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Sharing w/All bcc herein Jimmy w/permission to forward:

Years ago during my travels throughout the South I learned of and saw the graves of the wealthy Black Slave Owners who, as you note herein, did EXIST!

The historical ledgers and books that were written about them have all but been ‘extinguished’ and eliminated from the general annals of American History just as those black men who willingly fought for the Confederacy.

The reasons for their elimination are as simple as they are obvious to anyone possessing an ounce of common sense or logic for, to understand their existence, is to understand what was an accepted way of life AT THE TIME and thus they THREATEN the current day political narrative where race and racism has been used as a political wedge to disenfranchise ALL AMERICANS from their History while ELEVATING a Political Colossus at EVERYONE’S expense.

To understand life AT THAT TIME & what culminated from a CIVIL WAR that should have NEVER HAPPENED is to understand HOW this current CONTEMPORARY POLITICAL IDEOLOGY has been made possible resulting in a methodology that allows an UNLIMTED CENTRAL GOV’T to SCREW the general electorate with wanton disregard for EVERYONE’S well-being!

A VAST NUMBER of PEOPLE were involved in the slave trade AT THAT TIME- particularly those Northern magnates who made MILLION$$$ whose SLAVE SHIPS brought their human cargo here from abroad whose captains negotiated for their incarceration with the African Kings.

But the general population has been so dumbed down.

They know little if anything about THAT TIME because it HAS NEVER BEEN TAUGHT TO THEM!

Thus it has been made easy dismiss ANY Truths out of hand while ‘exonerating’ MANY OTHERS who were involved Painting the South as a consequence with a Broad Brush of total guilt .

To the ‘Victor Goes the Spoils’ as well as the contents within the REVISED History Books.

Thus the corresponding Involvement relating to Slavery involving Those in the North, who were made handsomely RICH from it, has been likewise eliminated.

The NAMES of Those Northerners have ALL gotten a FREE PASS and I would suggest to ANY & ALL that they research the Maritime Records of that time to see WHO OWNED ALL THOSE SLAVE SHIPS that sailed out of Rhode Island, New York, Philadelphia & Boston harbors, EXCLSUIVELY, that gleefully flew the Stars and Stripes and who they were ALL CONNECTED to…. I’m sure YOUR heads will spin like a cat 4 hurricane.

My comments are NOT intended to dismiss nor are they intended to DEFEND SLAVERY but to understand ANOTHER TIME and WHO was INVOLVED and WHY!!!

To understand this is the FIRST STEP in being able to SEE and UNDERSTAND how the Political Landscape of today exists and WHY it in NO WAY RESEMBLES OUR ORIGINAL REPUBLIC in any way whatsoever.

To my fellow Brethren who, as me, have studied the Civil War for decades in detail and what has been, as noted above, conveniently omitted and left out of the History Books, has been done so by DESIGN AND DELIBERATELY.

Today’s times in many ways remind me of Those Times long before South Carolina seceded in 1860.

When ANOTHER is close in being found out for who and what they really are and have been up to for some time, they usually resort to extreme measures to hide their


Power as we know corrupts and Power is always absolute!

To maintain it, a cloud of LIES & ACCUSATIONS ALWAYS precedes said endeavor (POWER) and in America’s case it took time (decades) before its ALTERATION & UPHEAVEL came about because of the REPUBLIC’S impediments such as our Bill of Rights, Declaration and Constitution.

What we Confederates have been warning y’all as to what WAS COMING was largely ignored.

YOU were taught to dismiss us as anything less than CREDIBLE & over time we became every bit the same casualty as YOUR lost History.

Our Confederate Society warned YOU of the impending Ideological Problems over 28 years ago- particularly the ‘Educational’ aspect and how it was being used to create a Base of Ignorance that would serve & advance the Marxist Theorems y’all are seeing & witnessing for yourselves today.

President Trump has spoken of THE NEED TO RENEW AMERICA’S HISTORY POST HASTE over the last several weeks.

He has ‘Connected the Dots’ and realizes that the ENTIRE SCHOOL SYSTEM, much like the ‘Media’, has become a Network in which our children’s minds have been used as a stepping stool for Marxist Propaganda that began in earnest immediately following Carter’s creation of a National (HA!) Education Department that he immediately made a Cabinet Department following its creation.

It has served as a literal PRAVDA advancing at our expense while most of America was being played by a 2-Party Oligarchy who were but opposite wings of the same bird of prey.


We Confederates have been saying & declaring this for decades.

They are a conglomerate of well-schooled MARXISTS and they consist of ALL COLOURS.

It wasn’t that long ago when the REPUBLICON PARTY was not that far behind the DEMONCRAPS.

One Party lied and the other swore until….. TRUMP came along IN 2016.

The ROTTEN APPLES of the REPUBLICON ERA like the Bush’s, Romney’s & McCain’s have nearly been eliminated thanks to President TRUMP but there are MORE that needs to GO!

They, like their DEMONCRAP BRETHREN across the aisle, were playing EVERYONE off against one another!

Recall when our Confederate Society said:

“If only the Black Race would come to realize that they have been used and played just as we Whites, imagine what we could do as an American People?”

Why do YOU think we Confederates have been depicted as we have because if the TRUTH were ever to be known & understood, et al, the POLITICAL RECONSTRUCTION ERA of AMERICA would END and rather abruptly.

Recall the occasion I shared with Y’all about the New York Newspaper reporter who called me after Obama won in 2008?

He dilly dallied about with ‘set-up’ questions AS THEY DO before HE GOT AROUND TO ASKING ME THE REAL QUESTION which was:

“Why do YOU (me) think the South did NOT vote for OBAMA?”

You know the implication intended & where he was going with it and why…. to which I answered:

“For the SAME REASONS we didn’t vote for ANY of the WHITE GUYS before him- we Don’t Like Their Politics’!”

They ALL think of us folks in the Fly Over Country as Hicks incapable of any worthwhile input.

You know this to be TRUE.

We’re Deplorable and WORSE – An IRREDEEMABLE Lot! Hillary slipped in a moment of frustration.

I was supposed to get a PDF of that entire phone interview where I intended to publish it in our Newsletter- The Confederate Sentry.

I’m still waiting for it!

Now the DEMONCRAPS have their backs against the wall and they are DESPERATE!

Their entire POWER GRID is in jeopardy and they are depending that their Lies, Treachery and many, many distortions will return Their Unbridled Power to THEM!

I’m happy to hear many Black Leaders finally awakening.

Years ago we Confederates said that many blacks were living on the FEDERAL PLANTATION- worse than ANYTHING that ever existed before.

NO ONE LISTENED but now many Black Leaders are calling such the “GOVERNMENT PLANTATION.”


Think a PELOSI OR A SCHUMER or a CUMMINGS OR WATERS, etc. would exist much less a BIDEN or a HARRIS?

“THOSE PEOPLE, as General LEE called them, would have NEVER STOOD A CHANCE!”

Yup, We Told Y’all So but our Voices were Muzzled then just as they are being Muzzled today for FEAR that THE TRUTH Shall set Y’all Free!

A Country that knows NOT of Its History, Origin and Culture is like a Ship without a Rudder for…Sooner or Later It Will, Not If, Destroy Itself on The Reef of Stupidity’

Deo Vindice!

Craig Maus,

President, The Confederate Society of America



(Mr. Ward is a Board Member of our Confederate Society)


From: Jimmy Ward [mailto:grayguns@earthlink.net] Sent: Tuesday, September 01, 2020 8:14 AM
To: Cc: Shadow Patriots
Subject: RE: Check out this article at The Patriot Post


It is not only possible, it is quite probable that many blacks in America today are descended from free blacks who owned slaves. In fact, Dr. John Hope Franklin (now deceased) was a black professor at Duke University and he taught the very taboo subject of black-on-black slavery. And this goes back to when we were colonies, where in 1654 Virginia you had a free black man, Anthony Johnson, use the court to legally retain the services of another black man, John Casor. I’ve actually read this case in the original Old English manuscript document of its day. And there were many free black families in SC, especially in the Charleston area, who were wealthy slave magnates, meaning they owned 50 or more slaves. Here in NC, there was a black man named John Carrouthers Stanly who had a turpentine plantation in New Bern. He owned 163 slaves and used two white overseers for that operation. The list goes on and is actually well recorded and known within the historical community.

This has long been my argument against the reparations push. Because if you descend from a slave-owning family, do you receive reparations – or do you pay into it? Skin pigmentation cannot be the defining determinant regarding reparations, though that is exactly the Marxist mindset.

Course, ancestry and truth is far from the minds of the race-hustling problem profiteers that fill the ranks of the Democrat party of perdition.



From: 1stcav70@charter.net [mailto:1stcav70@charter.net] Sent: Monday, August 31, 2020 9:14 PM
Subject: Check out this article at The Patriot Post

I thought you might be interested in the following link at The Patriot Post: https://patriotpost.us/alexander/73098?mailing_id=5276

Just think what the Socialist Democrats, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Al Sharpton, BLM, etc. would be saying if a Republican was picked to run as VP came from a family of slave traders and slave owners like Kamala Harris? Just shows how two faced these Socialist/Communist are. Makes one wonder how many racist black Democrat politicians and leaders, BLM, etc. descend from the Freemen (aka Free Blacks) who were slave owners.


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