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UPDATE Thursday 7.23.19  7:50 PM

The Secret Agenda of New York City’s Muslim Patrol Cars

This e-mail was sent to the UPA on Thursday 7.25.19

lSLAMIC MINI-CALIPHATES are being formed in cities and towns all over America

Just received from outstanding lifelong New Yorker who is part of our group.

Goodbye New York. The Secret Agenda of New York City’s Muslim Patrol Cars Up to 30 Muslim Community Patrol vehicles are planned for New York City in the future.—Enforcement of Sharia law is the goal of Muslim Community Patrol & Services (MCP&S)….—Imam Siraj Wahhaj, an Islamic hardliner, is overseeing MCP officers and unit deployments.—Wahhaj is well known for his links to terrorist operatives and radicalized Islamists.—Ali Mustapha, twice arrested for murder and convicted once, is in charge of recruitment.—Muslim Community Patrol officers are undergoing training by none other than the New York Police Department.—MCP&S is seeking the power to arrest citizens by employing off-duty Muslim NYPD officers.
Sender anonymous.

The UPA has know about these patrol cars for well over a year when one of our associates took pictures of the Muslim patrol cars. The email here has provided us with more details, and most disturbing is that the NYC police department is training the officers.

What ever the Muslims need to install Sharia laws in America are being provided by our local government officials across the country and in our schools. We are now in a similar situation that Western Europe is in. If we the people resist the islamization of our nation our own government will stop us and side with the “religion of peace”.

If any one is interested in resistance we need to network.

Contact the UPA at ronbass2010@comcast.net for networking suggestions





One Comment on "lSLAMIC MINI-CALIPHATES are being formed in cities and towns all over America"

  1. Arron on Mon, 29th Jul 2019 11:46 AM 

    Build a wall around New York City with guard towers. Americans wanting to leave have 30 days to get out. No Muslims are allowed to leave. After 30 days no one can ever leave New York City again ever. You wanted the Muslims there in New York City so, deal with it. Your stuck there until the day you die or the Muslims kill you. Good luck.

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