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The United Patriots Of America was founded December 2001 in response to 911

United Patriots of America

Founded December 2001 in response to 911


UPA Report

Sunday August 28, 2016



Bend Over America Here It Comes Again.

Funding for the Muslim Refuge Invasion

 Refugee dont put us in danger.


Special Emergency Report

A battle for the future of America will be
taking place starting September 6th in Congress when funding bills for the Refugee
invasion will be introduced again.

Please take the time to read carefully and
contact Congress.

Refugees obama-and-paul-ryan 

Obama and Paul Ryan

The ultimate question: Will Speaker Paul Ryan help Barack Obama
resettle 100,000 (or more!) refugees to your towns starting October first?


Shattuck, a voice of resistance to the
Refugee invasion.
  Good video

Resist the Refugee invasion. 5 min 22 sec video by Suzanne Shattuck






Flood the Congressional switchboard.
During the Bush Jr. administration so many Americans called to block an
amnesty bill the entire telephone system at the capital went into gridlock and
no one could make a phone call at the capital offices. The amnesty was stopped.
We need to do this again.


It would be helpful if Information pertaining to stopping the Refugee
invasion would be reposted on your facebook and twitter accounts and via email
to your lists. We need to spread the word between now and Sept 6th
right through Labor Day so when congress reconvenes we can hit the phones
running. We all have cell phones. Let’s use them as our political weapon. Load
your phone with the info you need and the telephone numbers you need; just as
you would be loading a clip to prepare for some range training. Victory depends
on each and every one of us calling every day until we win. We owe this to
ourselves, to those who came before us and to those who will follow us.


Repeat from above.

Shattuck, a voice of resistance to the
Refugee invasion.
  Good video

Resist the Refugee invasion. 5 min 22 sec video by Suzanne Shattuck



The pro Refugee campaign is a many months’ long
effort that seeks to dramatically increase the money they want from you to
bring in an even larger contingent of third worlders
mostly from the Middle East, Africa and Asia
beginning in October.


Last year in November our Republican controlled Congress
failed to defund the Refugee Resettlement program. This time around this
program has got to be stopped. After contacting your Representative in the
House and Senate make additional calls to the Senate and House leadership. This
is very important.

Directory of Representatives


This is the opposition; the supporters of the Refugee



They are highly mobilized and won the battle Congress last

Now we must mobilize, and contact Congress. We cannot afford
to lose this one.

If the Republican controlled Congress can give us this
victory and then in November we vote Trump into the White House we will be on
the road to restoring safety and prosperity for all Americans.


The way to
save your town right now is to STOP THE (Refugee) FUNDING for FY2017 and there
is only one place to do that—


Part II

It is all about the money! Will Congressional Republicans save us, or
not? (More money Part II)

Posted by Ann Corcoran on August 28, 2016

The Rally4Refugees  (aka Rally4Money) kicks off today in
Washington and although organizers want to give the impression that this is all
about saving the downtrodden of the world, they know and are working toward the
goal of wringing more of your money, taxpayer dollars, out of you to expand
their progressive power base, force diversity down everyone’s throats, and help
bring a steady supply of cheap labor for their partners in the global economy.



Part I The entire article is reprinted here in the report..

The refugee contractors want more refugees and more MONEY for FY2017




They have their eyes on the ball well before the DC
Rally for Refugees kicks off on Sunday in Washington. In fact they are in the final
stretch of Obama’s plan to change America by changing the people.


If you are in a community that has agreed to
‘welcome’ refugees for the first time, or one that is fighting hard not to be a
new resettlement site, it is because the contractors and their friends in the
Open Borders Left are pushing for 100,000 or more refugees to be seeded
throughout America and they need new sites (existing ones are overloaded).


They are never ever satisfied with the numbers or
the amount of money they receive.


I’m repeating myself I know, but I want everyone
(including new readers who arrive here today) to understand that the way to
save your town right now is to STOP THE FUNDING for FY2017 and there is only
one place to do that—Congress!



is little time left in the Congressional calendar as they all scurry home in
October to campaign.

I know it’s often boring and complicated, but you
all must wrap your minds around the budget and appropriations process starting now!


The contractors know the process well (heck they are up on the Hill
every year looking for more money!) and have their sites set on the
Appropriations deliberations that will be in full swing as soon as Congress
returns on September 6th!  That is when
the battle for your money begins in earnest.


We want robust funds!


Here is what the Refugee Council USA
(the lobbying arm of the refugee resettlement industry) is telling its people
in RCUSA’s Activist Tool Kit (hat tip: Richard at Blue Ridge Forum):




Increased Funds Are Needed to Protect Refugees Internationally and
Resettle Refugees in the U.S.


President Obama announced that the United States
will resettle 85,000 refugees from around the world in Fiscal Year 2016 and
plans to resettle 100,000 refugees in Fiscal Year 2017. While an improvement
from the 70,000 refugees resettled in Fiscal Year 2015, it is critical that
even this relatively small increase in refugee admissions is accompanied by
both increased international assistance and robust funds to ensure local
communities in the U.S.
have the resources they need to help refugees rebuild their lives. [What a
joke, $ for local communities or money for their own salaries and offices?—ed] The Office of Refugee
Resettlement has been chronically underfunded for years, and an infusion of
resources is needed to meet both the increase in refugee admissions and the
need for all refugees to have the opportunity to succeed in their new


Window of Opportunity:
Now until September 2016


From now until September, Congress is considering two sets of funding
bills for Fiscal Year 2017 (FY17 which covers October 1, 2016 – September 30,
2017): a short term “continuing resolution” that will fund the government at
Fiscal Year 2016 levels for a few months into FY17, and a new set of bills that
would flat line funding for refugee assistance overseas and refugee
resettlement in the United States for the rest of FY17. Under both sets of
bills, the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (PRM) and the Office of
Refugee Resettlement (ORR) would remain at FY16 levels, despite the fact that
the FY16 budget was calculated to resettle 75,000 refugees and in FY17 we
anticipate serving 100,000 refugees. We seek increases for these accounts in
both the short-term continuing resolution and the FY17 appropriations bills.
Now is a perfect time to share information about the refugee crisis and let
your Senators and Representatives know that you care about displaced people
overseas and refugees resettled in the United States.


As we prepare for 100,000 refugees to be resettled
in the United States
in FY 2017, it is critical that refugee related accounts are increased in order
to assist and resettle refugees. It is time to act with historic leadership and
compassion and stand with those seeking safety and the opportunity to build a
new life.


Anti-Refugee Sentiment


There they go again calling us anti-immigrant. They left out racist.

Utilizing anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim rhetoric, individuals who
oppose refugee resettlement are making their voices heard the loudest and most
frequently to policy makers.


Thanks to Ann Corcoran and her great work on the RRW website.

Groups like Refugee Resettlement Watch*** are calling for an end to
resettlement altogether, and are fostering hostile atmospheres for newcomers.


We have some good Governors

Some governors have opposed resettlement to their states and various
state legislatures have proposed legislation that would enact harmful policies.


Hogwash from the left. In Sweden the
insane government is asking the wealthy to give over their 2nd
country homes to the refugees.

It is critical that policy makers learn about the importance of
resettlement from refugees themselves and supportive community members.


Hogwash from the left

We want policy makers to support positive legislation and oppose
proposals that would turn our backs on refugees and violate our values of
welcome and hospitality.


Get ready to make the calls.

Directory of Representatives



Restore the USA

with like minded Americans in your local area.

up now.



Free the Hammonds facebook page.

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