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We’re All Lumberjacks Now

By Howard Hyde

“He’s a Lumberjack and he’s Okay!

He sleeps all night and he works all day!”

So goes the chorus of Monty Python’s
Lumberjack song, with a choir of Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in their
traditional red serge tunics, dark striped pants, high boots and wide-brimmed,
round stetson hats (Watch on YouTube).

Today the RCMP and various other local and
national troops are deployed on the streets of Ottawa fitted out in modern
tactical Robocop, armed with fully automatic weapons, beating and arresting
peaceful citizens who have had the gall to disagree with the inviolate Prime
Minister Trudeau, drive their trucks to the doorstep of Parliament in the dead
of the Canadian winter, set up bouncy castles for their kids and petition their
government for a redress of grievances — or just honk their horns in support.


Yes, they are arresting people, including at
least one four-foot-eleven great-grandfather, for the heinous felony of honking
his horn. On horseback they are plowing through crowds, on one occasion
trampling an elderly woman with a scooter (who “luckily” only suffered a
dislocated shoulder).

But it’s worse, much worse than the street
violence, entirely initiated and perpetrated by the police and military, as bad
as that is. Apparently the Canadian government has the
power, and not the least qualm about using it, of seizing any and all bank
accounts of any and all subjects who displease them, on complete caprice,
without the least due process.


Oh, Canada!


The Canadian government in the person of
Justin (L’Etat, c’est
moi!) Trudeau now claims all power and ownership of
all assets, all land, all trucks, all food, all money. Donate $20 to a protest
movement and they are willing and able literally to starve you. Hyperbole?
Think it through for ten seconds. How does a person of modest means feed his
family or heat his home in the brutal Canadian winter when he cannot use his
ATM card at the grocery store? The cash under the mattress will not last
long. If he has a job, he is paid by electronic deposits into his (but as it
turns out, actually Trudeau’s) checking account.

Fortunately, this could never happen in the
United States, right?


Canada shares with the United States
traditions of individual liberty that go back to the Magna Carta of the year
1215 and earlier, and encoded in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms,
for which we Americans (or is it “United Statesians?”)
might teasingly charge them with plagiarism of our first ten Constitutional
amendments – with the notable and not-accidental absence of the Second
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canadian_Charter_of_Rights_and_Freedoms. So the idea that such things could be
happening to our cousins so close to home is disturbing indeed.


A global and globalist elite who trade in
illegitimate, unconstitutional and unchartered power
is waging war against citizens who trade in honest muscular and cognitive
labor. From Uber drivers to nurses and from truck drivers to doctors and
scientists, the degree of control, and punishment for noncompliance, has
reached unprecedented levels. Nurses and firefighters who were hailed as heroes
in 2020 for risking their lives coming into contact with Covid patients are now
“zeroes”, subject to termination for refusing the jab. Doctors who don’t join
mega-corporate hospitals or Accountable Care Organization (ACOs) are cut out of
the insurance reimbursement racket, I mean system.
Uber drivers, like computer programmers before them, are barred from working as
independent contractors, fracturing the entrepreneurial backbone of America,
one vertebra at a time, in the cradle. Scientists whose research on pollution,
Covid, pandemics or vaccines don’t come to the conclusions that are
pre-ordained and approved by trillion-dollar federal agencies and
Pharmaceutical companies in general, and especially Anthony Fauci in particular
are lucky if all they lose is their funding.


And then there are the truck drivers. The
elite have made it clear that if they like you (BLM, Antifa etc.), you can
burn, loot, tear down statues of historic figures, and they will wave their pom-poms for you on the sidelines and put up
your bail money (or better yet, cancel bail); but if you walk into the Capitol
on the invitation of its police, you can get indefinite detention in the DC
Gitmo Gulag. If they don’t like you, they will drop the full might of the state
and its paramilitary resources upon you. Just ask a Canadian trucker or


But that’s Canada, not us, right? Well,
have you heard any protest from the US State Department, whose job description
includes wagging its finger and lecturing foreign governments on human rights
abuses? Crickets. Listen to Joe Scarborough? With the extraordinary exception
of Ilhan Omar (modest credit where it is due), the left in the United States
seems to be cheerleading any and all persecution of truckers and their
supporters, and taking notes on what works and what doesn’t, for the upcoming
confrontation with the American truckers or anyone else who gets too uppity.


And then there are the police. The movement to
defund police departments, constrain officers and hold them to impossible
standards has resulted in the worst increases in violent crime in a generation,
including, it must be pointed out, thousands more murders of black Americans
than in previous years. Black Lives Matter indeed.

But when the left is not emasculating the
police, they are using them as shock troops against their political enemies.
From the Capitol Police to the FBI, “our” agents are behaving more like Stasi
and Gestapo goons than servants and protectors of the citizens. Last year they
incarcerated Trump supporters who walked into the Capitol,
conducted armed raids on mothers in Alaska who may or may not have
been present on the Washington Mall. This week in Canada they are arresting
protesters in the streets and going after anyone who supports them. What
will our police and FBI do when the US truckers show up in Washington? Is it
time for a “Defund the KGB” movement, from the right this time?


The RCMP (“Mounties”) have a hard-earned
reputation of honorable law enforcement on the (Far) North American frontier
for which they have been respected worldwide. That reputation, that honor is
now in the toilet for at least a generation. The damage is self-inflicted; they
could have refused to obey illegitimate orders to commit violence against their
own non-criminal compatriots, saying “That’s not who we are. That’s not the
Royal Canadian Mounted Police”.


I liked the Mounties
better when they were the charming and harmless caricature of the Monty Python
skit, hilariously walking off the stage in disgusted protest when they realized
they’d been played – duped into backing up and celebrating the fraudulent manhood
of the cross-dressing lead singer. But of course, you’re not even allowed to
laugh at stuff like than anymore, because doing so
makes you an LGBTQ Transphobe Hitler racist hater, not worthy of keeping a job
or a bank account.


We are all truckers now. The sooner we understand that, the sooner we can figure out what to do about it.








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