DC On Election Night
The crowd was chanting: “F*ck Trump. F*ck Biden. No more presidents.”

Lawsuit:  At Least 21thousand Dead People on Pennsylvania Voter Rolls


This was a totally abnormal mail in election due to covid 19. Fraud was predicted for months before election day. In our history nothing like this has ever happened.

Election Fraud
[TRAVERSE  CITY, MICH.—Nov. 4, 2020] A U.S. Postal Service Insider told Project Veritas founder and CEO James O’Keefe his supervisor instructed mail carriers at his work site here that all new ballot envelopes should be segregated in bins, so that postal clerks could fraudulently hand-postmark them as received Nov. 3.


Pres. Donald J. Trump
Please contribute IMMEDIATELY to stand with me and DEFEND the Election.

As Americans hold their collective breath, Biden’s ‘Dark Winter’ waits in the wings
November 6, 2020  Fraudulent COVID death counts augmented by fraudulent votes for the party of lock-downs and globalist Chinese-style oppression of Christians and conservatives. Using a highly orchestrated and massive cheating scheme, billionaire globalist financiers and their corrupt media partners stand poised to install their puppet politician, the dementia-stricken 78-year-old Joe Biden, on the throne of what would officially become an American oligarchy.

 Michigan County Clerk: We’ve Got ‘Apparently Skewed Results’
Hank Berrien, Nov 4, 2020

Surveillance video shows dozens of looters trashing Oakland pharmacy for hours; where were police?
By Laura Anthony, Thursday, November 5, 2020 9:37PM

Michigan Election Tabulating Software “Glitched”
BY HERSCHEL SMITH, 12 hours, 46 minutes ago

 Philadelphia Sheriff Not Enforcing Court Order

Nevada GOP Sends Criminal Referral to Justice Department About ‘Instances of Voter Fraud’

Lawsuit: At Least 21thousand Dead People on Pennsylvania Voter Rolls

10 min 3 sec
Nahren Anweya was live.
Reporting live from Detroit ballot counting Sean Hannity Fox News Brandon Straka Brandon Straka

 25 min 54 sec
Election Tide Turns: But If Media Calls it for Biden, Fight Against Fraud Continues in Court

Mr. President do not concede. All ballots must be re-verified in the swing states. Private security, DHS, Federal Marshalls and local law enforcement should all be mobilized to insure that observers are insured the ability to examine each vote. Only than can the American people know that the outcome of
this election is correct.

Nahren  Anweya
I will be filing a police report and pressing charges tomorrow against the gentleman who assaulted me in the #Detroit election headquarters when I entered as a certified and authorized election challenger.

Election Program ‘Issue’ Tallied Only 2 Votes for GOP Candidate, 33 MI Counties Thought To Be Using the Same Software

 One Michigan county clerk caught a glitch in tabulation software so they hand counted votes and found the glitch caused 6,000 votes to go to Biden + Democrats that were meant for Trump and Republicans. 47 MI counties used this software. All must check now!

Verified Hate: 2020 Election Edition
Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, November 6, 2020

 ‘This Election Not Over’: Trump Campaign Defies Joe Biden’s ‘Phony Claim’

28 mim 35 sec
The Anti-Trump Coup Is Here And Its Time To Fight Back!
Nov 5, 2020

Bad Omen For Ammunition Sales
BY HERSCHEL SMITH, 16 hours, 58 minutes ago
Ammo Lawsuit Against Cabelas Could Mean BIG Changes For Firearms Retailers
Nov 5, 2020

Portland Resident Indicted for Providing Material Support to ISIS
Friday, November 6, 2020

 President Trump and fellow Americans fuming mad watching disappearing leads in left-run states
Posted by: Chris Elliot, November 4, 2020

First black Republican Lt. Governor elected in North Carolina, despite Bloomberg backing opponent
Posted by: Kim Clark |November 5, 2020

Southern Poverty Law Center Is America’s #1 Hate and Treasonous Group

22 min 48 sec
General Tom McInerney Hammers The Deep State Voter Fraud Operation

 Despite a lefty magazine this is a good article.
2020 Was a Disaster for Democrats Trying to Take Over State Houses
By Ed Kilgore

 Rudy Giuliani Drops Legal BOMBSHELL On Dems and Their Plans for Pennsylvania

Democrat Propaganda Arm – Media – Says There is NO Voter Fraud While Providing Cover for Dem Voter Fraud
October 28, 2020 by John D. Guandolo
Gregg County commissioner charged with election fraud to continue to serve on court
By Courtney Stern
cstern@news-journal.com Sep 26, 2020

Gun Rights Groups Challenge New Jersey’s Restrictions On Concealed Carry

Can a Disintegrating America Come Together?
Posted on November 3, 2020



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UPA Report 10.25.20 Huge Voter Fraud ring scheme by Somalis in Minneapolis, MN exposed by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas


United Patriots of America

Founded December 2001 in response to 911

UPA Report
Sunday October 25, 2020

 Freedom, Liberty and Capitalism

Not Socialism / Communism / Marxism


Huge Voter Fraud ring scheme exposed by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas by Somalis in Minneapolis, MN
Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s Connected Harvester seen exchanging $200 for General Election Ballot. “We don’t care if it is illegal.” – YouTube

Excellent recap of Debate
Here Are 11 of Joe Biden’s Biggest Debate Lies
John Nolte  Oct 23 2020

Trump Campaign Breaks Online Fundraising Record In 24 Hours Following The Final Debate
By Mike LaChance Published October 24, 2020 at 12:13am

 Nashville Police Arrest Woman in Trump 2020 Shirt for Not Wearing a Mask Outside (VIDEO)
By Cassandra Fairbanks, October 23, 2020 129 Comments

CDC Study: 85% of Coronavirus Patients Reported Wearing Masks ‘Always’ or ‘Often’
Edwin Mora  Oct 14 2020
An overlooked study published recently by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests that cloth face coverings or masks are mostly
ineffective in preventing the spread of the Chinese coronavirus as promoted by public health officials.

1 hr 31 min 53 sec
Biden’s address to all Muslims His speech begins at minute #48.l

Graphic Video: San Bernardino Policeman Shoots Allegedly Armed Suspect After Failed Arrest
Ildefonso Ortiz   Oct 23 2020

Young female Trump supporter brutally beaten at women’s march in Washington DC
October18, 2020, Chris Elliot|

The Real Threat to Your Guns
If you think that Trump, the one man army is going to save us…………you are not thinking clearly.
 Is Not Just Rust and Politicians  We may have forgotten it as a guns-and-ammo threat, but it is still there. As alive as ever, active as ever, working its nefarious magic, seeking to take every gun you own, every round of ammunition you possess, either by direct force or through subversive covert action. That enemy is our old friendly villain, Marxism and Communism, now in control of fully one third of the world’s population and making inroads here. Mass media, infected with that scourge, is not alerting us. They hide it, disguise it, aiding and abetting a mortal enemy of our Republic. Alan Korwin, Publisher Bloomfield Press
“We publish the gun laws.”

Bracing for a ‘DARK WINTER
’October 23, 2020, Leo Hohmann
Are globalists using Covid as cover for their real post-election plans?
Should we expect the left to unleash a bloody cleansing of its political opponents?

Reject the cult of groupthink, or become its slave
October 18, 2020

Letter and list of Military officers who support Pres. Trump
President Donald J. Trump has worked to revitalize America and has shown great pride and admiration for U.S. Armed Forces.

 1 hr 31 min 53 sec
Biden’s address to all Muslims His speech begins at minute #48.l

Hunter Biden Hard Drive Contains Pictures Of Underage Girls
BY HERSCHEL SMITH, 1 day, 23 hours ago

Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ is Bunk
Fri Oct 9, 2020 Michael Cutler 10
Dems’ plans to import tens of millions of immigrant children prove it.

 Police: Suspect wanted in the fatal shooting of 7-Eleven clerk in Waldorf caught in Georgia
Gregory DeShawn Collins, Jr., 22, of Waldorf, was identified Friday as a suspect in the murder of 49-year-old Lynn Marie Maher. Collins was located and apprehended in Georgia on Tuesday. Police confirm he is currently awaiting extradition in Georgia and will be served an arrest warrant upon his return to Maryland.

San Francisco Police Arrest Man in Assault on Trump Backer
AssociatedPress, October 19, 2020
Antifa knock out teeth of black free-speech organizer.

Posted on October 16, 2020
Can Trump Pull a Second Rabbit Out of the Hat?
Pat Buchanan, American Renaissance, October 15, 2020

Jihadi Beheads Teacher in France Just Like Islam Commands
October 19, 2020 by John D. Guandolo
The message: If someone mocks Mohammad, kill him/her. And that is what an 18 year old Chechen muslim man did in France after teacher
Samuel Paty showed his class images of Mohammad.

Good news
Class action lawsuit filed against Ohio Black Lives Matter protesters
October 17, 2020

Kamala Harris won — if the prize was awarded for the most lies in a debate
 By Andrea Widburg October 8, 2020https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2020/10/kamala_harris_won__if_the_prize_was_awarded_for_the_most_lies_in_a_debate.html

Car design is about to change forever

Trump Is Losing Ground with White Voters but Gaining Among Black and Hispanic Americans
Posted on October 21, 2020

The Best High School in the Country May be Sacrificed to Diversity
Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, October 21, 2020
Demographic change has remade the Old Dominion. Once reliably conservative, Virginia is now a blue state. Non-white immigrants and white liberals moving to Northern Virginia (NOVA) lead this sea change. Arlington, once home to Robert E. Lee, and Alexandria, once a city that honored the Confederacy, are occupied territory.

Solution; take your children and grandchildren out of the public school system They are teaching all this baloney to Americas school children Brooklyn College Education Prof. Claims Math Is ‘White Supremacist Patriarchy’

Fox In The Hen House
Fox News Run In Part By Former Joe Biden Chief of Staff

The 12 Steps to Cure Yourself of Whiteness
Posted on October 21, 2020



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UPA Report 10.11.20 Patriot shot in Denver & Michigan Kidnap Plotters Are Anarchists who Hate Trump and Police


United Patriots of America

Founded December 2001 in response to 911

One dead (patriot) after gunfire at downtown Denver rallies       Links at bottom

Michigan Kidnap Plotters of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Are Anarchists who Hate Trump and Police

UPA Report
Sunday October 11, 2020


The Accomplishments of President Trump


The Elements of Revolution Are All in Place We all need to vote for Pres. Trump
Wed Oct 7, 2020 Don Feder
The pieces are all in place: rioting without end, war on the police, government complicity with anarchy, one party firmly in the grasp of revolutionaries, ongoing efforts to erase our history, radicals with a death-grip on the culture and an election from which there could be no turning back. To view any of these elements in isolation would be a tragic mistake. Including an election from which there could be no turning back. With statehood for D.C. and Puerto Rico (and who knows where else), court-packing and ending the filibuster, our system of government will be permanently altered to assure that this election will be the last real election. Like France in 1789, Russia in 1917 and Germany in 1932, we stand at the brink. Thank God Trump is no Louis XVI. Do not think civil war. Think firing squads, gulags, and death camps. Think the Black Lives Matter flag flying over the White House and Capitol.

DeSantis did not shoot across the bow of Antifa/BLM, he dropped a tactical nuke.
Violent assembly, 3rd degree felony.Blocking the road? Felony. Don’t touch monuments (no mention of penalty) Harassment of Citizens in public accommodations also penalized, ,My most thunderous applause was when he announced that R.I.C.O. will be applied to those organizing or funding riots.
If you are arrested in a riot, not Portland’s Catch and Release: you are staying till you see a judge. Touch a cop? Six months mandatory minimum.And enhanced penalties for other crimes committed during the riots. (ouch).

It is Time to Decommission Our Governors
by Jake MacAulay

Trump must use Insurrection Act on domestic terrorists!
By Larry Klayman, Published September 25, 2020
Exclusive: Larry Klayman says president risks his reelection if he does not get tough on rioters

Welcome to Hell
Wear your mask or we will arrest you. Next, take your ‘vaccine’ and wear a star to prove it – no star- no school, no star – no shopping, no star
– no flying, no nada!It is for your protection you know, for your safety! Of course, eventually we will get around to dealing with those who refuse to do our bidding. We will find a safe camp for you and- do not worry about packing, you won’t be needing much, staying long ……….or ever coming back!

The Post-Pandemic ‘New Normal’ Looks Awfully Authoritarian
J.D. TUCCILLE | 10.5.2020 10:00 AM
Less-intrusive responses could preserve our health while leaving our freedom intact.j

US Naval Academy’s Cancel Culture Targeted the Son of Two LA Police Dept Officers for Expulsion
Posted at 12:30 pm on October 5, 2020 by Stu Cvrk
It is clear that the cancel culture is alive and well at the Naval Academy, and that the inmates are running the asylum.

‘I denounce racism’: Black leader insists Proud Boys are not White supremacists
Democrats erupt over Trump remark to right-wing group

Armed Black paramilitary group marches through Lafayette, but few news outlets are reporting far-left extremism
By Sara Carter, October 4, 2020

3 biggest lies about COVID-19 have all been exposed: But here’s why globalist powerbrokers cannot let it die
October 6, 2020

BLM rioters in Wauwatosa, Wisc. smash the windows of houses in a residential area
Don’t worry. I’m sure the police were on hand to arrest anyone who resisted the BLM rioters.

See Biden at 47 minutesYou won’t believe what he says.
1 hr 31 min 53 sec
WATCH: Biden addresses the Million Muslim Votes Summit remotely

10 min 14 sec
Compilation Of Biden’s Public Lies & Plagiarism


Like Islam, Deception at the Heart of Democrat/Communist Efforts
October 8, 2020 by John D. Guandolo
“The lie is the eternal soul of communism.”
Polish Philosopher
Leszek Kolakowski

Comey’s Lies Before Senate Hearing Reminds Americans of Coup Against U.S. President
October 6, 2020, by John D. Guandolo

Left or Liberal?
Sep 3, 2018
The liberals are afraid of the conservatives so they foolishly support the left.

Early Warning for Wednesday, 07 October 2020 by Sam Culpepper
Upcoming events
09 October: We Will Not Go Quietly (BLM) (Bedford, PA)
31 October: The Modern Revolution (Insurgence USA) (Salt Lake City, UT)

28 min 12 sec
Refuting Joe Biden’s Speech at Million Muslim Votes Summit
Jul 30, 2020

Ten Days That Shook the Presidency
October 6, 2020 by Patrick J. Buchanan
Trump has four weeks to turn it around. And his task, while easy to describe, is not so easy to accomplish. He needs to persuade undecided and soft Biden voters that Joe is simply not up to the job of president.

3 min 55 sec
Texas Reloaded – Greatest joint campaign ad in history

Matt Bracken
VIDEO Andy Ngo: The Not F—ing Around Coalition, a black separatist militia, held an event in Lafayette, La. yesterday. Its grandmaster calls for a separatist black nation state. [Laugh all you want, especially when the guy’s mag falls out, but 100s of angry black radicals armed with AKs and ARs marching down an avenue is not something to ignore. They do not have to be tactically great to cause mayhem in squad sizes. And if 3/4 are buffoons, that still leaves a lot who are not. The competent leaders will find the competent
soldiers among this armed rabble.

47 min 21 sec
I was wrong about the Democratic Party #walkaway

WATCH: Man Caught Urinating on Trump Yard Sign Got More Than He Bargained For
September 10, 2020/by PJ Media

3 min 33 sec
President Trump on protecting our suburbs and the American Dream for ALL Americans!
Sep 12, 2020

Biden and Dems Are Set to Abolish the Suburbs
June 30, 2020,By Stanley Kurtz
Joe Biden and the Democrats want to abolish America’s suburbs. a federal takeover, transformation, and de facto urbanization of America’s suburbs.

Headlines posted at top
One dead after gunfire at downtown Denver rallies
PUBLISHED: October 10, 2020 at 3:13 p.m. | UPDATED: October 10, 2020 at 7:14 p.m.
“Patriot rally” and “BLM-Antifa Soup Drive” both planned for Saturday

A PROTESTER was shot and killed on Saturday afternoon as pro-cop and anti-police demonstrators clashed during dueling rallies held in downtown Denver.

MEDIA LIES: Michigan Kidnap Plotters of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Are Anarchists who Hate Trump and Police



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The Accomplishments of President Trump

October 10, 2020 by  
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The Accomplishments of President Trump

IGNITING A HISTORIC ECONOMIC BOOM: President Trump’s pro-growth policies are unleashing economic growth and providing opportunities to workers across the country.
• Due to President Trump’s pro-growth policies, real gross domestic product (GDP) growth exceeded 3 percent over the last four quarters.
• Real GDP grew at annual rates of 3.4 percent in the third quarter of 2018 and 4.2 percent in the second quarter.
• More than 5 million jobs have been created since President Trump’s election and the unemployment rate remains below 4 percent.
• This is the eighth time this year that the unemployment rate has been below 4 percent.
• Prior to this year, the unemployment rate had fallen below 4 percent only five times since 1970.
• The unemployment rate for African Americans in May fell to 5.9 percent, which is the lowest rate on record.
• Asian and Hispanic-American unemployment rates have reached record lows this year.
• Initial weekly jobless claims have hit a nearly 50-year low under President Trump.
• Under President Trump, job openings outnumber the unemployed for the first time on record.
• Recently, more than two-thirds of Americans rated “now” as a good time to find a quality job, tying a record high in a poll by Gallup.
• Americans are seeing more money in their pockets thanks to the booming economy.
• In recent months, workers have seen their largest nominal year over year wage growth in nearly a decade.
• In 2017, real median household income rose to a post-recession high.
• President Trump’s policies are helping to lift Americans out of poverty.
• African American and Hispanic-American poverty rates reached record lows of 21.2 percent and 18.3 percent, respectively, in 2017.
• Since the election, 4.6 million Americans have been lifted off of food stamps.
• Consumer confidence has soared under President Trump, recently reaching an 18-year high.
• President Trump is delivering on his promise to bring back American manufacturing.
• The National Association of Manufacturers’ Outlook Index had the highest annual average in its history over the past year.
• Manufacturing added 284,000 jobs in 2018, the most added in a year since 1997.
• Small Business optimism jumped to a record high under President Trump, according to a survey by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB).
• The NFIB’s Small Business Optimism Index broke a 35-year record in August.
• President Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act into law, ushering in the largest package of tax cuts and reforms in American history.
• These tax cuts are delivering real results for American families and workers.
• More than 6 million workers received tax cut bonuses and benefits.
• More than 100 utility companies have announced lower rates.
• President Trump is ensuring American workers receive the training and education they need to compete in today’s economy.
• President Trump signed an executive order establishing the National Council for the American worker.
• More than 185 companies and associations have signed our “Pledge to America’s Workers,” promising more than 6.4 million new training and career opportunities.
• The President signed legislation that reauthorized the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act, making more than $1 billion available for career education programs.
• President Trump has prioritized the economic empowerment of women.
• The women’s unemployment rate recently reached its lowest rate in 65 years.
• The Small Business Administration lent approximately $500 million more in capital to women-owned businesses in 2017 compared to 2016.
• The Administration helped launch the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative, which could leverage more than $1 billion to support women entrepreneurs.
• Biggest tax cuts and reforms in American history by signing the Tax Cuts and Jobs act into law/
o Provided more than $5.5 trillion in gross tax cuts, nearly 60 percent of which will go to families.
o Increased the exemption for the death tax to help save Family Farms & Small Business.
o Nearly doubled the standard deduction for individuals and families.
o Enabled vast majority of American families will be able to file their taxes on a single page by claiming the standard deduction.
o Doubled the child tax credit to help lessen the financial burden of raising a family.
o Lowered America’s corporate tax rate from the highest in the developed world to allow American businesses to compete and win.
o Small businesses can now deduct 20 percent of their business income.
o Cut dozens of special interest tax breaks and closed loopholes for the wealthy.
• 9 in 10 American workers are expected see an increase in their paychecks thanks to the tax cuts, according to the Treasury Department.
• More than 6 million of American workers have received wage increases, bonuses, and increased benefits thanks to tax cuts.
• Over 100 utility companies have lowered electric, gas, or water rates thanks to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.
• Ernst & Young found 89 percent of companies planned to increase worker compensation thanks to the Trump tax cuts.
• Established opportunity zones to spur investment in left behind communities.

ROLLING BACK RED TAPE: President Trump is rolling back costly regulations that have burdened hardworking Americans and stifled innovation.
• President Trump has followed through on and exceeded his promise to roll back two regulations for every new one created.
• President Trump’s Administration surpassed the 2:1 ratio in 2018, eliminating 12 regulations for every new one in 2018.
• In 2017, the Trump Administration eliminated 22 regulations for every new one.
• Since taking office, President Trump’s deregulation efforts have achieved $33 billion in regulatory savings.
• In 2018, these efforts alone delivered $23 billion in benefits to American families and business owners.
• President Trump has signed 16 Congressional Review Act resolutions into law, eliminating burdensome Obama-era rules and regulations.
• President Trump announced U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, which would have harmed America’s economy and cost American workers millions of jobs.
• President Trump signed an executive order to streamline the permitting process for infrastructure projects with a goal of cutting approval time from up to 10 years to an average of 2 years.
• President Trump signed legislation to roll back burdensome Dodd-Frank regulations that harmed community banks.

NEGOTIATING BETTER DEALS FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE: President Trump is negotiating fair and balanced trade deals that protect American industries and workers.
• President Trump negotiated a new trade agreement between the United States, Canada, and Mexico to replace the disastrous and outdated North American Free Trade Agreement.
• Once enacted by Congress, the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement (USMCA) will better serve the interests of American workers and businesses.
• USMCA will incentivize billions of dollars in auto and auto parts production in the United States and create a freer and fairer market for American agriculture.
• USMCA also includes the strongest-ever provisions on labor, environmental, digital, and intellectual property protections to reflect the realities of the 21st century economy.
• The President renegotiated the United States–Korea Free Trade Agreement to preserve and grow jobs in the American auto industry and increase American exports.
• The United States and Japan are set to begin negotiations on a United States–Japan Trade Agreement.
• President Trump is establishing a new trade relationship with the European Union (EU), working toward the elimination of tariff and non-tariff barriers to transatlantic trade.
• President Trump has established a Trade and Investment Working Group to lay the groundwork for post-Brexit trade with the United Kingdom (UK) and has notified Congress of his intent to negotiate a free trade agreement with the UK.
• This year, President Trump filed a withdrawal notification with the Universal Postal Union, launching a one-year negotiation to secure fair international postal rates for American mailers.
• President Trump has expanded market access for American agricultural producers.
• Argentina has opened to American pork and beef, Brazil to American beef, Japan to lamb and Idaho chipping potatoes, South Korea to American poultry, and more.
• The Administration authorized $12 billion to aid farmers affected by unfair retaliatory tariffs.
• The Trump Administration has begun the process to expand the sale of E15, or gasoline containing 15 percent ethanol, to year-round.
• Under President Trump, the United States will no longer accept bad trade deals and unfair trade practices that harm American workers and industries.
• One of the President’s first actions after taking office was withdrawing the United States from the terrible Trans-Pacific Partnership, which incentivized outsourcing.
• In 2017, the Administration oversaw 82 antidumping and countervailing duty investigations.
• President Trump is holding China accountable for its unfair trade practices, such as the theft of intellectual property, by imposing tariffs on $250 billion in Chinese goods.
• Following President Trump’s successful meeting with President Xi in Buenos Aires, both agreed to conduct negotiations over 90 days to address the United States concerns.
• American steel and aluminum jobs are coming back following President Trump’s tariffs to protect domestic industries that are vital to national security.
• President Trump imposed tariffs to protect American-made washing machines and solar products that were hurt by import surges.

UNLEASHING AMERICAN ENERGY: President Trump is rolling back costly and burdensome regulations to unleash America’s incredible energy resources.
• After years of stifling regulation under the last Administration, President Trump is unleashing America’s energy potential.
• America is the largest crude oil producer in the world and production has hit a record high.
• President Trump’s policies are helping to boost American energy exports.
• The Administration has streamlined Liquefied Natural Gas terminal permitting.
• In 2017, the United States became a net natural gas exporter for the first time in 60 years.
• American coal exports increased by more than 60 percent in 2017.
• President Trump is expanding access to our country’s abundant natural resources.
• The President signed legislation to open up energy exploration in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge.
• In July 2018, the Department of the Interior announced it would hold the largest oil and gas lease sale in history.
• In 2017, the Administration approved construction of the Dakota Access pipeline and the cross-border permit for the Keystone XL pipeline.
• The Administration issued permits for the New Burgos Pipeline that will export American petroleum products to Mexico.
• The President has ended the war on coal, cutting Obama-era regulations such as the “Stream Protection Rule” which was estimated to cost industries $81 million a year.
• President Trump is replacing the Clean Power Plan, a flawed Obama-era regulation that the Supreme Court ordered halted.
• President Trump rescinded the hydraulic fracturing rule, which was expected to cost the oil and gas industry $32 million per year.
• The Trump Administration curbed the burdensome Obama-era rule on methane, saving American energy developers hundreds of millions of dollars in regulatory costs.

EXPANDING OPTIONS FOR QUALITY AND AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE: President Trump is expanding access to affordable healthcare choices and taking action to lower drug prices.
• President Trump’s Administration is working to provide Americans with affordable alternatives to Obamacare.
• The Administration expanded short-term, limited duration health insurance plans that are expected to be nearly 50 percent cheaper than unsubsidized Obamacare plans.
• President Trump has expanded association health plans, allowing more employers to join together across State lines and affordably offer coverage to their employees.
• The Administration proposed a reform to Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) regulations that will give consumers more freedom to purchase benefits that fit their needs.
• Roughly 800,000 employers are expected to provide HRAs for more than 10 million employees once the rule finalized.
• Americans have more healthcare freedom thanks to the President signing legislation that ended Obamacare’s individual mandate penalty.
• While healthcare premiums had been steadily increasing as a result of Obamacare, the average benchmark exchange premium will decline for the first time in 2019 thanks to President Trump’s policies.
• Next year, Americans will benefit from more insurer participation on the exchanges.
• Medicare Advantage plans offer more benefit options than ever before, and average premiums in 2019 will be 6 percent lower than in 2018.
• President Trump launched an unprecedented campaign to drive down drug prices, leading more than a dozen drug manufactures to enact price freezes, reductions, or rollbacks.
• In 2018, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a record number of generic drugs, breaking the previous record set by the Administration in 2017.
• The FDA’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2017 generic drug approvals are expected to bring nearly $9 billion in savings in 2017 alone.
• President Trump signed legislation eliminating contractual gag clauses that stopped pharmacists from informing patients about lower drug prices.
• The President put forth an initiative to stop global freeloading that drives up prices for American patients.
• The Administration provided Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D plans with new negotiating tools to drive down drug costs for American patients.
• The Administration implemented reforms to the amount Medicare pays hospitals for drugs that are purchased under the 340B program, saving seniors $320 million in 2018.
• President Trump signed “Right to Try” legislation to expand access to experimental treatments for terminally ill patients.

FIGHTING BACK AGAINST THE CRISIS NEXT DOOR: President Trump mobilized his entire Administration to combat the opioid crisis that has devastated communities across the country.
• President Trump launched an Initiative to Stop Opioid Abuse and Reduce Drug Supply and Demand, introducing new measures to confront the driving forces behind this crisis.
• The President signed the landmark SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act, the largest and most comprehensive legislative package addressing a single drug crisis in history.
• The President helped secure a record $6 billion in funding to fight the opioid epidemic.
• The Administration provided more than $2 billion in grants in 2018 to help States, territories, tribes, and local communities prevent and treat opioid abuse.
• The Administration pursued scientific solutions to prevent and treat addiction through the Helping to End Addiction Long-term (HEAL) Initiative.
• The President launched a national public awareness campaign about the dangers of opioid addiction and youth opioid usage.
• Last year, President Trump created a Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis, which recommends ways to tackle the opioid crisis.
• The Administration declared the opioid crisis a nationwide Public Health Emergency in 2017.
• President Trump is working to cut off the flow of deadly opioids into our country and to disrupt the networks that distribute them to our communities.
• The Administration secured first-ever indictments against Chinese nationals for fentanyl trafficking.
• The Department of Justice (DOJ) launched a surge to target fentanyl and heroin dealers in the districts with the most severe overdose death rates.
• The DOJ formed a Joint Criminal Opioid Darknet Enforcement team and shut down the biggest Darknet distributor of drugs.
• Last year, the DOJ announced the largest healthcare fraud takedown in history, arresting more than 120 defendants with opioid-related crimes.
• The President launched a Safer Prescribing Plan that seeks to cut nationwide opioid prescription fills by one-third within three years.
• The Administration has led four National Prescription Drug Take-Back Days, collecting a record-breaking 1,837 tons of expired and unneeded prescription drugs.

STANDING UP FOR THE SANCTITY OF LIFE AND PROTECTING RELIGIOUS LIBERTY: The President is committed to defending the right to life and religious liberty.
• President Trump is the first president to address the March for Life live.
• Shortly after taking office, President Trump reinstated and expanded the Mexico City Policy, blocking $9 billion in aid from funding abortion internationally.
• President Trump defunded a United Nations (UN) agency for colluding with China’s brutal program of forced abortion and sterilization.
• The Administration withdrew guidance that constrained State’s ability to exclude family-planning providers that provide abortion services from the Medicaid program.
• The Administration formed a new Conscience and Religious Freedom Division to protect religious freedom.
• Expressed strong support for the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which would stop abortions after 20 weeks.
• The Trump Administration proposed new regulations to ensure Title X family planning funding does not go to projects that perform, support, or refer patients for abortion.
• The Trump Administration issued regulations establishing new or expanded exemptions from the Obamacare contraceptive mandate based on religious beliefs or moral convictions.
• In 2017, the President issued an executive order to promote free speech and religious liberty. This helped faith-based groups give healthcare coverage to 13.7 million Americans.

KEEPING AMERICAN COMMUNITIES SAFE: President Trump has made clear that his first responsibility is to protect the safety and security of Americans.
• Federal Bureau of Investigation data shows violent crime decreased under President Trump’s watch in 2017, following two consecutive years of increases.
• United States Attorneys indicted the most violent criminals on record last year.
• Last year, the DOJ announced nearly $100 million in grant funding to hire hundreds of additional law enforcement officers.
• President Trump is cracking down on the vile MS-13 gang that has brought violence to communities across the country.
• In 2017, the DOJ worked with international partners to arrest and charge approximately 4,000 MS-13 members.
• Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations arrested nearly 800 MS-13 members and associates in FY 2017, an 83 percent increase from the prior year.
• President Trump signed an executive order to restore State and local law enforcement’s access to surplus equipment that can be used to help keep our communities safe.
• President Trump enhanced and updated the Project Safe Neighborhoods program.
• The DOJ announced the creation of the National Public Safety Partnership in 2017, launching a cooperative initiative with cities to reduce violent crime.
• President Trump signed legislation to improve the Federal firearm background check system and keep guns out of the hands of dangerous criminals.
• President Trump signed the First Step Act, which includes bipartisan reforms to make our Federal justice system fairer and our communities safer.
• The First Step Act will help prepare inmates to successfully rejoin society, reducing recidivism and improving community safety.
• This legislation includes commonsense sentencing reforms that will make our Federal justice system fairer while keeping violent criminals and sex offenders off our streets.
• Trump’s Department of Health and Human Services issued a rule to align grant regulations with current nondiscrimination laws. The announcement stresses that “the federal government [should] not infringe on religious freedom in its operation of HHS grant programs and [seeks to] address the impact of regulatory actions on small entities.” The move reverses an Obama-era rule and allow religious adoption agencies that turn away gay couples to receive federal funding. The goal of the new rule is to directly aid faith-based adoption agencies, which often receive federal grants and have been defending themselves against accusations of discrimination.

PROTECTING THE INNOCENT: President Donald J. Trump is taking a stand against human trafficking, dedicating our Government’s full resources towards fighting this repulsive crime.
• The President signed the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (S. 1862) which tightens criteria for whether countries are meeting standards for eliminating trafficking.
• He signed the Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (H.R. 1865), overnight this shut down the most common websites used to sell and abuse victims in America.
• President Trump signed the Frederick Douglass Trafficking Victims Prevention and Protection Reauthorization Act, authorizing $430 million to fight sex and labor trafficking. He also signed the Abolish Human Trafficking Act, which strengthens programs supporting survivors and resources for combating modern slavery.
• The President signed the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (S. 1312), establishing new prevention, prosecution, and collaboration initiatives to bring human traffickers to justice.
• In September 2017, Ivanka Trump and Deputy Secretary of State Sullivan joined more than 20 world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly for a global call to end modern slavery and to announce the State Department’s $25 million grant to the Global Fund to End Modern Slavery.
• In February 2017, the President signed Executive Order 13773, “Enforcing Federal Law with Respect to Transnational Criminal Organizations and Preventing International Trafficking,” which directed the United States government to identify, interdict, disrupt, and dismantle the transnational criminal organizations that engage in human trafficking.

ENFORCING OUR LAWS AND SECURING OUR BORDERS: From the first day of his Administration, President Trump has worked to uphold the rule of law and secure our borders.
• President Trump released an immigration framework that would fix our broken immigration system through merit-based reform and provide the resources needed to secure our border.
• This includes closing the legal loopholes that enable illegal immigration, ending chain migration, and eliminating the visa lottery.
• President Trump secured funding to begin building the wall and construction has already begun in areas along the southern border.
• President Trump deployed the military to assist in securing the southern border.
• President Trump and his Administration took action to require aliens seeking asylum to go to a port of entry to make their claim.
• Customs and Border Protection (CBP) apprehended 17,256 criminals and 1,019 gang members in FY 2018.
• ICE’s Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) arrested 158,581 aliens in FY 2018, an 11 percent increase from FY 2017.
• 90 percent of those arrested had criminal convictions, pending charges, or had been issued final orders of removal.
• ICE ERO increased removals by 13 percent in FY 2018 to 256,086, the majority of whom were convicted criminals.
• Removals of convicted criminal aliens increased by 14 percent from FY 2017.
• Nearly 6,000 known or suspected gang members were removed in FY 2018, a 9 percent increase from FY 2017.
• The Department of Justice prosecuted a record number of criminal immigration offenses in FY 2018, and increased the number of prosecutions for illegal entry by 84 percent over FY 2017.
• Immigration courts are now completing more cases than at any point since 2011.
• President Trump kept his promise by launching the office of Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement (VOICE) within the Department of Homeland Security.
• The Administration has more than doubled the number of jurisdictions participating in the 287(g) program, which enables State and local law enforcement to aid immigration enforcement.
• President Trump has made our country safer by ordering the enhanced vetting of individuals entering from countries that do not meet our security standards.
• These procedures were upheld in a June 2018 Supreme Court ruling.

REBUILDING AMERICA’S MILITARY FORCE: President Trump is rebuilding our military and defending America’s interests across the world.
• President Trump ended the devastating defense cuts of the past Administration and has secured historic investments to rebuild our military.
• President Trump signed legislation providing $700 billion for defense in FY 2018 and $716 billion in FY 2019.
• President Trump is supporting America’s men and women in uniform, securing the largest military pay raise in nearly a decade.
• The President issued a new National Security Strategy to keep America safe from all threats.
• The Administration has also released new strategies specific to cybersecurity, biodefense, counterterrorism, and weapons of mass destruction terrorism.
• President Trump directed the first whole-of-government assessment of United States manufacturing and defense supply chains since the Eisenhower Administration.
• President Trump initiated the 2018 Nuclear Posture Review, improving United States deterrence policy and existing capabilities to counter nuclear threats.
• President Trump empowered our military commanders with broad authority in order to take the fight to ISIS, and the results are clear.
• ISIS has lost nearly all of its territory, more than half of which has been liberated since President Trump took office.
• All of ISIS’ territory in Iraq was successfully liberated.
• ISIS’ self-proclaimed capital city Raqqah has been recaptured.
• ISIS’ territorial caliphate has been defeated and President Trump has announced that he is bringing America’s troops in Syria home.
• President Trump announced a new Iran strategy to confront all of Iran’s malign activities and withdrew from the horrible, one-sided Iran nuclear deal.
• All sanctions that had been lifted or waived under the Iran deal have been reimposed.
• The Administration has sanctioned more than 160 individuals tied to the regime’s support of terrorism, ballistic missile program, human rights abuses, and more.
• President Trump took decisive military action to respond to the barbaric use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime.
• President Trump directed strikes in response to the regime’s chemical weapons attacks in April 2017 and April 2018.
• The Trump Administration has also rolled out sanctions targeting those tied to Syria’s chemical weapons program.
• President Trump is strengthening America’s cyber defense and directed the elevation of the United States Cyber Command into a major warfighting command.
• The President announced that the Department of Defense will work to create a Space Force to serve as an independent branch of the United States military.

RESTORING AMERICAN LEADERSHIP ABROAD: President Trump is restoring American leadership on the world stage and advancing an America first agenda.
• President Trump held an historic summit with Chairman Kim Jong-Un, bringing beginnings of peace and denuclearization to the Korean Peninsula.
• Since the summit, the leaders have exchanged letters and high-level officials from both countries have met.
• Because of the President’s actions, North Korea has halted nuclear and missile tests.
• The remains of POW/MIA service members from the Korean War are being returned to the United States.
• Prior to the summit, President Trump’s leadership helped secure the passage of historic UN sanctions on North Korea.
• President Trump followed through on his promise to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and move the American embassy there.
• President Trump withdrew the United States from the UN Human Rights Council due to its bias against Israel.
• The Administration made clear that it does not accept the International Criminal Court’s jurisdiction over Americans and will continue to protect America’s sovereignty.
• President Trump has successfully advocated for cutting waste at the UN.
• Changes made to the organization’s structure allowed the UN to cut hundreds of millions of dollars from their budget, while making the organization more efficient.
• The President’s leadership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has encouraged members to increase their defense spending and realign the Alliance’s priorities.
• In 2017 alone, there was an increase of more than 4.8 percent in defense spending among NATO allies.
• President Trump convinced the Alliance to strengthen counterterrorism activities, and NATO formally joined the coalition to defeat ISIS.
• President Trump’s Administration is working to advance a free and open Indo-Pacific through investments and partnerships.
• President Trump has imposed tough sanctions on the corrupt regimes in Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua.
• President Trump has taken tough action to combat Russia’s malign activities, including Russia’s efforts to undermine United States elections.
• The Administration has imposed sanctions on more than 200 individuals and entities related to Russia’s destabilizing activities.
• The Trump Administration has enhanced support for Ukraine’s defense by stepping up sales of weapons to its military.
• The Trump Administration has secured the release of numerous American citizens held abroad, including Pastor Andrew Brunson from Turkey, Josh Holt from Venezuela, and more.
• President Trump attended G20 summits in Argentina and Germany, where he promoted American First policies and encouraged closer cooperation.
• In 2017, President Trump conducted tours through Asia to promote America’s interests.

HONORING AMERICA’S COMMITMENT TO OUR VETERANS: President Trump is honoring America’s commitment to our veterans by ensuring they receive the quality care they have earned.
• President Trump secured a record $73.1 billion in funding for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to provide quality medical care for our veterans.
• This funding included $8.6 billion for mental health services, $400 million for opioid abuse prevention, $206 million for suicide prevention, and more.
• The President signed the VA MISSION Act, revolutionizing that VA healthcare system and reforming numerous services for our veterans.
• This legislation will consolidate and reform existing programs to give eligible veterans better access to healthcare providers in their communities.
• Thanks to this legislation, eligible veterans will have access to walk-in community clinics that offer immediate, local care.
• President Trump and his Administration have expanded access to telehealth services for veterans, including through the “Anywhere to Anywhere” VA health care initiative.
• President Trump issued an executive order requiring the Administration to improve access to mental health treatment and suicide prevention resources for veterans.
• President Trump signed the Veterans Affairs Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act, making it easier to fire failing employees and protect whistleblowers.
• Under President Trump, the VA has removed, demoted, or suspended more than 4,300 employees for poor performance.
• President Trump signed the Veterans Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act of 2017, streamlining the process used by veterans when appealing benefits claims.
• President Trump fulfilled his promise to create a new White House VA Hotline to provide veterans with 24/7 support.
• The VA is providing veterans with online access to wait time and quality of care data.
• The President signed the Forever GI Bill, providing veterans, service members, and their families with enhanced education benefits.
• Last year, programs at the VA and the Department of Housing and Urban Development helped more than 51,000 veterans find permanent housing and access supportive services.

TRANSFORMING GOVERNMENT: President Trump has followed through on his pledge to transform the Federal Government and increase accountability and transparency.
• President Trump’s Administration submitted a plan to reorganize the executive branch in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
• In a historic show of transparency and accountability, the Trump Administration completed the Department of Defense’s first ever audit.
• The President implemented a five-year ban on lobbying for White House employees and a lifetime ban on lobbying for foreign countries.
• Each quarter since taking office, President Trump has donated his salary, fulfilling a promise he made to the American people.
• As of December 1, 2019, President Donald Trump had made 164 Article III judicial appointments—2 supreme court justices, 48 appellate court judges, 112 district court judges, and 2 judges on the Court of International Trade.

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Posted by Ron Bass on 10.10.20

UPA Report 9.20.20 “Everyone In The City Was Ready For War” – Terrifying Eye-Witness Account Of The Kenosha Riots


United Patriots of America

Founded December 2001 in response to 911

UPA Report
Sunday September 20, 2020


“Everyone In The City Was Ready For War” – Terrifying Eye-Witness Account Of The Kenosha Riots
 Zero Hedge, by Tyler Durden, Mon, 09/14/2020
Here’s a first-hand story of the Kenosha riots.

Communist terrorist organization Antifa plans PURGE of American suburbs and family homes starting tonight.
This is dated June 2nd
06/02/2020 / By S.D. Wells
Civil War is under way in America: Trump and the U.S. patriots vs. the violent stooges of Soros

If this Marxist insurrection were taking place in a foreign country and the USA went in to assist the counter insurrectionist how would our Military handle things.
Antifa/BLM/Sharia seem confident that our Federal Gov”t will not take the steps necessary to crush this insurrection. The following article discusses this issue.
He Hunted Bin Laden for CIA. Now He Wants Americans Dead.
Updated Sep. 15, 2020
The former senior CIA official once in charge of the hunt for Osama bin Laden has spent the summer calling for the slaughter of his fellow Americans.

This was a total disgrace that the White House did not set up the proper security measures to protect all the distinguished guest from arriving and departing from the Whitehouse event representing the official Republican Convention. The White House is located in a City that is run by the enemy. Look at the article below “Trumps Secret Weapon” and the 14th Amendment would allow him to take the Mayor of DC down and install a friendly replacement.
What I Saw When The Mob Attacked After Trump’s Speech In Washington DC
By Aryeh Spero, SEPTEMBER 4, 2020
Washington DC’s mayor and police failed to provide basic protections to American citizens from an angry and extremely well-funded leftist mob.

Trump’s “secret weapon” revealed: Fourteenth Amendment allows the President to strip Electoral College votes from states supporting censorship against voters; enables mass arrests of mayors, governors and judges who support BLM
Sunday, September 06, 2020 by: Mike Adams
Arrest and indefinitely hold all public officials — including mayors, governors, state legislators, federal judges and law enforcement officials — who support “rebellion” against the United States or who have “given aid or comfort” to the enemies of America.
(Section 3)
In essence, the Fourteenth Amendment grants American citizens “equal protection” under law, but for public officials or states which are engaged in “insurrection or rebellion” against the United States, those equal protections are revoked.

 “Not Today”: Colorado Gun Owner Stops Carjacking
2020-09-04 Source: Bearing Arms by: Cam Edwards

Teacher Tells Student She Does not Have the Right to an Opinion Because She’s “White” and “Blonde”
 September 17, 2020
Grandmother confronts teacher over woke brainwashing.

Republicans Approve Another Jihadi School in Texas
September 15, 2020by John D. Guandolo

Shawn Ryan Show    #1 Former Green Beret/CIA Contractor Mike Glover  Shawn loves F bombs

Considering Your Tactics, Techniques And Procedures In The American Civil War II
This all happens if you use traditional TTPs to defend yourself and your family, even attempting to warn rioters with warning shots because you don’t really want to harm anyone, under the assumption that America is still a civilized and just society, not at war with itself.

White Bar Owner Indicted in Fatal Shooting of Black Man During Protest
Azi Paybarah, New York Times, September 15, 2020

VICTORY: 9th Circuit Court Gives Trump Green Light to Deport 300,000 Illegal Immigrants
GABRIEL KEANE  September 14, 2020
The ruling confirms the administration’s authority to remove protected status for illegal immigrants from El Salvador, Sudan, Haiti, and Nicaragua

Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy Successes
Wed Sep 16, 2020 Bruce Thornton
How Trump’s paradigm-shift ended a long string of failure under both parties.

Antifa Is Not Anti-Fascist
Andy Ngo gives us a very quick and good synopsis of Antifa, as well as a primer on his own injuries at their hands and the coming frivolities.

CAIR Took An Interest In Kyle Rittenhouse
CAIR was actively involved in setting up the arrest and charges against Kyle.

Arrested For Brandishing A Weapon Inside Your Own Home
The Revolution won’t happen with guns, rather it will happen incrementally, year by year, generation by generation. We will gradually infiltrate their educational institutions and their political offices, transforming them slowly into Marxist entities as we move towards universal egalitarianism.

77 Arrested In More Than 15 NJ Towns In Big Statewide ICE Bust
Suspects facing homicide or sex assault charges were arrested in a big statewide ICE bust that involved 15-plus towns in 16 NJ counties.

Antifa Kicking While on Fire! @Portland Don’t Play With Fire Kids!

NYC: Leftist demonstrators scream ‘Death to America’
These people, who are openly now emulating the Islamic Republic of Iran in calling for the destruction of the nation, want to take control of the nation, and have the backing of the entire Leftist political establishment. What will happen when they take over? For the answer to that question, consult histories of the Soviet Union, Mao’s China, and the Khmer Rouge.

This Activist’s Marxist Brainwashing Explains Why Antifa Has Terrorized Portland for 51 Nights

Trumps secret weapon discussed above should be used to take down those responsible for this class.
Amid Riots, Washington and Lee University Offers a Class on ‘How to Overthrow the State’
Sep 04, 2020, Tyler O’Neil, PJMedia

2020 election. READ and Think about this for just 60 seconds…

 Public Schools Bowing to Black Lives Matter by Amending Curriculum Accordingly

 Rioters Rage in Lancaster After Police-Involved Shooting of Man with a Knife

Trump vows to eliminate any Election Day unrest ‘within minutes’
By Gabriella Muñoz – The Washington Times – Friday, September 11, 2020

Must Read.
The Coming Insurrection Part 1: Antifa | Live From The Lair
Details on Antifa communications, logistics, weapons



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UPA Report 7.26.20 Yugoslavian women issues warning to all Americans

United Patriots of America

Founded December 2001 in response to 911

UPA Report
Sunday July 26,  2020

Issues Warning To All Americans
Jul 23, 2020

Matt Bracken – this is a comment made by Bracken found at the next article below entitled “Marxism in the Classroom, Riots in the Streets The production of brainwashed generations of automatons”.

Make no mistake, the communists are winning. “Anarchist,” “Anti-fascist,” and “Black Lives Matter” are simply masks of convenience for the relentless communists.
 And now in 2020 the American communists are going for broke. The generation of Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dorhn, Bob Avakian (chairman of the
Revolutionary Communist Party of the USA / RevCom.us since 1979) and Susan Rosenberg never quit, they have succeeded beyond their dreams. Now they are in their 70s, and this is their last chance to see the fulfillment of their Marxist mission on earth.

Emblematic of their rise from within and near victory today, Rosenberg and others of her cohort had to resort to bank and armored car robberies to finance their campaigns circa 1970. A half century later, convicted revolutionary communist terrorist Rosenberg helps run Thousand Currents, and the communists are awash with millions in cash donated by Soros groups, sold-out corporations, and private donors to their various fronts.
Marxists even rose to lead the CIA (Brennan) and FBI (Comey, who calls pseudo-Christian but actual covert Marxist Reinhold Niebuhr the greatest inspiration of his life). Brennan and Comey were not exceptional cases. College output is federal government input, and college has only gotten
worse since they graduated.

Make no mistake, the communists are winning, and this cannot be fixed from within the thoroughly infiltrated and Marxist dominated federal
government and mainstream media.
e should fight just as hard, even harder, to preserve Capitalism and bury Marxism as the Marxist do
to overthrow Capitalism and replace it with cultural and economic Marxism.


Marxism is a political revolt against Nationalism. The Nation-State is the great enemy of Marxism because the Nation-State is the greatest bulwark of individual personal liberty. This is why Marxism and Globalism go hand-in-hand.

Social justice,’ like ‘cultural Marxism,’ is a term used by far more people—friend and foe—than can actually define it in any coherent way, but, broadly speaking, it is used today to refer to perceived inequalities, be
they matters of race, gender, sexuality etc.

 Marxism in the Classroom, Riots in the Streets The production of brainwashed generations of automatons.
Clare M. Lopez, Posted By Ruth King on July 24th, 2020
The explosion of lawless rioting on American streets was only a matter of time. Sixty-two years ago, former FBI agent W. Cleon Skousen wrote
“The Naked Communist” to warn Americans about how communists planned to destroy our system from within, not by means of sudden revolution as envisioned by Karl Marx, but through a version of Italian communist Antonio Gramsci’s “cultural Marxism.” With a nod to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its People’s Liberation Army (PLA), it has been a “long march through the institutions” that has brought us to the brink of catastrophe—and much of it began in our schools.

Trump BLINDSIDES Chicago Mayor, ORDERS Federal Troops in, Her Response is UNFORGIVABLE
Jul 23, 2020

A second American civil war is nothing to look forward to
October 13, 2019, By William Marbury

Why This Revolution Isn’t Like the ’60s
Victor Davis HansonVictor Davis Hanson|Posted: Jul 23, 2020

Every Player On The Nationals And Yankees Kneels Prior To The National Anthem

 Putting ‘Americans First’ Begins At Our Nation’s Borders
Trump’s vision for America parallels Lincoln’s.
Thu Jul 23, 2020 Michael Cutler 28

NYC banner shows Commie de Blasio holding Lady Liberty’s severed head

At least three federal officers may be PERMANENTLY BLIND after Portland rioters attacked them with

Can Trump Pull a Truman?
July 14, 2020 by Patrick J. Buchanan


President Trump Shuts Down Chinese on U.S. Soil
July 22, 2020by John D. Guandolo
The communist Movement in the United States is well coordinated, and the Chinese are the heavy hand guiding it.These actions by the President constitute a real concrete step forward to destroy the communist Antifa and BLM support structure. There is much more to do, but this is a good first step.

It is Never About the “Issue”
July 21, 2020, by John D. Guandolo
When a front organization for a terrorist group – CAIR – tells you they are concerned with civil rights, you know they are lying. They are taking actions to further the coordinated efforts by jihads in the United States to overthrow the Republic and replace it
with a totalitarian Islamic State.
When communist organizations like Black Lives Matter and Antifa say they are protesting something, you know they are actually taking actions to further the coordinated efforts by communists in the United States to overthrow the Republic and replace it with a totalitarian communist regime. It is never about the issue – it is always about control of the state and power.

What is the Freedom Road Socialist Organization?
Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) is a national organization of revolutionaries fighting for socialism in the United States.
FRSO is recruiting and building towards the creation of a new Communist Party based on Marxism-Leninism. This is necessary to lead the way to socialism and liberation. Our newspaper Fight Back! is popular at protests, read by union workers and community activists, and can also be found at https://frso.org/about/

Tom Cotton Compares Portland Antifa To Confederate Rebels – BUT HE IS WRONG
Nope. ANTIFA and BLM are seditionists and insurrectionists who are domestic terrorists. They are trying to overthrow our Constitutional Republic. The Southern Confederacy was a Constitutional movement which was peaceably seceding from the Union which was a creation and an agent of the States.

Young White Mother KilledBy Black Lives Matter Mob for Allegedly Saying ‘All Lives Matter,’ National
Media Fully Ignores
July 12, 2020 3 Minutes

 1 hr 8 min 11 sec
President Trump Delivers Remarks on Operation Legend: Combating Violent Crime in American Cities

Nick Cannon Shows Us Who Is Really Privileged
Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, July 19, 2020
What holds whites back is our collective fear. Our opponents’ power seems great, but it’s brittle. Censorship, economic blackmail, and force
are their last remaining weapons. We have the truth, and if we survive these conditions, we will win.

One Nation Under Anarcho-Tyranny
Michelle Malkin,  July 22, 2020
The America you grew up in is not the America we live in now.One nation under God? Ha. Land of the free? Ha.Domestic tranquility? Ha.Equal
protection under the law? Ha.The right to bear arms? Ha.
Freedom of speech? Association? Peaceable assembly? Ha. Ha. Ha.


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