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From: Anonymous
Sent: 11/9/2020 8:36:40 PM US Mountain Standard Time
Subject: Voter Fraud beyond your wildest dreams in order to overthrow America.

This is the most comprehensive overview so far.
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I have not found a more concise, truthful overvew.
and if you don’t yet know, on Nov 3rd, we  just underwent a ‘coup d’etat’ folks
and if it isn’t stopped, we have lost America.

                                                                                                                     Voter Fraud


By Capt Joseph R. John, November 9, 2020; Op Ed # 524

  “The People that cast the votes decide nothing.  The people that count the votes decide everything.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Joseph Stalin

 Progressives who spent the last 4 years stating daily, that there was election interference, are now saying there is no way this election could have been rigged!  After Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, he didn’t make a speech to the nation and there were no massive rallies in the streets that Americans witnessed initiated by the Biden campaign.  Counting the legal votes has not been completed, because voters across the nation documented massive Voter Fraud. 


The Social Democrats and the left of center liberal media establishment, mounted an aggressive publicity campaign, trying to make it difficult for Republicans to oppose the rampant Voter Fraud that Social Democrats activated in at least 30 states.  Over the years, we have developed a great deal of respect for Bill Whittle’s educated comments on the various issues of our time, we encourage you to watch and listen to Bill Whittle comments concerning the election by clicking on the below listed link.



The FBI opened an investigation into a violation of Federal Election Laws after a whistleblower from Michigan said election workers were told to backdate ballots that arrived after election day.  The whistleblower was identified and assisted by Phill Kline, the head of the Thomas More Society’s Amistad Project, which has been litigating voting disputes and irregularities across the country for months.  In Detroit ballots were counted even though the voter’s name did not appear on the official voter rolls, election workers were ordered “not” to verify voters’ signatures on absentee ballots, and to process such ballots regardless of their validity. 

It also appears that 1200 deceased Michigan voters actually voted for Biden.  In another incident, in an interview with LifeSiteNews, former Michigan state senator and aerospace engineer Patrick Colbeck brought to light a long list of scandalous violations of voting procedure in Detroit, including brazen lies, cheating, and violations of Michigan Law.  Colbeck told Stover he found it very concerning that “every single one of those Democrat computers (used for the voting process), except for the electronic poll books, were connected to the internet.”   Democrats were able to receive external inputs, that could manipulate vote totals.  

In both Michigan and Wisconsin, vote dumps occurred at approximately 4:00 AM on Wednesday morning, which showed that Joe Biden received 100 percent of the 138,000 vote dump in MI and the 100,000 vote dump in WI; that would be a statistical impossibility.  President Trump was leading by hundreds of thousands of votes in both states as America went to sleep; the alleged turnout of Biden votes in the state of Wisconsin seemed to be particularly impossible.  The voter turnout in Wisconsin apparently annihilated the historical record of 66.8% by almost 30 percentage points, as depicted in the below listed graph.  Statistical analysts have noted that this 5.5 point deviation was not only a statistical improbability, it was a virtual statistical impossibility.

 Lawyers for the Nevada GOP sent a criminal referral to Attorney General William Barr on Thursday, seeking an investigation in the battleground state over alleged Voter Fraud, claiming they identified 3,062 individuals who “improperly cast mail ballots in the election” did not live in Nevada.  The names and addresses were cross-referenced using the National Change of Address database.  A whistleblower came forward in Clark County, NV and completed a sworn affidavit that was sent to the Justice Department for prosecution; he stated that he witnessed mail ballots, without signatures, being counted and verified.  Deceased voters were also reported to have voted in the November election.

 The Georgia Democrat Party trained activists on how to go door-to-door on Wednesday to fix ballots rejected on Election Day; it was an act of Voter Fraud to retrieve rejected ballots, and deliver them to voters at their homes, and ask them to correct the ballot errors, so the ballot could be resubmitted and be counted as a valid vote.  That practice is called ballot “curing”.  The Democratic Party in Georgia was able to identify individuals who submitted defective ballots because of incorrect marking, mismatched signatures, or some other flaws, that had to be rejected.  Democrat operatives then visited those voters in person and encouraged them to fix their ballots so the ballot can be counted as a vote for Democrats.

Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe announced that a Pennsylvania US Postal Services official is willing to testify about the backdating of mail-in ballots.  This could be just the tip of the iceberg.  On November 4th, Project Veritas released a video of a Michigan postal worker describing how he received orders from his superiors to backdate late mail-in ballots to the November 3rd deadline.  Republicans filed a lawsuit Tuesday in Pennsylvania State Court accusing Democratic election officials of violating state code by authorizing local election officials to give information about rejected mail-in ballots to Democratic operatives, so they could contact those voters and offer them a new ballot.  Not only would such actions violate state law, they would defy a ruling from Pennsylvania’s State Supreme Court last month.  Seventy Republican Poll Watchers will testify in a civil rights suit to be filed in federal court on Monday, that despite a state law and a court order, the Republican Poll Watchers were deprived of a right to observe the counting of and to see 435,000 late-arriving absentee ballots which turned the tide against President Trump who had closed Tuesday night with a 700,000 margin of victory.

 Sometime early in the Obama administration, a powerful Top Secret supercomputer system known as The Hammer was commandeered.  The Hammer includes an exploit application known as Scorecard that is capable of hacking into elections and stealing the vote, according to CIA contractor-turned-whistleblower, Dennis Montgomery, who designed and built The Hammer. 

 The Whistle Blower Tapes and confidential audio recordings were released by U.S. District Judge G. Murray Snow’s court in November 2015, the tapes revealed that Scorecard was deployed by the Obama administration against Florida election computers to steal the 2012 presidential election on behalf of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.  The computer application connected to the Internet, and tabulates votes submitted thru Internet to computers in various state tabulating votes, so computers in multiple states can receive information from external sources, in order to manipulate the results of the actual votes cast.

 Biden utilized the Top Secret “The Hammer and Scorecard Program” while running as Vice President in 2012, and Biden said in a press conference that the Democrats now had the most sophisticated “Voter Fraud” operation every developed.  Scorecard was activated once again in 2020 to steal votes from President Trump and transfer those votes to Joe Biden.  Votes in many states were being stolen once again on Joe Biden’s behalf, while he was running for 2020 Presidential election. 


On Election Day 2020, Scorecard was stealing votes from President Trump in Florida, Georgia, Texas, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada, Virginia, and Arizona, according to Montgomery.  Scorecard steals elections by tampering with the computers at the transfer points of the state’s election computer system that is tabulating the vote totals, and outside third-party election data vaults, as votes are being transferred.  After the program was illegally transferred from the CIA, the Obama White House had an encrypted VPN, in order to be able to access The Hammer at will.


LTG Thomas G. McInerney, USMA’59, USAF (Ret), who at one time, was the third highest ranking officer in the US Air Force, and had access to the most sensitive and highly Top Secret intelligence is very familiar with The Hammer and Scorecard.  By clicking on the below listed link, you will be able listen to an interview with LTG McInerney in which he discusses the Top Secret Hammer-Scorecard Software, that was illegally transferred by the Obama White House from the CIA, when Brennan was the Director of the CIA,  and was then given to the Democrat Party to manipulate the results of elections.  


The Hammer and Scorecard was also employed by Democrats in the 2018 Congressional election which resulted in many Republican losses in their US House races.  The Hammer and Scorecard was used much more extensively in the 2020 Presidential election then it had ever been used by Democrats before, in order to perpetrate Electronic Voter Fraud.



The below listed video that can been viewed after you click on the link then the arrow that comes up, the video will demonstrate visually how Electronic Voter Fraud was caught live on CNN.  CNN couldn’t change the ribbon on the bottom of the TV screen, rapidly enough to keep up with the vote total on the screen that continued to change.  The video is the smoking gun that can show American Citizens the massive Election Voter Fraud that took place in multiple states across the nation, while Democrats were employing the Hammer-Scorecard Software to steal the election from President Trump. 


Click on the below listed link, and when it opens, click on the arrow to watch the video.  You will actually see how 500 votes were subtracted from President Donald Trump’s vote total, while simultaneously those same 500 votes were added to Biden’s vote total.  That Electronic Voter Fraud went on all night in PA, GA, MI, WI, NV, CA, AZ, VA, etc. while the Election Theft was being perpetrated by Joe Biden and Socialist Democrats on a massive scale.


We believe the lawsuits that will be filed on Monday by the Trump campaign and Republican campaigns in 7 states will meet with judicial road blocks from liberal judges in Democrat controlled Blues States.  The lawsuits can only progress and make gains after the decisions of liberal judges are appealed; three Supreme Court Justices led by Justice Alito are now engaged.  President Trump’s legal team will also file a legal complaint about systemic Voter Fraud with the US Supreme Court.


The Justice Department and the FBI have been slow in investigating the massive Voter Fraud that occurred during this 2020 election; hopefully the Attorney General will take action to oppose the Voter Fraud that took place.  If America ever hopes to have free and fair elections in the future, elections that all Americans can believe in, the massive Voter Fraud that took place in the November election must be adjudicated.  The FBI must investigate, and file charges against perpetrators of Voter Fraud in Federal Court as impartial arbitrators who the American people will, once again, be able to believe in.  Violation of Federal Election Laws, multiple cases of Voter Fraud, and repeated violations of the US Constitution by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and Governors of many Blue States must be litigated and corrected. 


Since December 2019, FBI Director Christopher Wray has been sitting on Hunter Biden’s laptop; it revealed the corrupt partnership that The Biden Family entered into with Communist China, Ukraine, Russia, and other countries.  The laptop provided proof that then Vice President Joe Biden was very much involved in developing business transactions on behalf of The Biden Family while he was in office. 


Those corrupt business transactions compromised Joe Biden in any future dealings with Communist China and Russia.  Biden’s actions as Vice President were also very serious security violation that were hidden from the American voters during Biden’s campaign for President.  The Socialist Democrat Party, Big Tech, and the corrupt left of center liberal media establishment, in their rush to cooperate with Communist China, censored all information about Joe Biden’s corrupt business dealings, when he took advantage of his position as Vice President. 


Hillary got away with violating National Security Laws and violated a Congressional subpoena that ordered her to submit her E-mails stored on her private server in her home to Congress for review.  She not only ignored the Congressional subpoena and destroyed 33,000 E-mails, many of which were highly classified, yet that illegal act was ignored by the Justice Department, and she was never prosecuted.  Americans now believe that the US has a two-tier legal system.  There is a legal system for the normal hard working and law abiding American citizens, and another legal system for the Deep State, the Clintons, The Biden Family Business, the Obamas, McCabe, Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Adam Schiff, etc.


The much larger states of FL, TX, OH, NY, and CA and states like UT and IA continued to count votes until all the votes in those states were counted by the early morning of November 4th.  The states of NV, PA, WI, MI, and GA, all stopped counting votes on election night “at the same time”, something that had never occurred in the 244-year history of Presidential elections.  It couldn’t have possibly been a coincidence for 5 of the 50 states to suddenly stop counting votes. 


For three months, the Democrats bragged that they had war-gammed the November 2020 election, and those war games were funded by Nazi Collaborator George Soros.  It was because a decision point was reached, that the counting of all votes came to an abrupt halt in NV, PA. WI, MI, and GA.  They had to stop counting votes, because President Trump’s votes had increased to a such a high number that they needed to determine just how many “vote by mail ballots” and computer generated votes were needed in each of the states to beat President Trump’s vote totals; it had all been previously war-gammed.  Overnight while most Americans slept, those “vote by mail ballots” kept mysteriously arriving, sometimes in three car caravans, in the middle of the night for four days, and computer generate votes were sent over the Internet to each state to be added to Biden’s total vote count. 


Unless Voter Fraud, violations of Federal Election Laws, and violation of the US Constitution are uncovered and then the perpetrators are prosecuted, voters will lose faith in all future American elections.  That is what is hoped for by Communist China, Socialists, Marxists, Progressives, and Communists who support the Clowed-Priven philosophy. They want to change a Constitutional Republic into a Socialist State.  Election Theft and Voter Fraud, in support of a coup d’état, was war-gammed and planned by Social Democrats to eliminate America’s election integrity, to violate the US Constituion, and to continue the deadly assault on the “Rule of Law”. 


Elections in America have never been settled by the left of center liberal media establishment in their celebration of the election of Joe Biden.  Elections in America have always been settled by tabulating the legal valid vote of one vote per citizen, then the election is confirmed by the final vote of the Electoral College to elect the President of the United States.  In this election, as in elections in the past, Americans expected that only valid votes would be counted, that is not what happened.  States must be required to recount and tabulate only legal votes of “one vote per US Citizen authorized to vote”.  Unfortunately because of the Voter Fraud Americans must seek redress in the judiciary.  There is much too much at stake for the American voters to allow the massive Voter Fraud perpetrated on the American people to decide this election.                                                                                                            


Copyright by Capt Joseph R. John.  All Rights Reserved.  The material can only posted on another Web site or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author.  It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without the permission from the author.


Joseph R. John, USNA ‘62

Capt    USN(Ret)/Former FBI

Chairman, Combat Veterans For Congress PAC

2307 Fenton Parkway, Suite 107-184

San Diego, CA 92108






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