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The United Patriots Of America was founded December 2001 in response to 911

Police, The following was written by a Suffolk County NY Police Officer…

“I’ve been reading these comments, here & on other pages the last week or so, & they makes me sick. The ignorance & stupidity is astonishing. I’ve been in law enforcement for 25 years, 15 of those in North Amityville/ Wyandanch. I have made hundreds of arrests & been on hand to witness hundreds more.

What is reported on the news & in the print media is absolute bullshit.  There aren’t innocent black men being killed on a daily basis, a monthly basis, or not even a yearly basis. There are thousands of police-citizen contacts per day. Thousands of arrests made per day. The police involved shootings are minuscule compared to the millions of contacts per year.  Approximately 1000 persons per year are shot & killed by police officers. Every single shooting is investigated. 99% are justified. An example is the Michael Brown(hands up don’t shoot) case that ended up with riots in Ferguson. The media was all over it…we heard “unarmed black man, white cop” a million times. Cop was tried & convicted in the media on the spot. Hands up, don’t shoot never happened!! Never was said!!  Media kept up with the narrative.

The Ferguson Democrat District Attorney decided not to bring charges against Officer Wilson & Obama’s justice department led by his Attorney General Loretta Lynch decided not to bring civil rights charges against Officer Wilson. How often has the media reported those facts??  They don’t. They still report the incident as an unjustified shooting & still use the “hands up don’t shoot” mantra even though that never happened either.  The media is playing us!!  They are dividing us!!  Death & destruction sells!!

Please wake up to this!!  Myself & my colleagues had wonderful relationships with the good people of the minority neighborhoods we patrolled & kept safe. They loved us. They wanted us there, &  they wanted us there in force. We had respect from everyone, even the bad guys.  I have arrested people one day &  helped them change their tire the next. There are thousands of great acts done by officers every day, but you only hear about the one negative thing. And it’s played over & over & over in the news.

Being a police officer is an impossible job. Impossible. People forget we are humans, not robots. Do we make mistakes??? Yes. Are they sometimes tragic??  Yes. Are there some officers with ill will in their heart?? Yes. They slip through the cracks.  A lot of that has to do with liberal politicians making the standards for being a police officer so low because of “fairness” It’s not a job for everyone. It’s not a job for people that want the benefits but are scared of their own shadows. We have them, and there lies our 1% bad apples.

I’m so sick of how we are vilified. As a supervisor, I see so much good done by officers everyday…no fanfare, no press coverage…just go on with your day & do the same tomorrow…I would lock someone up today & do CPR on them the next day if they were dying. So would every officer I know.  Not one of us wants to take our firearm out of our holster…ever!!!  Not one of us wants to be physical with anyone…ever!!!  If everyone complied with our directions…that would be an officer’s utopia!!

I would like to see any one of you naysayers try & arrest a 90 pound female that does not want to be arrested, & make it look pretty.  I’ll pay someone $10,000 if they could pull that off. Doesn’t happen.

We have a dirty job. We get assaulted, spit on, cursed at, wrongly accused, sued, hit by cars, have heart attacks, depression, suicide, divorced…you name it and we experience it. But what hurts the most?? What you’re seeing today. Signs saying “Kill all police”. Politicians telling us that our whole profession is racist & filled with criminals. Constant horrible media coverage. Ignorance on every front.

Law enforcement is an honorable, fulfilling career. I look forward to going to work every day. Yesterday was the first time I sat on my couch & was truly down about what I was seeing & how we are being portrayed. Please do not listen to what you see on tv. Believe me when I tell you, be careful what you wish for…we are the ONLY line that is between you & your way of life, & the wolf & total anarchy that is waiting at your door. That line keeps getting thinner & thinner. Wake up to what is going on in the world right now. We are being played. We are being divided. And it’s all by design. Don’t let them.”

LIFE MATTERS.  Black lives matter. Asian lives matter. White lives matter.. Amerindian lives matter. Blue lives matter.  Even Extraterrestrial lives matter.  ALL LIVES MATTER. To limit that to one group or another is to promote racism.





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