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The United Patriots Of America was founded December 2001 in response to 911


 OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING –  Update #51 fromColRiley

Tuesday, 5.13.14

General –   Leaving for D.C. this morning. My access to Internet will be limited.  All systems go.  Very much looking forward to meeting many of you, the faceless faithful of OAS……locking arms, shoulder to shoulder, standing in support ofAmericaas God has His way.

www,OAS2014.com –  Carl Swenson and Alex Coffey have arranged “live streaming” beginning on May 16, 2014 of the event from the D.C. Mall and other places asOASD.C.takes us.  Visit OAS2014.com and you will see the test patterns on the site now.  We will be there daily with you and for you and all ofAmericathat are not able to be in D.C.

OAS Pledge –

•      I will abide by all laws written in compliance with our Constitution, and with respect to my God-given rights.

•      I will conduct myself in a manner honoring our Founders, my Heritage, and my Fellow Americans.

•      I will act with reverent respect to all those who have fought, and have fallen before me, in defense ofLIBERTY.


Determination – “OAS – A call to Constitutional Restoration and Prayer, not a Call to Arms”

Please Visit – Please visit http://calltoaction.oas2014.com

Operation Flood Congress – Please call your Senators and Representative beginning May 15th and ask them about OAS Demands/Grievances and Articles of Impeachment….tell them we’re coming.

OAS DC Guidance and Information  Please share widely OAS%20DC%20Information-Guidance.pdf

Weather – Outlook for May 16, 2014 – Liquid sunshine…be prepared as God showers us.

Prayer poem from Dan Gray –  http://watchdogwire.com/pennsylvania/2013/09/04/gratitude-and-grit/

God blessAmerica, OAS mission, and all participants both in DC and at home.


HarryRiley,COL,USA, Ret

OAS Coordinator

May 13, 2014

Visit Constitutional Emergency at: http://patriotsforamerica.ning.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network





OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING Update #43 from Col. Riley

 Hello Patriots,

General – Priority is “surging mobilization” for the May 16 2014 event.

 This means reaching outside OAS to email lists, letters to editors, Tea Party groups, churches, any and every opportunity to inform “we the people” that our nation is in jeopardy if we do not challenge the lawless, self-serving politicians in federal leadership positions.

 This is “not someone else” to do the job, it’s for all of us to ensure our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren have a nation  of freedom as we have had for 230 years.

  The threat to our nation is grave…can there be any doubt based on what we have observed with our own eyes?

 Fast and Furious,Benghazi, Tea Party attacks, IRS Scandals, NSA treachery, debt unimaginable, a lawlessUSattorney general, on and on.

 If America refuses to stand up and defend our nation and our constitution while there is still some hope, we reap a socialist, communist, One World Order existence for our nation…..

 Security –   Pete Lanteri, OAS security team leader needs help. If you have some background in security, law enforcement, Pete needs you.

 If you are just motivated to help us in security, that’s all it takes…..Pete will assign you with seasoned security experienced members. This is not limited to males, we anticipate females are also needed.

 Call Pete at 631 839 1861 or email him at  OASsecurity@unseen.is.

 God bless everyone…………all systems go………

 Harry Riley

 Visit Constitutional Emergency at:




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