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The betrayal is now complete: SCOTUS dismissal of Texas lawsuit illuminates final remaining option to save the republic

Tonight the US Supreme Court chose to dismiss the Texas lawsuit for lack of standing.

The court did not hear the merits of the case, nor did it decide on them. It simply declared that Democrat-controlled states can rig elections, commit ballot fraud, cheat and steal in whatever way they want even if their actions are wildly unfair to the other states which are impacted by the outcome of federal elections.

As of tonight, December 11, 2020, we no longer live in a functioning constitutional republic.

There is no longer any controlling legal authority that is functioning in America.

Even the death of Ginsburg, it seems, was not enough to lend the court a majority of jurists who might choose to uphold the rule of law.

The rule of law has now collapsed. The courts no longer even pretend to function. Censorship is extreme, the media print brazen lies and the elections are so blatantly rigged that the cheating is carried out on camera, for all to see. Yet every last American is apparently powerless to stop the election theft, for all the forces that despise this nation — and which hate liberty and justice — are now aligned against any functioning civil court action which might recognize and reverse the great injustices that have been carried out against this nation by Democrats and deep state traitors.

Yet despite overwhelming, irrefutable evidence of blatant election rigging, fraud and foreign interference, local judges are too corrupt to hear the cases, district courts are too corrupt to decide on the cases, and the highest court in the land is too corrupt to even grant the case legal standing.

America has been plunged into lawlessness by the US Supreme Court. There is no coming back from the path of emerging history that SCOTUS has just set into motion, and this path will be slathered with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

Every peaceful option to resolve this election has now been exhausted. The remaining options will all involve kinetic engagement.

America will now bleed. This is certain.



Supreme Court Rejects Texas Election Lawsuit

BY HERSCHEL SMITH,1 hour, 33 minutes ago

The “Supreme Court” did what I predicted they would do.  I was correct, though I take no joy in that fact.  At Instapundit, Glenn has this post up.  Most interesting to me isn’t the fact that the court rejected the argument, nor what the experts think about that.  It is the comments on the article, which are currently well over 1100.  A sample of them follows.

I have been pondering a reaction to this news. Fairly simple. It’s time to get serious.

How so? Whatcha gonna doo?


It’s time to finally accept the fact that we have a corrupt Federal government that prosecutes not based upon the rule of law, but based upon politics. We cannot rely on what is right or what is legal to save us.

Circle the wagons.  This may get froggy.



Supreme Court Rejects Texas Election Lawsuit.

“The Supreme Court, 7-2, voted to deny Texas AG Paxton’s motion for leave to file its election complaint. Justices Alito and Thomas would grant Motion for Leave, but provide no other relief.”

The statement that Texas lacks standing would seem to implicitly overrule Massachusetts v. EPA, a case that found expanded standing for states, though in the “Climate Change” context. But then, I’ve told my students that I doubt that case stood for more than climate change hysteria’s ability to influence John Roberts.

The appeal of dismissing on standing grounds, of course, is that the Court won’t have to deal with any of the factual allegations.



Texas, et. al., Before The Supreme Court On Election 2020 Fraud

BY HERSCHEL SMITH, 22 hours, 18 minutes ago


Comment on article after SCOTUS rejects Texas case.

On December 11, 2020 at 8:57 pm, 173dVietVet said:

Unfortunately you are 100% spot on in your prediction of the cowardice that the Supremes were to display.

Alito and Thomas wanted the hear the case and the other three supposedly conservative COWARDS failed in their duties.

The Constitution is crystal clear as is a Congressional statute, that cases between states must be brought before the Supreme Court and nowhere else.

Thinking they will not be the cause of the start of America’s Third Civil War, these three cowards: Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Barrett will be the ones that light the match that sets of the conflagration !!

It didn’t have to be this way, but now that it is, the fury of the Awakened Saxon will be unleashed (see Kipling’s poem).

May Almighty God Have Mercy On All Of Our Souls !!!!!!!!!



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