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My friend grew up in Dearborn before the jihadist takeover.

She was an ACT for America leader for many years. She witnessed first hand the Islamic takeover of her childhood town.

She presented this paper in 2011. We should all read it because she clearly shows what Dearborn was like when she grew up there and what it’s like after Islamists took over.

She also details the reasons behind the takeover and the involvement of the Obama administration… Of course it’s only gotten worse since then. It’s very elucidating and something we should keep in mind especially on this September 11th.

Ilhan Omar lied saying some people did something. She also lied when she said CAIR was created after 9/11 because of persecution against Muslins. She was employing takiyya, lying to others to gain an upper hand

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Begin Report:

It was D-Day, June 6, 1944 early morning when my father awoke aboard his ship off the shores of Normandy Beach to the sound of airplane motors in the sky. Everyone knew what that meant – the invasion of France had begun.  My father was a medic, and the hospital ship would remain at sea until given orders to land. Just as it was portrayed in the movie, Saving Private Ryan, when he landed on the beaches of Normandy, the full impact of the ravages of war were made real; a reality that he would relive and recount for all the days of his life.

He died last year at Christmas just before turning ninety, but before he died he told me something I will never forget. “As a young man,” he said, “I didn’t understand the ideology that inspired the Nazi Third Reich, and I’ve spent my entire life trying to comprehend. Now I don’t understand the ideology that inspired Jihad, but just like me, you are on the frontline and need to try and grasp.” Of course he was right, for this thing called radical Islam and the reign of terror has consumed me and will take an entire lifetime to absorb, process, and comprehend.

I grew up in Dearborn Heights and because it was a new suburb in Michigan we didn’t have a High School, which necessitated being bussed into East Dearborn where I attended Fordson High School. Fordson has become quite controversial, as Michael Moore made a documentary about the victimization of the por Arab students by Islamophobics. But 40 years ago, this was not the case. East Dearborn had a large immigrant population going back to the early 1900’s, when waves of immigrants poured into the area to work for the Ford Motor Company, settling close to the River Rouge Plant in an area referred to as the South End, near Dix Road.

I went to school with many diverse ethnic immigrants—Christian and Muslim Arabs from Syria, Lebanon, Iraq as well as Armenians, Italians, and people from various Eastern European countries. We didn’t face the problems Dearborn struggles with today because religion was not an issue, and rarely discussed; nor were religious demands made. By all accounts it was a smorgasbord of peoples and customs—a success story of assimilation and a great tribute to all America had to offer those who arrived on its shores looking for a better life.

But by the early 70’s a new kind of immigrant began to emerge. With each successive wave, the landscape began to transform. Arabs started buying up all the liquor stores, party stores, gas stations, and homes. Soon all you saw were hijab and scarf wearing women. Church bells had to be removed as they were a sign of Satan; replaced by the sound of the early morning Athan—the Islamic Call to Prayer at the Dix Road Mosque—which would awaken everyone at the crack of dawn with shouts of “Allah Akbar – Allah is greater.

Life was forever changed . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOzhgeGX8BM

The Dearborn Youth Center on Michigan Avenue where I used to go to Saturday night dances has been replaced by an Islamic Youth Center. As we drove for miles down Warren Avenue in East Dearborn, all I could see were signs and storefronts in Arabic. It is unbelievable. You tell yourself, “this is still America,” but you feel like there has been an invasion. Cognitive dissonance plagues your thought processes as the dramatic changes take hold, now an alternate reality only partially grasped, as immigrants continue to pour into the area.

As we pass a carload of boys, they wave their hands angrily at us, shouting, “Get out!” We were now the aliens in unchartered waters, and for the first time I understood the great exodus from Dearborn by non-Arabic speaking peoples.

Last March my father was hospitalized at Grace Sinai Hospital in Detroit. For me, that was an eye-opening experience. Detroit in decay, disintegration and disrepair. Road blocks and detours everywhere, and if you made one wrong turn you would find yourself in the Hood—another Muslim enclave, full of angry, darkly dressed people who made it clear you were treading in their territory.

My father had a Muslim doctor who was also head of surgery. We had trouble getting him to take the time to talk to us about Father’s medical condition. On the Nurses station, I observed a pamphlet that read “Halal Guide to Food Preparation,” and when I glanced back again, someone had removed it from sight, possibly realizing that I understood what Halal meant or before I could question what my father was eating.

Finally, on my last trip to Michigan to attend my father’s funeral, while at the Delta Terminal of the Detroit Metropolitan Airport, I noticed a sign that read Religious Reflection Room, and decided to check it out. I took an elevator to the third floor and when I walked into the room I gasped, finding prayer rugs draped over the chairs. I quickly left, and as I walked out the door, two security guards were waiting for me,   and proceeded to escort me down to the terminal. Religious Reflection Room, you see, was only meant for the Muslims, but at this stage in Civilizational Jihad they have to act as if it is a room open to all faiths. Three security guards stood just under the sign and at the entrance to the elevator which took you up to the 3rd floor to the Muslim Prayer room. I watched as people scurried past the sign and the three guards, oblivious to its reality and under the radar of conscious awareness, all the while I understood they were acquiescing and complying with the demands of Sharia Law.

Civilizational Jihad will affect all of us at some point in time for it has impacted my own family who still reside in Michigan in multiple ways. When my cousin’s husband was trying to sell his mother’s home in Dearborn Heights after she passed away, he found a buyer who was Muslim. Over the course of several months, the buyer harassed, delayed, stalled, and canceled appointments, refusing to sign the documents at the Title Company and leaving no alternative for my cousin Martin but to back out of the deal forfeiting the Ernest Money. The next thing Martin, knew he was being sued for $25,000 on bogus charges.

During discovery it was learned that the buyer’s attorney had been indicated in Florida for money laundering in a $12 million dollar Timeshare appraisal Telemarketing Fraud Scheme, as well as for mail and wire fraud involving more than 20,000 timeshare owners. This man was now practicing law in Dearborn, Michigan as an attorney for the buyer.

Act for America recommended contacting the Thomas More Law Firm in Ann Arbor, as they handled Jihad cases, but fortunately Martin was able to get an aggressive Attorney who met the bullies head-on and the case was settled when they buyers consequently backed out. If they had not fought back with such an aggressive attorney, that case could have been tried in Dearborn Heights 20th District Court by Judge David Turfe, a pro-Hezbollah pro-Hamas Arab American whose father is Haj Mohammed Turfe, Foundation Chairman of the Bint Jebail Cultural Center, an openly anti-Semitic organization.

The 20th District of Michigan is now apparently, Hezbollah-occupied territory. Sadly, the little home in Dearborn Heights is still on the market a year later as they are unable to sell, and what’s even sadder is the home is only a few blocks away from the one I grew up in, which now is in another Muslim enclave. Litigation Jihad is alive and well in America, and this is only the beginning.

Wayne County is a political hot bed of corruption and is being investigated by the FBI. One of the many examples, is where a Muslim Shi nurse at Oakwood Hospital was investigated for providing tax paid Medicaid deliveries to pregnant, foreign Muslim women with fraudulent social security numbers. All these children are now  US citizens and their American birth certificates can be sold in the Muslim world on the Black Market. There are many cases of fraud and embezzlement with Arab-Muslims being investigated. Freedom of speech is slowly eroding, case in point was the two Christian men who attended ArabFest in East Dearborn and were arrested and jailed by the Sharia Compliant Dearborn Police Department. Their case was defended by the Thomas More Law Firm and they were acquitted as their constitutional right of free speech was violated. And what was their crime? They were talking to a group of young Muslim boys about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for you see it is forbidden in Islam to proselytize to Muslims, and the police and their security were only complying to the tenants of Sharia Law which is alive and well in Dearbornistan.

Within 40 years, I’ve seen the complete Arabization of Dearborn, where Arab culture now dominates supreme, forever changing the landscape. Even the name is transforming into that of Dearbornistan, home to the largest Arab Community outside of the Arab world, a Fait accompli!  Settlement Jihad.

ActforAmerica Conference June 2011

When I attended the ActforAmerica National Conference last summer, Cliff Kincaid of AIM (Accuracy in Media), a veteran journalist, author, and media critic, spoke about how Al Jazeera TV was sponsoring people like the Clintons’ and CEO’s from large corporations like Shell Oil, Exxon, and even the Brookings Institute to attend their Forums. They were all wined and dined, treated like royalty, and put up in elegant hotels. The Clintons’ alone were given $5 million towards the Clinton Foundation, which opened the floodgates for further Islamic infiltration to occur right up to the White House.

After Hillary Clinton returned to the State Department, Al-Jazeera TV became the quintessential source of news for the White House. Al-Jazeera TV is owned by the seventh wealthiest person in the world, the son of the Qatar Royal Family, Prince Hamad bin Khalifa—called the Benevolent Emir—who deposed his father to become emir of Qatar. He is referred to as His Highness and has been accused of running a dictatorship. He is the same man who sponsored the Clintons and other CEOs to attend Mid-East Forums, to which he orchestrated.

Kincaid explained that when the Muslim Brotherhood’s website feels that Al-Jazeera is the greatest media organization ever, and Al-Qaeda leader, Ayman al-Zawahri praises Al-Jazeera journalists and reporters, it is time to wake up and realize we’ve been duped. Mr. Kincaid ended by quoting the father of Daniel Pearl who said that Al-Jeerza is the most powerful voice of the Muslim Brotherhood and they are playing a double game pretending to be our friends just like the Saudis.

The stage was now set for Muslim Brotherhood affiliates to enter the government; a government who derived their news source from Al Jazeera English TV, and policies made were in alignment with an Islamic agenda. You can see where our country is heading.

President Obama appointed Dalia Mogahed, Advisor to Obama in the Office of Faith Based Partnerships, who also openly advocates Sharia Law and supports the Syrian revolutionaries and writes President Obama’s speeches. He also appointed Rashad Hussain, American Ambassador to the 52-nation organization of the Islamic countries. These operatives in the White House also influenced President Obama’s foreign policy and the direction our country was heading ~  Another Fait Accompli!

Who is the Muslim Brotherhood, you ask? I recently learned about the Kalifa Conference from 2012, which was to occur in Vienna on March 16, and also learned that on December 15th Hillary Clinton delivered an address in Washington DC at a three-day conference entitled, “The Istanbul Process for Combating Intolerance and Discrimination Based on Religion,” a conference which President Obama supported wholeheartedly. Hillary, who hosted the conference exclaimed, “The United States is hosting this conference because religious freedom and freedom of expression are among our highest values. They are enshrined in our Constitution.” She continues going on about the virtues of Islam, whitewashing the truth about Sharia Law as it relates to personal freedom and rights of human beings living in the Middle East. And where do our rights as US Citizens come into play? They don’t. Our God given constitutional rights are being squashed as we speak.

Soon we will not be able to say anything against the religion of peace, for to do so would be considered hate-speech, offensive to a major religion and Islamophobic. It will be made a crime. CAIR has boasted that soon the government will remove from its lexicon the word Jihad, as it doesn’t apply to Muslims, only to terrorists.

And while I just learned that the Kalifa Conference was cancelled by the Municipality in Vienna, it will most assuredly be rescheduled. For those who might not know about this Conference, it was organized by Hizb ut-Tahrir, an Islamist group that seeks to establish a global Islamic state or caliphate ruled by Islamic Sharia Law. All the while the Istanbul Process lent credibility to their efforts and was seen as a boost of support from the Obama Administration by Hillary Rodham Clinton.

As the U.S. is preparing to send $1.5 billion to the radical extremists inside the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Hillary Clinton’s role has paved the way for the fulfillment of the Muslim Brotherhood agenda to establish an Islamic Caliphate to be ruled by Sharia Law.

Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy and the narrator of the documentary we will watch tonight, explains what he understands is happening. He said the new government in Egypt has just declared Israel their number one enemy and that our own Democracy is now facilitating the oppressors—the next generation of Theocratic Fascists. CAIR of course would like to discredit Dr. Jasser, but tonight for those who have not seen the documentary we hope you will remain and watch with open eyes, and that you come away understanding this thing called JIHAD.

In conclusion, if we lose our ability to critically analyze any doctrine and discuss and speak freely, then we cease to be free agents and eventually will lose our will to live. Because in Islam and under Sharia Law there is no freedom, as the very name Islam means to ‘submit’ – submit to the will of Allah, and a Muslim is one who has submitted.

Someone asked me once, “Well, don’t Christians submit to God?“ and I ask you, what is wrong with that statement…anyone?

To submit to anything is to be a slave, not a free agent. To me the arduous journey and goal of human history has been one towards wholeness and freedom ~ freedom to choose God or not…to choose life or not. We are right there at the apex of human civilization and can go either way, we can submit to tyranny in seemingly insignificant ways, as in allowing Sharia Law to creep into our society, or we can stand up and choose to fight as free agents.

posted on 9.13.19


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