United Patriots of America
The United Patriots Of America was founded December 2001 in response to 911


United Patriots of America

Founded December 2001 in response to 911


UPA Report

Father’s Day Sunday June 18, 2017


Rep. Steve Scalise ‘took a
bullet for all of us’.

We wish him a speedy and
complete recovery.


guns red white and blue reduced size


Summer Of Hate: The Arrival Of The Crisis & The Second Civil War?

by Tyler Durden Jun 16, 2017 Thanks to Tyler for this article at Zero Hedge website, link below.


And as if this wasn’t enough to convince you that the US is on the cusp of a hot civil war, Wednesday
morning’s events, in which a former Bernie Sanders campaign staffer attacked an early morning GOP baseball practice, is all of the confirmation that we need.

 This attack came as surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to the constant death
threats and assassination references made in the media and by celebrities over the last few months since the election. As the Russian collusion narrative falls apart and the spectre of impeachment becomesmore unlikely with each day, this last ditch attempt to seize the power back from the hands of the people is to destabilize the United States by fomenting civil unrest, and if necessary a second civil war. Commentators have noticed an eerie similarity between the Democrat-led anti-Trump movement and other George Soros ‘color revolutions’ around the world.

 This wouldn’t be the first time such color revolutions have been implemented in the United States:
Black Lives Matter and the Occupy Movement both were funded by Soros front groups.

What’s different this time is that Soros and the Deep State seem to be playing for keeps.

 Their goal of electing Hillary Clinton and securing the US as the final lynchpin for globalist control was thwarted by the election of President Trump. Their movement is mortally wounded, but has kicked into survival mode and will stop at nothing to continue its stranglehold on us politically, socially, and economically.

 The events of this past week have proved this, and I’m just wondering if this will be the week that historians look back upon as the week when the American Cultural Cold War shifted gears and became the Second American Civil War.


Currently, Washington DC laws make it virtually impossible for anyone in the city to get a concealed
carry license

GOP Congressmen Want The Right To Self-Defense Following Wednesday’s Shooting

Rep. Chris Collins (R-N.Y.) said on Wednesday that after the shooting, which has left Scalise in critical condition with serious internal damage, he will carry a gun at all public events.


10 min 23 sec

ANTIFA and Muslim Thugs Violently Interrupt Americans Protesting Sharia Law

The protests, headed up by “ACT for America,” a group which monitors radical Islamism, are taking place in more than 20 cities across the nation.

“Participants in the anti-Shariah rally say they’re worried that Islamic law could influence U.S. courts and harm women, among other concerns,” The Wall Street Journal reports.


ANTIFA gets smashed by Patriots when they try to block marchers,Trump rally,Huntington Beach,CA


Bikers Stop Flag Burning and Scare Protesters



Shots fired at truck with ‘Make America Great Again’ flag in IndianaIndiana State Police
said a Chevrolet Malibu with Louisiana license plates pulled up next to the truck along I-465 in Indianapolis and a male passenger pointed a handgun out the window and fired “several shots” at the blue 2001 Dodge pickup truck.


CONSERVATIVE ACTIVIST, Author Mike Chernovich Calls On Americans To Join Him In Disrupting TRUMP ASSASSINATION Play In Central Park



Patriots Shut Down Julius Ceasar Yelling “You Are Goebbels”


New Jersey High School to Reprint Yearbooks After Student’s Trump T-shirt Was Censored

However, a Trump quote selected by one student to appear under her photo was also edited out.



A Long History of Leftist Hatred



Afghan soldier wounds 7 US soldiers in insider attack


Suzanne Shattuck video on why……..

We need to fight the enemy on our own soil. Designate the Muslim Brotherhood a Foreign Terrorist Organization. #MAGA


Top 10 Reasons to Avoid Amazon.com

Two additional reasons from the UPA.

1. Bezos, the owner of Amazon, supports the Islamization of America and Europe because he believes Islam can co exist, when those of us who “Understand the Threat” know better.

2. He bought the Washington Post and is unmercifully attacking President Tump with fake news
and leaks.


Democrats Quickly Realized They Made The Biggest Mistake Of Their Lives

Dems thought they could force Sessions into uncomfortable answers on Russia and the Comey firing that would create political embarrassment.

The only parties embarrassed by the hearing – however – were Democrats and members of the media when their conspiracy theories came crashing down on their heads.



Not much new in Trump’s Cuba policy

Trump also demanded the return of U.S. fugitives including Joanne Chesimard, a black militant convicted in 1977 of the murder of a New Jersey state trooper.

“The harboring of criminals and fugitives will end,” Trump said. “You have no choice. It will end.”



Are We Nearing Civil War?



Restore the USA

Restore the USA is a platform that is set up geographically in order to unite concerned citizens at the local level to work
together to continue Restore our Republic at all levels – Town and City, County, State and Federal.

Remember Trumps term is either 4 years or 8 if re-elected. He won’t be around forever.



Vet owned answer to Starbucks.

Black Rifle Coffee Company





Exclusive Clip: American Blackout: “There’s Someone At The Fence… They Want Food”



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