United Patriots of America
The United Patriots Of America was founded December 2001 in response to 911

“Those who expect to reap the blessings of liberty must undergo the fatigues of supporting it.”
Thomas Payne

United Patriots of America’s goal is to help bring back representative government. It wants to restore the traditional values that served to build this great nation. UPA believes that that one of our major problems is the effect that illegal alien trespassers are having on our society. The leadership class of the United States and the West seems unprepared to embark on a campaign to close our borders, and enforce our immigration laws, and as a result, terrorists have taken advantage of “our cultural tolerance” that mass immigration both demands and supplies.


Below is the Manasquan Saturday Morning Group on August 5th, 2006

Congressman Tom Tancredo from Colorado and UPA Founder Ron Bass at a press conference in New York during the 2004 Republican convention.

The illegals come across our borders at the rate of 5 to 10 thousand per day and are spread out throughout the country in all 48 states.

This is only the tip of the iceberg.

Eight per cent of all foreign trespassers are convicted felons from their country of origin. This amounts to 400 to 800 felons our government allows to enter our country every day.

About eighty per cent of these foreign trespassers are from Mexico and Central America. That leaves twenty percent of the trespassers from around the world, many of which come from Middle Eastern Countries and their intentions are unknown.

In a post 911 world poorly secured borders does not provide us with good “homeland security”. It is in the best interest of the American people for our government to close our borders to this ongoing invasion.

The President would like the American people to believe that he is strong on security. If he was strong on security we would not have 5 to 10 thousand foreigners entering our country illegally every day.


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