United Patriots of America
The United Patriots Of America was founded December 2001 in response to 911

United Patriots of America

Founded December 2001 in response to 911

 UPA Report

Sunday September 06, 2015

We are 5 days away from 911

Three years ago on September 11, 2012 the attacks in Benghazi took place.




  A Special Message to the readers of the UPA Report.

 As Europe falls to massive refugee migration from the Middle East and Africa it becomes all the more important for American Patriots to stop the ongoing Refugee Resettlement Program in the United States.

The way to stop this program is to unite and organize at the local level and take action in the towns and cities that the refugees are being inserted.

That process of organizing at the local level has already started, thanks to the efforts of Ann Corcoran, the founder and operator of the web site Refugee Resettlement Watch and another organization that Anne has partnered with.

As some of you already know, the UPA is in the process of developing a social network called “Restore the Republic – I’m In” for the sole purpose of taking action.

The platform is set up geographically at the local level in order to unite concerned citizens to be able to join together in order to take action. There are some sites that are set up geographically but they are not geared for action like our site will be.

Recruiting and putting together large numbers of people for the specific purpose of taking action is why we are building this site.

It’s not about family and friends; it’s about how to take action to protect your family and friends from the disintegration of our great nation.

Look at what is happening to Europe today. The same process is happening here in Americatoday on a much lesser scale. But it is happening here. If not for the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean those hordes of refugees that have been crossing into Europe for many years would be walking into our country.

The melting pot has been turned off by the people with all the “good ideas”, as they promote multiculturalism and political correctness, so we are not getting assimilation and that is a huge problem.

Therefore, we at the UPA are asking for all our readers to go into action.

In order to accelerate the progress in the development of our RTR social network we are asking that you consider a donation of $5.00- $50.00-$100.00 to $500.00 or more.


 If you want to know what’s in it for you, it’s to “Restore the Republic” so your children and grandchildren can look forward to living in the kind of great country that you grew up in.


If we do nothing now, we will be facing a hell hole of a multicultural society dominated by bickering and violence from the different segments of society; like the killings of police officers from the black extremist. Forget not, the Islamic attacks that have taken place recently, directed at the military.

The Jihadists have chosen our military as their targets and the Panthers have chosen our police.


If we think it can’t happen here, we all know it is happening here. So if tomorrow, or Tuesday after labor day, you decided that you wanted to take action and really do something, about the only thing you could do is to go outside and set your self on fire.  That’s why are building the social network. Alone we can do little. Together we can do a lot.


Why the request for funding.

Because I don’t want someone saying to me, hey Ron, if you needed money why didn’t you ask us for it.


Donations will be used to complete the construction of the social network and then for marketing and recruitment.


Donations can be sent electronically by Pay Pal, a bank quick pay or any other electronic means to the following email address.


Please mark your donation “RTR”


If any one interested in funding this project  would like more information or to see what is being built send  an e-mail to ronbass2010@comcast.net.






Christian Broadcasting Network Warns About Population Replacement And The End Of Europe As A Christian-Majority Continent


Whatever you call it, the massive influx of Muslim illegals, most of whom are freeloaders at best, jihadists at worst, will destroy Europe within a few decades.



5min 31sec

Immigration Wave: Will Europe Still Be Europe?



42 Years ago in1973 this book predicted what is happening now in Europe.

The Camp of the Saints (Le Camp des Saints)

is a 1973 French apocalyptic novel by Jean Raspail. The novel depicts a setting where in Third World mass immigration to France and the West leads to the destruction of Western civilization. Almost forty years after publication the book returned to the bestseller list in 2011.[1] The title is a reference to the Book of Revelation (Rev 20:9).


America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It (ISBN 0-89526-078-6) is a nonfiction book by Mark Steyn, published in 2006. It forecasts the downfall of Western civilization owing to internal weaknesses and the increasing Muslim population in Western countries and the world generally.

Steyn attributes the forecast fall of the Western world to three factors:


Demographic decline,


The unsustainability of the advanced Western social-democratic state


The exhaustion of civilization.


Steyn’s final argument is that the Muslim world will not need to carry out an outright attack. Instead, Europe will collapse from “wimpiness” or “multicultural ‘sensitivity,'” leading to betrayal of the state’s core values


Europe Or Die (Full Documentary)

Since 2000, more than 27,000 migrants and refugees have died attempting the perilous journey to Europe. With an unprecedented number of people breaking through its heavily barricaded borders in 2014, the EU continues to fortify its frontiers.



Three years ago on September 11, 2012 the attacks in Benghazi took place.

September 11, 2012

40 Minutes In Benghazi

After the fall of Colonel Qaddafi, in 2011, Libya had become an al-Qaeda-inspired, if not al-Qaeda-led, training base and battleground.

In April 2011, Chris had been dispatched to Benghazi as a special envoy by then secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton. On this, his second tour to the country, he would be America’s man on the ground in the Arab Spring conflict to oust Qaddafi.




“Pockets of Resistance” growing and spreading

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 11, 2015

You’ve heard me often refer to “Pockets of Resistance,” those towns/cities and states where activists are demanding answers to the many questions citizens have about the United Nations/US State Department colonization of their towns by third worlders through the Refugee Resettlement Program.






Ben Shapiro: The Myth of the Tiny Radical Muslim Minority



Trump and Bill O’Reilly

Before he threw his hat into the ring.



28min 14sec

What Pisses Me Off About The European Migrant Crisis


Restore the Republic – I’m In

    Update. Our new social network website is under construction and progressing nicely.

Stand by. Coming soon.



More on

The Mission – Restore the Republic.


Status Report

The mission is to Restore the USA .

 To restore good constitutional Government at all levels.

We have begun to hire web workers to expedite the completion of the site.

If you would like to make a donation to move this forward send it electronically to Americanbedrockfoundation @durfee.us

Paypal and your banks “quick pay” only need this email to complete your donation.

Consider a $10.00 donation now.

Please mark your donation “RTR”

Thanks. Ron Bass

Restore the Republic – I’m In

A Project of the United Patriots of America


We are in phase 1. Recruiting and setting up a national communications network.

Sign up now at http://eepurl.com/buJAS1

Note: All operations will conform to all Local, State and Federal laws.

 “I’m In” is a project of the UPA (United Patriots of America) to restore our Republic.

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Ten things your town needs to know when (if!) “welcoming” refugees for the first time

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 11, 2015



PBI – Patriot Bureau of Intelligence





Repeat from last week

SHTF Security is a Family Job

Security will no doubt be an issue in a SHTF scenario. People will be panicked and looking for food. Looting will begin. Protecting your supplies and your home should be a job that your family is prepared in handling.




7 Worst Rookie Prepper Mistakes and How to Avoid Them



Repeats every week


Militia units of 50-200 members should be organized at the local level, by going house by house, covering entire neighborhoods, towns, and counties.

 This will initially be easier to do in rural areas, where people are already more receptive to the patriotic message. In urban areas, it may work better to start by organizing “neighborhood associations”, and then educating the members gradually until it can be converted into a self-conscious Militia unit. Finding members for your group can be easy or difficult,



PBI…Listed by State with addresses.

Database of Masjids, Mosques and Islamic Centers in the U.S.




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