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The United Patriots Of America was founded December 2001 in response to 911



     United Patriots of America

Founded December 2001 in response to 911

UPA Report

Sunday, March 09, 2014


13 years after 911 our Borders are still not secure.

Broken Borders  Fear on the Border in Fort Hancock, TX
See 7 minute video


Our Government has abandoned us.

Where is our Border Patrol?

Where is our US Military?


This is a constitutional violation by the Executive Branch of our Federal Government for failure to enforce Article IV, Section 4.


The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion;


7 minute video

UNDER SIEGE Fear on the Border in Fort Hancock, TX

We the citizens are armed and we are  the first respnders

The Border Patrol has abandoned this area. They have retreated inland.




After 911 the UPA called for the Impeachment of President George Bush for failure to enforce the Constitutional Law Article IV, Section 4.

Early into President Barack Hussein Obama first term we called for his impeachment for the same Constitutional violation.

We adhere to our policy that the UPA is a nonpartisan all inclusive organization. In the first instance we called for the impeachment of a Republican and the next case it was a Democrat , and all inclusive because George was white and Barack was mixed race.


Congress, our Federal legislative branch also has a responsibility to Secure our borders as written in Article 1, Section 8, Clause 15.

To provide for calling forth the Militia to repel Invasions

Extracted from Article 1, Section 8, Clause 15.

 It appears that the government, the people you voted for and elected to represent you, are not carrying out their duties or living up to their responsibilities

Congressional representatives who allow this invasion by illegal immigrants are violating their oath of office. They have sworn to uphold the Constitution, and they are not doing so. There can be no other conclusion. No matter how well one may think they are performing in other matters, they have an obligation to secure the borders of this nation.



The States have the right to defend their borders.

No State shall, without the Consent of Congress, engage in War, unless actually invaded.

Extracted from Article I, Section 10, Clause 3

2nd Amendment and Connecticut

Could be the next “Concord and Lexington” moment

The smuggling as an expression of our nationwide defiance of these unconstitutional laws needs to continue.

Later today, I’m going to send one to our favorite “I am the master” spokesman of CT state police with suitable sentiment

We have been smuggling in good, combat-effective magazines (“freedom fighter grade”) since last April into CT, CO, NY, MD and now, New Jersey. We also take defective magazines (“politician



Guerilla Girl Ashley contacted Connecticut State by phone.

GMN Producer Guerilla Girl Ashley contacted Connecticut State Police to inquire about the recent letter sent to residents regarding gun confiscation in Connecticut. “Sandy Hook” State Police Spokesman Lt. Vance answered the telephone and spoke to Ashley. The recording of the call reveals the shocking disregard this sworn peace officer has for the U.S. Constitution, and even goes so far as to call Ashley “un-American” for inquiring about the constitutionality of the gun confiscation law.



An Open Letter to Lt Vance of the CT State Police



Here is a short video with statistics about gun control that will alarm you. I every case where there was gun control, crime increased dramatically and genocide by the governments was rampant.  [Thanks, Dominic!]

 Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Pol Pot and other sundry and assorted animals all agree; GUN CONTROL WORKS!



Repeat from last week

Connecticut Patriot Group Fights Back Against Confiscation Order: ‘We Are Armed… And Are Familiar With the Finer Points of Marksmanship’

The war on liberty is coming to a head inConnecticut, where tens of thousands of gun owners have refused to comply with their state government’s gun registration laws. Officials have literally ordered those who failed to meet the registration deadline to surrender their firearms or face arrest.


Agenda 21

Our Children Have Been Sentenced to 12 Years In Re-Education Camps

Subsequently, the Agenda 21/UNESCO documents clearly state their intention to turn each student into a globalist who will accept smaller living space, residing in the stack and pack cities of the future, acceptance of drastic energy reduction and the loss of Constitutional liberties. The document goes on to say that “While basic education provides the underpinning for


Homeland Security

Another ‘tough to watch’ black-on-white beating



Swiss Voters Narrowly Approve Tighter Immigration Controls

ZURICH—Swiss voters on Sunday narrowly passed a referendum designed to cap immigration, setting up a potential diplomatic row with the country’s biggest trade partner, the European Union.

According to final results, 50.3% of voters approved the Stop Mass Immigration measure, which directs the government to introduce quotas for foreign workers within the next three years. The initiative also received the necessary approval of more than half of the country’s 26 cantons.



Americans For Liberty  proudly presents….

 Immigration: Truth and the Consequences

How Comprehensive Immigration Reform will undermine national security and America’s middle class

 Presented by Mr. Michael Cutler Former INS Special Agent

Tuesday March 25, 2014, 6:30 pm 

VFW Post 5351  

750 Route 10 West  

Whippany, N.J.  07981





Understanding Ukraine and the Region

Exposing Putin’s Propaganda



The Return of “The Horror of History”



Sleep Soundly, America: 81-Year-Old Lady Jailed for Feeding Birds  http://www.thedailysheeple.com/sleep-soundly-america-81-year-old-lady-jailed-for-feeding-birds_032014


Obama eases penalties for businesses hiring illegal immigrants



Poll: 30% of Republicans Won’t Vote for Christie, 50% of All Voters Reject Jeb Bush



Operation American Spring

When: May 16th

Where: Washington DC

Mission: Field millions, as many as ten million, patriots who will assemble in a non-violent, physically unarmed (Spiritually/Constitutionally armed), display of unswerving loyalty to the US Constitution and against the incumbent government leadership, inWashington,D.C., with the mission to bring down the existing leadership. Go full-bore, no looking back, steadfast in the mission.


Washington,D.C.in the cross-hairs – The Out-of-Control Government Leadership Must Be Stopped


Back Door Survival

Dealing with Poo After a Disaster

Have you given any consideration of what you would do if your basic sanitation system was not available following a disaster?  As unpleasant as this might seem, not having a viable sewer or septic system – or even an outhouse – could pose a problem if you have not given it some thought a head of time.


The Saturday Morning Project – still going strong.

The Patriot who supplies the eyewitness report is back from medical leave.


An illegal alien labor area behind the Bergenfield, NJ police station.

Location: UPA Bergen County – Bergenfield/Dumont line. 8AM – 10AM


Eyewitness report for 3.08.14

The Patriot who supplies the eyewitness report is back from medical leave.


Patriots:  7
Illegal Immigrants: 15
Church group:Yes. providing water, coffee, gifts and food to illegal aliens.  
Pick ups: na
Police Presence: normal
Number of thumbs up and horn honks from those in automobiles: na
Number of middle fingers displayed: na.
Number of hysterical rants from those who don't agree with our peaceful protest: na

Patriot Activists Resources for Constitutional Patriots


Tenth Amendment – States Rights




March on Washington May 16th, 2014

Operation American Spring: General  & Colonel Call For a Massive March on Washington


It is known as “Operation American Spring.”

Released on December 20, 2013, at Patriots of America



Excerpt from an email from Lt. Col Harry Riley

As you probably know Ukraine, Argentina, Thailand, and perhaps other nations are experiencing unrest because citizens have had enough corrupt, lawless individuals occupying positions of trust. It is reported that the president of Ukraine has fled the nation.  Gallant, freedom loving, courageous, liberty seeking people sacrificed and continue to sacrifice whatever it takes.  There is a report in Before It’s News about the Ukrainian situation that mentions Operation American Spring.



Phase 1 – Field millions, as many as ten million, patriots who will assemble in a non-violent, physically unarmed (Spiritually/Constitutionally armed), display of unswerving loyalty to the US Constitution and against the incumbent government leadership, in Washington, D.C., with the mission to bring down the existing leadership. Go full-bore, no looking back, steadfast in the mission.


Phase 2 – One million or more of the assembled 10 million must be prepared to stay in D.C. as long as it takes to see Obama, Biden, Reid, McConnell, Boehner, Pelosi, and Attorney General Holder removed from office. The senior republican in the US House of Representatives will become Speaker of the House and the US House of Representatives will elect a temporary President and Vice President of theUnited States. The U.S. Senate will take action to elect a new majority and minority leader.

As required, the U.S. Congress will execute appropriate legislation to convene new elections or U.S. States will appoint replacements for positions vacated consistent with established constitutional requirements.


Phase 3 – Those with the principles of a West, Cruz, Dr. Ben Carson, Lee, DeMint, Paul, Gov Walker, Sessions, Gowdy, Jordan, Issa, will comprise a tribunal and assume positions of authority to convene investigations, recommend appropriate charges against politicians and government employees to the new U.S. Attorney General appointed by the new President.





Handbook: How States Can Stop Obamacare



 Top Prepper Websites



Con Con   Constitutional Convention –  A Truly Bad Solution

Convention of the States.

This is exactly what theCOSpeople are promising, though. They state that even though the federal government “is spending this country into the ground,” the best way to stop this abuse of power is to add new restrictions to those already included in the original contract (the Constitution) that forbid this type of overreach.

Those of us opposing an Article V convention, however, believe that the best way to stop the federal government’s constant disregard of constitutional limits on its power is for states (the principals) to enforce those limits.

We realize that the federal government will treat any new amendment restricting its authority the same way they treat those already in the contract.



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To promote the safety and security of American Citizens.

Border Security

Job Security

Economic and fiscal security

Security from Tyranny

The UPA is a nonpartisan all inclusive organization

Excellent video

Legal Plunder

The Philosophy of Liberty: Plunder



Never give in — never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense.


Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.

Sir Winston Churchill, Speech, 1941, Harrow School

I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I
can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will
not refuse to do the something that I can do. What I can do,
I should do. And what I should do, by the grace of God,
I will do.” ~ Edward Everett Hale

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