United Patriots of America
The United Patriots Of America was founded December 2001 in response to 911


January 14, 2019


It’s time for all veterans to report for homeland domestic duty to support and defend the US Constitution. 
For numerous and various reasons too many of our political class, both Republicans and Democrats, have proven themselves incapable of defending our founding documents. So, it becomes necessary to join together in our local communities to prepare to ensure that our families and our friends are protected from the negative influences coming from foreign and domestic players.

God Made Patriots

And God gave us a patriot who even after crushing defeats rises up and stands tall. Someone who hears the clarion call that these are the times that try men’s souls and does not shrink from the trial. And God said I need someone strong enough to stand against any enemy foreign or domestic that will try to steal the freedoms so dearly
defended, the rights so righteously upheld.

I need a man who will speak the truth to his own leaders that in order to preserve our great nation we will not sacrifice the well being of future generations for the sake of our own.

Someone who will tirelessly toil day upon night, no matter the setback, no thought of surrender.

Someone who will prayerfully rise every morning to climb the wall as a defender duly endowed with the honored gift of generations before while offering a solemn promise to generations ahead, a defender who will insure that the way of truth and the torch of liberty remain forever.

Please go to Restore The USA at  http://restoretheusa.net/ and sign up.

Use a handle or user name and not your real name.

There are over a thousand men and women have joined the RTU and support President Trump 

We sre able to  communicate at the RTU without worrying about being censored by twitter or any other social media that is run by liberals.

You will be responsible for meeting other veterans in your area to prepare your AO.

Administrators at the RTU (Restore the USA)

“So God Made a Patriot”, narrated by Fred Thompson





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