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January 6, The Jig Is Up


Ray DiLorenzo

The January 6 demonstrations have been pushed hard onto the front pages of every legacy newspaper and TV network in the country.  Except for only a few exceptions, the Left has control of their content.  Because of that, Jan. 6 has long since ceased to show any proportionality.  It has been compared to Pearl Harbor, 9/11, The French Revolution, even the rise of Hitler.


I have watched Democrats for many years.  They make it easy for guys like me to figure out what they are up to. Democrats live in a strange Bizarro World where everything is opposite of reality.  If Democrats are warning that Republicans are destroying democracy, it is because they ARE destroying democracy and using the warning as a diversion.   When they continually call Jan. 6 an insurrection, it is because their entire election 2020 campaign, the changing of election laws without authority from the state legislatures, and of course, the counting of the votes was, in itself, a massive insurrection.  So, yell insurrection as loud as you can, as often as you can, throw it at the Republicans and see if it sticks.


No one who watched the campaigning prior to the election or the election returns thought this was a normal election.  Democrats fought tooth and nail for ballot boxes, ballot harvesting, mail-in balloting, no voter ID laws, anything to make voting and fraud easier.  They used the excuse of  their manufactured pandemic to full advantage. They caught Republicans and Red State legislatures with their pants down, not too difficult a feat.


To Trump’s discredit, he should have done something to put a stop to the by-passing of election law nation-wide at the last minute to satisfy the pandemic fear created by the Democrats. The Dems dug the hole, Trump fell in.


Trump’s rallies were almost all standing room only or stand outside and watch the monitor.  Biden rallies were non-existent.  He hid in his basement.  When he did show himself it was to 30 or 40 people, much of it was an embarrassment, especially when he was off his medication.


To any thinking observer, something was terribly wrong.


On election night, the count stopped mid-stream. States that showed Trump ahead became Biden states after the count resumed.  We knew then that this was going to be a nightmare, a tampered election.  The very next day we began hearing stories from witnesses and seen video of highly irregular activity…trucks pulling up to tabulation centers in the middle of the night, boxes of ballots hidden behind curtains, pulled out after most counters left for the night, mules making multiple trips, dropping off multiple ballots into drop boxes, and then taking photographs in order to get paid.


States like Virginia were called with only 10% of the vote counted.  Fox News called  Arizona, a Red State, with only 73% of the vote counted.


Individuals like Mike Lindell, and Dinesh D’Souza spent millions proving irregularities while courts everywhere showed a total lack of even curiosity.  It had all the earmarks of a well-planned concerted effort.


Let’s understand the most important points concerning the January 6 Demonstration and the Jan. 6 Committee.  First, the protests were NOT an insurrection.  It was an outcry in response to an insurrection, a coup d’état by the Democrat Party.  You don’t get almost a million people in the dead of winter to Washington for something they think might have occurred.  2nd, the Jan. 6 Committee wasn’t convened because of a hunger for truth or justice.  Democrats love to play at righteous indignation, especially when righteousness is not to be found anywhere. They want us to forget the violence and riots of January 2017 that Democrats encouraged when Pelosi and company falsely accused Trump of colluding with Russians to put him in office.


Jan. 6 is first and foremost a desperate attempt to keep Trump from running again for President.   It is also to distract attention from the fraudulent election and the shameful performance of Pelosi, Schumer, and Biden, and what the Democrats are planning and doing in support of The Great Reset, their pals in Davos.  As a side note, the Democrats would like nothing more than an international body of globalist fascists deeming them the permanent power in America.


Be also aware of the difference between pertinent fact and distraction. Democrats are masters at distraction.  They love to talk about Giuliani being inebriated during election night.  Rudy denies it.   True or not, it is distraction, not pertinent fact.   Pelosi is probably drunk much of the time in Congress, pertinent fact or distraction?


The Jan. 6 hearing is rife with second-hand information, hearsay, and with no cross-examination of witnesses. In fact, it’s a prove-your-innocence witch hunt, more reminiscent of Salem than Washington.  No facts for defense were entered or even allowed.  Pelosi said the committee would be bi-partisan, so she invited only anti-Trump Republican members of Congress…Kinzinger, the cry-baby, who, understandably, decided not to run for re-election and Lynn Cheney, the Bushy, is down 30 points in Wyoming for reelection.


The committee is not interested that President Trump authorized the National Guard as a precaution two days before but was never requested by Pelosi or Schumer.  The Democrats don’t want to hear that the Capitol Police, for some odd reason,  were half-staffed on Jan 6, and invited the demonstrators inside the Capitol building, removing barriers.  Videos and friends of mine who were there confirm it.  Why did the FBI deploy commandos to Quantico on January 3, with shoot-to kill-authority, but fail to send the Capitol Police a single threat assessment or intelligence bulletin?  There are numerous reports of Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists, dressed in MAGA shirts, arriving by buses being escorted by police to the rally.  Again, I’ve  met people that saw it.  Did the Capitol Police suddenly become Trumpsters? There are numerous reports of agitators in the crowd who suddenly disappeared and the one they did identify is never questioned.  Were they setting a stage?


Why the hype?  Why the constant drone of insurrection from the Left?  Why the Jan 6 committee hearings that are not even legitimate?  Why the fence and armed guards around the Capitol for months?


Because the Democrats on January 6, 2021 were scared…scared witless.  They thought their crimes had found them out and and were going to have to answer for their insurrection, answer to their collective bosses, the people.  Instead of Trump ordering a stop to the certification, to put a temporary hold on the process until facts were presented, irregularities reviewed…to the relief of Democrats, Trump blinked.  No Profiles in Courage, especially by Pence.


The Democrat Party in their zeal, desperation, and anguish to win in 2020, decided many months before to conduct a fraudulent campaign and election, pull out all the stops, convinced they could get away with it.  The Great Reset had already been put off by Trump.  Davos was not going to accept another delay. They needed a patsy.  Sanders was really the winner, but Biden would be more convincing of a ‘call to normalcy.’  Biden was it.  He probably wouldn’t know half of what was going on anyway, committing himself to the fraud and if he won, Sanders’ socialism, run by Obama.


Our political campaigns have long since ceased producing the best qualified candidates, only the best marketed.  Only in Biden’s case. it wasn’t marketing, it was grand theft.  Trump was an aberration, a once in a lifetime anomaly.  People were amazed that he actually did what he promised.  A sad commentary in itself.


The 2020 election was not sedition or even insurrection by the Democrats.  Their criminal activity, because of the support and aid from both foreign governments and enemies of the United States is treason in its purest form.  It explains much of the fear on Jan 6.


The jig is up. The American people are way ahead of their leadership.  Now that the people they looked up to showed an unwillingness to take out the trash, make it right, the people are now left to stew, knowing finally for whom they are dealing with, a gutless leadership and a criminal political party pretending it’s only politics while planning the next election.




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