United Patriots of America
The United Patriots Of America was founded December 2001 in response to 911


United Patriots of America

Founded December 2001 in response to 911


UPA Report

Sunday, December 28, 2014


As 2014 comes to a close let’s look at some facts. Just a few.


Islam is at war withAmerica.


The Director of the CIA is a Muslim.

He assumed office on March 8, 2013


He was appointed by a Muslim President.


 2 Devout Muslims appointed to Homeland Security Posts


Since the early 1990s, the United Nations high commissioner for refugees has selected 200,000 to 250,000 refugees from Islamic countries to be resettled in theUnited States.

 Most of them have come from Somalia and Iraq. And many many more on the way.


Our borders are not secure.


Immigration laws are not being enforced.


Amnesty is being imposed by a rogue President.


High ranking Military officers are being fired or purged.


The Affordable Health Care Act is a disaster.


Our Education system is being dumb downed with Common Core in many states.


Media and Financial capital NYC has a Marxist anti-cop Mayor.


Race relations inAmericaare at an all time low.


47 Million Americans are on food stamps.


 $18,029,014,745,209 – Debt as of December 2014‎. That’s trillion.


To all the Patriots of America HAPPY NEW YEAR


December 26, 2014

What is America’s survival plan?

By Carol Brown

We’re facing the greatest national security threat we have ever known and there is no coherent plan to battle the enemy. This nation is so far behind the eight ball, the president and his minions won’t even name the enemy, no less fight it.

Name = Islam
totalitarian ideology bent on world domination ruled by one religion — an ideology that is infecting every aspect of our culture and which has the potential to destroy all of civilization. 

The most brutal and ruthless enemy is advancing toward us and has infiltrated every arm of our government, and there is hardly a word said, no less a plan offered, as to how to beat them back. Quite the opposite. We are welcoming them with open arms. Giving them the keys to the kingdom.

No one will be immune to the evil that is coming. Democrats, Republicans and Independents; patriots and dhimmis; men, women, and children; the young, the old and everyone in between; rich and poor; Christians, Mormons, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, agnostics, and atheists; black, brown, and white; the educated and uneducated; public servants and private sector employees; doctors, teachers, roofers, truck drivers, lawyers, veterinarians, CEO’s, cooks, plumbers, dog walkers; as well as dogs.

America is the ultimate target of this evil. We either fight now, or face the unthinkable later. And later is much sooner than we think.

If we are to survive, this madness must end. And toward that end, I suggest the following:





De Blasio receives NYPD’s turned backs at Rafael Ramos’ funeral



Valerie Jarrett The Muslim Agent Who Pulls Obama’s Strings —

Moles in the W. House

Who is the Muslim Woman Co-President of America?

Who Chooses the Mohammedans Working for Obama?



A New Poster Child for Black on White Crime

By Colin Flaherty, December 26, 2014

But she is dead and two of her friends are critically wounded, the latest poster children for R.A.T.:  White people in black neighborhoods should expect to be the victims of racial violence.

Paige was one of five teenagers from an upscale neighborhood in nearby Grosse Point who were on their way to the movies three days before Christmas when they decided to pull over and smoke marijuana inDetroit.



Christmas Day race violence that didn’t make the national media

December 27, 2014

In Oakland, California, where a dedicated cohort of a couple of hundred hard leftists use any opportunity to violently demonstrate, a Christmas Day outburst of violence saw windows smashed and the city’s Christmas tree vandalized.  Jo



The use and abuse of Democratic freedoms

With their non-stop racist interventions, Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, Bill de Balsio, abetted by their enablers in the media and the academy, have pulled back the healing scab covering the atavistic passions of tyranny. What happens next is anyone’s guess. But these people already have blood on their hands.  The only question is where it all will end.



Islamic State to Ferguson protesters: “Hey blacks ISIS will save you”



U.S. judge throws out Arizona sheriff’s immigration suit against Obama
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A federal judge on Tuesday threw out a lawsuit brought against Barack Obama by an Arizona police chief who called the U.S. president’s sweeping immigration reforms unconstitutional, saying the plaintiff lacked legal standing in the case.



CBS2 Exclusive: LI Woman Sues United Airlines Following Arrest On Flight



Sliding oil prices leave socialist Venezuela on brink of financial collapse

President Nicolas Maduro under international pressure for jailing opposition figures



The cop-killing cult of Larry Davis

Davis shot six officers; two sustained grave injuries.




BISMARCK, N.D., Dec. 24 (UPI) — A booming economy in North Dakota, fed largely by the oil boom, is drawing in new residents at a record pace, the state’s governor said.



Feds give emergency approval to new Ebola testing kit for Americans

World mortality rates improving



Shooting Death of Black Man by White Officer Spurs Protests in St. Louis Suburb



Yazidi women tortured, raped, sold into sexual slavery under ISIS control, report says

A report released by Amnesty International details the horrors endured by Yazidi women and girls, including some as young as 10, held captive by ISIS.

One girl told how a 19-year-old among them named Jilan committed suicide, fearing rape.

In the bathroom, “she cut her wrists and hanged herself. She was very beautiful,” the girl quoted in the report said. “I think she knew she was going to be taken away by a man.”



Anti-cop protesters flood NYC despite de Blasio’s appeal

By Sean Gubitosi, Aaron Short and Georgett RobertsDecember 23, 2014



Obama on Amnesty for Illegals: I’m going to break the Law until Congress Agrees with me… then I won’t be breaking the Law



Protesters heckle NYPD cops paying respects at slain officers’ memorial



Black Supremacy Rally in Charlotte – “All White people WILL be Slaves.” 9-27-14



Driver Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar!’ Runs Down 11 French Pedestrians




Today’s Immigration Headlines

Five things Republicans must do in 2015



Survival Prepping


How to Survive Without Running Water

Getting caught without running water — due to a freeze, busted pipe or some other unforeseen emergency — is no laughing matter. It can be devastating and, if it lasts long enough, deadly.



A rain barrel is a great “low-tech” way to tap into a free supply of water that would otherwise drain into the sewer system.

Rain Barrels

What is a rain barrel?

Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District



This will run every week.

Special Report
This report prints out to 12 pages but worthwhile reading.

The Posse Comitatus Act does not prohibit US Military on our borders.

US Military is allowed as authorized by the Constitution or Act of Congress 


Fighting tyranny in America 2014

Nonviolent resistance (NVR or nonviolent action) is the practice of achieving goals through symbolic protests, civil disobedience, economic or political noncooperation, or other methods, without using violence.


24/7 boycott of corporations.

They take our money and give it to the political elites to trash our Constitutional Republic.

Fight back. Don’t spend your money with them.


Rules of Engagement – Get SASSY

Save America – Shop Smart Y’all


The tyranny emanating from the political, corporate and media world survives because we fund them by doing business with them.


We are actually financing our own national suicide by spending our money every day with them.


Do not spend money with your political enemies.

Avoid corporations, seek out small local businesses

Avoid mainstream media seek out alternative media.

Do business with like minded patriots.

Save America – Shop Smart Y’all (SASSY)

 New Jersey


The Saturday Morning Project


An illegal alien labor area behind the Bergenfield, NJ police station.

Location: UPA Bergen County – Bergenfield/Dumont line. 8AM – 10AM


No Eyewitness report for 12.27.14

Peacefully Protesting the U.S. Governments Inability to Control Our Borders



Illegal Immigrants:

Number of Patriots on the line:

Church group: Yes. 2 different groups

Pick ups:  

Pro-illegal immigrant counter protesters present today: 0

Police Presence:

Number of thumbs up and horn honks from those in automobiles: 

Number of middle fingers displayed:  

Number of thumbs down:

Number of hysterical rants from those who don’t agree with our peaceful protest:  


I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I
can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will
not refuse to do the something that I can do. What I can do,
I should do. And what I should do, by the grace of God,
I will do.” ~ Edward Everett Hale

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