United Patriots of America
The United Patriots Of America was founded December 2001 in response to 911



United Patriots of America

Founded December 2001 in response to 911


UPA Report

Sunday, June 29, 2014


Ongoing Militia Action Alert!


Based on a telephone conversation this morning it appears that there are military and non-military citizens from around the country who are answering this call for action, being vetted, and heading to the border.

July 5th is a scheduled meeting with local law enforcement personnel in their AO.

Operational / code green


Do you feel something is wrong in America today? Are you a patriot? If you want to be a part of the change you would like to see in America today then join our group of patriots today.


Patriots Information Hotline



Their Facebook page



** Call to ACTION update 6-27-14**  


This is a call to ACTION for all Militia, lll%er’s, Oathkeepers, and Patriotic support personel.


Texas Contact: Commander Chris Davis 830-388-0410 A bit about Commander Davis. He was in the Army. He is a part of the Bowies Volunteers Militia, and the CMDR of Winter Soldiers. Contact Lt. Col. Floyd Breshears 580-889-1036 Welcome Aboard Sean Arronge.He Is CMDR Sean Arronge of the Bowies Volunteers – Alamo Platoon and he is the Training Coordinator and Accountability officer for the mission.


Description of Location:Currently 3 secure locations 1 fall back location. Patriots reporting for duty @ the command center Please secure the password from your commander before arrival. Exit 140 on I 35 Von Ormy Texas 78073


Items needed for BOG Immediately include water — food— medical supplys– certified emt’s with trauma bag —- sleeping bags– cots– flashlights — large n medium helmets —-lg- med-sm- vests–water coolers — Dry earase boards


Arizona There are 2 Groups looking for 2 different types of people Contact is maintained with these Commanders.


Operation Phoenix is in need of Night vision at least Gen III, If anyone is intrested in donating please contact PatriotsInformationHotline for donation shipping.


Nogalas Az if you would like to send gas cards or food cards they can be sent too. This will only be accessed weekly. General Delivery p.o.box 3848 Apache Junction Az 85117


For more information call Patriot Information Hotline 24/7 (559 726 1300) access 639939#


BOG: This is a paramilitary action. We need all the support we can get to mobilize in Texas. Please share this on facebook, group pages, e-mails, everywhere. Texas needs you!! America needs you !! For all reporting. Please take with you all items needed for a long term camping trip. Do Not forget the porta potty. Help us close that border!! Help Secure the border !! Thank you all for your services.


Patriots Information Hotline Statement and update.


There is a lot of misconjecture going around about what is going on and what we are doing. I feel the need to post this statement so that everything is clear.


I am the founder Barbie Rogers. I decided to share the action alert Not any of my admins. I chose to participate in this event and put my network out there for use of any PATRIOT. That includes but is not limited too Militia, lll%er’s, Patriot Groups, Oathkeepers or any individual patriot that might need anything we can offer.


From day1 I have not asked for nor recieved any cash donations. Nor do I want any. Myself nor my network are involved in any gofundme, Fundrazor, or paypal accounts. If I share one its because I believe them to be a safe real account. By that I mean the money will go to a boots on the ground type scenerio. I do publish items that boots on the ground needs. I will help set up supply lines for them to recieve them. However those lines will run from you the contributor to them the boots. There should never be and inbetween person, group, or organization.


I do not have time to get involved in any of the retoric going around. We all have our own trolls and people of ignorance who love to taunt us and belittle us. I do not post nasties about these people but do deserve the right to defend myself as does anyone else. If I do post something its because Im tired of being harrassed by a person and called names that I do not deserve. I am a patriot and will do all I can to foward the patriot movement. If you find fault with me leave it off my network. If you find fault with my network bring it too me I will handle it.


Because my network is owned by me. I am only going to be reporting our information to Commanders who are boots on the ground. This includes 2 commanders in texas. 2 Commanders in Arizona. If there is a problem with that bring it to me.


Thank you for reading this. Barbie Rogers.


Groups Gathering In Laredo Texas to ‘Put Up A Man-Fence’!




Border Patrol trucks sit in parking lots as surge of illegal immigrants floodAmerica

The decrease of Border Patrol activity in the border city of Brownsville, Texas, highlights how not only is the Border Patrol stretched too thin, but its agents are also being pressured to stand down from enforcing immigration laws.



Brooks County Ranchers Worry About Criminal Immigrants



S.D. Republican Party calls for Obama impeachment



Arresting the President Of The United States

The Senate Sergeant At Arms and Doorkeeper (SAA), elected by the members, serves as the protocol and chief law enforcement officer of the Senate and is the executive officer responsible for most support services in the Senate.

On the orders of the Senate, the SAA is the only person who can arrest the president of theUnited States. Additionally, the SAA can compel senators to come to the Senate Chamber to establish a quorum.



An Armed Rebellion Would Succeed

Cav Jun 20th, 2014

If the American people decided to overthrow the federal government the fighting would look more like the Iraq War than the Civil War. The South chose to fight as a standing army due to the disconnected nature of the world back in the 19th century.  A revolution today would most likely be fought by loosely affiliated groups of patriots who would focus on sabotage and ambush tactics.  No one believes that a rebel force could stand up against the might of the American military which is why they wouldn’t even try.  Just look at how effective this tactic was inIraq.



Mexico is moving north. Ethnically, linguistically and culturally, the verdict of 1848 is being over-turned. Will this Mexican nation within a nation advance the goals of the Constitution — to “insure domestic tranquility” and ‘make us a more perfect union’? Or have we imperiled our union?

– Suicide of a Superpower


Historians will look back in stupor at 20th and 21st century Americans who believed the magnificent republic they inherited would be enriched by bringing in scores of millions from the failed states of the Third World.

– Suicide of a Superpower


Chinese teens trafficked into US through Central America

By Melissa KleinJune 29, 2014 | 12:21am

The instructions are printed in English and Spanish, of course — but also, surprisingly, they’re instructions for help are also in Chinese.

Hundreds of Chinese teens are slipping into theUSa year, immigration groups say, mostly through Central America andCuba.

They make their way toNew York City, typically on buses, where they are farmed out across the country to work in Chinese restaurants.



Obama’s ‘woe is me’ attitude

By Michael GoodwinJune 29, 2014

With polls showing most Americans don’t like his policies, don’t see him as honest and don’t believe he can lead effectively, we’re long past the point where the wheels come off, or even the moment where the car ends up in the ditch.

Something approaching a national crack-up now appears inevitable. Recent events suggest it is coming sooner rather than later.



Obama is mentally and emotionally incapable of making the right decisions for America.

June 13, 2014 at 6:21pm



Navy SEAL Rips Obama and Throws Down the Koran



Is Europe Cracking Up?

Tuesday – March 25, 2014

AcrossEurope, there is a fear that the ethnic character of their countries and continent are being altered forever against the will of the people.

Early this month, the New York Times reported a surge of 80,000 African migrants headed for the tiny Spanish enclaves ofCeutaandMelillaon the Moroccan coast.

The goal these desperate people seek: the mother countries of the Old Continent and the wealthy welfare states ofNorthern Europe.

What the children ofEuropeare rebelling against is what their fathers, paralyzed by political correctness, refused to prevent.

It was predictable, it was predicted, and it has come to pass.




New Jersey


The Saturday Morning Project


An illegal alien labor area behind the Bergenfield, NJ police station.

Location: UPA Bergen County – Bergenfield/Dumont line. 8AM – 10AM


 No Eyewitness report for 6.28.14

Peacefully Protesting the U.S. Governments Inability to Control Our Borders



Illegal Immigrants:

Number of Patriots on the line:

Church group: Yes. 2 different groups

Pick ups:  

Pro-illegal immigrant counter protesters present today: 0

Police Presence:

Number of thumbs up and horn honks from those in automobiles: 

Number of middle fingers displayed:  

Number of thumbs down:

Number of hysterical rants from those who don’t agree with our peaceful protest:  

Never give in — never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense.


Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.

Sir Winston Churchill, Speech, 1941, Harrow School

I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I
can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will
not refuse to do the something that I can do. What I can do,
I should do. And what I should do, by the grace of God,
I will do.” ~ Edward Everett Hale

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