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The United Patriots Of America was founded December 2001 in response to 911


  NO Force should ever be allowed to walk over us…
Again- NO FORCE!

This email was received on 12.15.20 and re-posted as is on Dec.27th, 2020


NO Force should ever be allowed to walk over us…
Again- NO FORCE!

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“Those People” have had their way with US for far too many years.

Probing and Poking us like the Irredeemables they considered us to be while  threatening US each & every time the mood struck them.


We have been kicked, beaten and thrown to the curb regularly & frequently.

They have encouraged their hordes to attack & kill us & they do so with an Impunity as they sit and amuse themselves at our subjugation.


We on the other hand have been forced to sit back & take it because their two-tier ‘Justice System’ has ONE SET of RULES for them and their ‘friends’ an altogether different set for us.


They have taken down our Monuments and laugh with an unabated amusement as their Cheerleaders in Washington encourage them on.


Their Bought & Paid for Media Laughs at us and looks down their elitist noses at us  who they consider to be ‘excess baggage’.


So when we didn’t toe the line and 

Voted for a Man who put US and this Country First, they made it abundantly CLEAR that they would deal with us afterwards as any despot deals with a 

‘disobedient electorate’ !


They knew they could NEVER again win an Honest election so they set about to DESTROY US and the MAN we voted for.


They have been planning & scheming for the better part of FIVE YEARS while the 

‘Courts’ looked the other way!


Their contempt for US has NO boundary.


They Rigged an Election & Their CommieCRAT  brethren provided the rhetoric and cover to Steal an Election that was clearly Won in a Landslide by President Trump… while RED CHINA was dumping millions into Dominion in the form of Dark Money that has since been found out just as they have BOUGHT

the CommieCRAT’s in Washington’s District of Criminals.


They STOLE the Election & had the temerity to do it in live time because they felt that confident.

They stopped the Voting Count at the SAME TIME in 5 States that the President was ahead so they could adjust the algorithm’s within their compromised ‘voting’ machines because the Overwhelming VOTE for the President was so Great it Blew Up their Initial algorithm.


They then sent everyone home EXCEPT their conspirators who stayed behind to 

Triple Count the Biden Ballots that they had created & hid and then tossed in those that were being Trucked in by the Bushel like the Truck Load from New York to Pennsylvania to insure they had it ALL COVERED.


Out of Staters voted, Felon’s voted, Illegals voted & Many voted numerous times and,

 of course, the Dead voted.


All this and more was realized and yet again, the laughable ‘Judicial’ system corrupted by Obama & his Ilk, played their part to the hilt on ALL levels- State & Federal.


They defied the Authority of their respective State Legislatures and the 

People of Their States & allowed corrupted Governors and local ‘election’ officials to change the Voting Rules in order to Rig this Election.


They pulled out every stop and enlisted EVERYONE from Big Tech to General Business’s to Their Bought & Paid for Media to the Corrupt Departments within this NO-LONGER Representative Gov’t thereby negating 



Crooked China Joe Biden then went on National TV election night at approximately 

1 AM in the morning to tell his people “Not to worry and that they had it in the Bag!”…

just as he did when he arrogantly told his International Globalist Comrades at the Council of Foreign Relations meeting that:

“I told them (the Ukrainians) that they wouldn’t get the 1 Billion dollars unless they Fired the Prosecutor”….


What did he know, the arrogant Braggard at 1 AM that We the People didn’t know ?

But we found out, didn’t we, the next morning?


Ukraine was investigating his Son Hunter who was engaged in the Burisma Scandal that we now learn the ‘Justice Dept.’ was investigating since 2018 who never mentioned it under Barr PRIOR to the election…


and every bit the same as that which the Fraudulent Buruea of ‘Investigation’ did in having Hunter’s laptop since Dec., 2019 but NEVER SHARING the intimidating info & pictures on it that would have STOPPED 

Adam Schiff’s, Jerry Nadler & that wretch Pelosi from proceeding with their 

Bull-Shit Impeachment of the President.


I would remind Our Georgia Brothers & Sisters of what I hope they have NOT forgotten:


​”Give them the Steel Boys- Our Cold, Hard Steel!”

Do Y’all remember that?

NO Force should ever be allowed to walk over us… Again- NO FORCE!


​Deo Vindice,

Craig Maus,

President, The Confederate Society of America




Time to Fight Back ‘Boys’!


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